23 December 2009

Designer Mens Underwear - the Sales have started!

Whites And Smalls have just let us know that they have started their Annual men's underwear sale today.

There are many Calvin Klein products at vastly reduced prices, and additional items will be added to the Sale between now and the New Year, and so for those of you who only buy once a year - now is the time to replace everything in your underwear drawer - and make massive savings at the same time!

We have had a sneaky peek, and it seems that the customers who are going to benefit big time are you XL guys out there - you have a much wider rage of bargains to choose from!

18 December 2009

Disadvantages of cheap men’s underwear

During difficult economic times, it can often be tempting to purchase the cheapest item available when purchasing something. This can prove cost-effective and useful when trying to save money. Cheap men’s underwear can be particularly appealing because it is an item that not many will see and something that will not obviously affect your exterior image.

However, there are a few disadvantages to cheap men’s underwear. In general, cheap men’s briefs or boxers will be made of low quality materials. Using this type of material can result in men’s underwear that does not fit comfortably and also underwear that does not remain in good condition for a long period of time. Replacing your underwear due to cheap underwear ruining quickly can be an extra and unnecessary cost. Even though not many people will see your underwear and will not know if it does not fit you exactly right, it can really affect how you feel and your level of confidence when wearing it.

While it is not necessary to spend a great deal of money on men’s underwear in order to purchase a well-designed and high quality item, spending a little bit extra can help to ensure that you purchase men’s underwear that fits nicely, that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Here at DesignerMensUnderwear.co.uk, we bring you a wide selection of designer men’s underwear retailers that have products available for all tastes and all budgets. We know the importance of top quality men’s underwear and so provide our readers with suggestions for the best items of men’s underwear available online at the best prices possible.

11 December 2009

A Free CK Wash Bag with Calvin Klein Underwear

Right now Whites And Smalls are giving away free Calvin Klein washbags when you spend £60 or more on Calvin Klein Underwear on their website - see full details here.

The offer is available against all their Calvin Klein products, including: loungewear, sleepwear, swimwear and underwear.

So for all those Christmas shoppers looking for additional value in their gift choices - great quality fashionable mens underwear and a washbag is a great starting point.

08 December 2009

Current trends in mens underwear

Underwear is no longer regarded by many men as an item of mere practicality, but also an item of style and good taste too. The market of men’s underwear has really expanded and taken off in recent years; with this development the attitudes of men towards their underwear have also changed. Men pay more attention to the underwear they wear now and are more selective in their choices too.

Designer men’s underwear is currently a huge trend for men all over the world. Designer briefs, boxer shorts and trunks are no longer only chosen for occasional wear, but are the underwear of choice for everyday. The high quality designers of men’s underwear have been displaying underwear in bright and bold colours and patterns in their catwalk shows and this theme is continuing in the men’s underwear being provided on the high street and online too. The boxer shorts appearing in these collections are often shorter in the leg than before and sit slightly lower on the hip too. The waistbands of designer men’s underwear are also being utilised to give extra style.

At Whites and Smalls, they stock some of the most popular brands of men’s underwear. Their designer men’s underwear is available in a range of different styles, colours and fabrics and some of the trendiest men’s underwear on the market is currently available at their online store. They have high quality men’s underwear for the taste of every customer. Classic men’s underwear and trendy, modern men’s underwear are all available.

02 December 2009

Are these the funkiest boxer shorts online?

We think they are! ... To check out more designs in the ever popular Calvin Klein 365 mens underwear range, just take a look here.

The Trunk Boxer Shorts pictured above are priced at just £17 - and represent extremely good value for high quality everyday, comfortable cotton underwear. Throughout 2009, Calvin Klein have brought us some great colour and pattern within their practical and youthful 365 range.

For those men who prefer a hip brief rather than the trunk-style boxer underwear, the same designs are available at £15.

To grab an even better deal on some funky designer underwear for men, Calvin Klein have also introduced some gift box sets that offer two separate designs of the 365 Trunks in an attractive presentation box, ideal as a Christmas gift for the man in your life. Retailing for £28, it is recommended you act fast, as these gift sets are always very quick to sell out in the lead up to Christmas.

The 365 range extends beyond just the underwear worn during the day, and also offers comfortable lounge pants in either black or white in the same soft stretch cotton, ideal for those days when you really don't want to leave the house during the festive period.

But don't just take our word for it, check out the full 365 range at Whites And Smalls here.

26 November 2009

Designer Pyjamas in a Bag - a great gift!

Whites And Smalls, a leading supplier of designer mens underwear have contacted us to let us know that for this season they have added these great men's 'pyjamas in a bag' from Calvin Klein. Consisting of a long sleeved T-shirt with the familiar Calvin Klein logo on the chest, and some great stripy cotton lounge pants, these are a great gift for Christmas! Retailing at £46, they are packaged in their own pillow-case style buttoned bag that can be really useful when travelling either to simply contain the pyjamas, or it can also be used as a pillow case, or even as a laundry bag.

Some men may not be the pyjama wearing type, when it comes to bedtime - but these would still be great simply to wear on those lazy Sunday mornings, or when lounging around on the sofa in front of the TV. In addition to these, Whites And Smalls also stock other loungewear items including plain Black or White lounge pants in soft jersey cotton, Calvin Klein bathrobe, and coming very soon, is a boxed set containing some linen-style longe pants with a plain white t-shirt - just watch this space as the boxed gift sets tend to sell out quickly in the lead up to Christmas.

19 November 2009

Win a trip to Paris on Eurostar with FUJU underwear!

FUJU underwear have contacted us to alert our readers to their competition and PRIZE DRAW.
As they build up to their launch in the New Year, FUJU underwear are offering followers the opportunity to win a weekend in Paris - travelling by Eurostar, 2 nights accommodation, and £250 in spending money! There are also loads of FUJU underwear to be won.

Simply follow the link here, and submit your e-mail address to enter.

You can also view their short promotional video and get a sneaky peak at the new products!

17 November 2009

In search of those Lucky Pants?

Lucky 76 by Bjorn Borg Underwear available at Jacksies

Lucky Underwear – Bjorn Borg say “Put them on, and we promise someone else will take them off!”. Surely a claim like that makes these extremely lucky men's underwear?
It all began with a bit of superstitiousness. Two weeks before Bjorn’s first Wimbledon tournament, he got in the mood for the big thrill. 3-love games later the “Ice Borg” was born.
Bjorn’s luck didn’t only play well on the tennis court. He had that special charisma – the x-factor – drawing people to him. With legions of women following him around, unrequited love was a no no for the young dashing Swede. This was the beginning of Lucky 76.

And now it’s yours to try out. For a 100% trouble-repellent love life, spread the spirit of Lucky Underwear to a friend at BJORNBORG.COM

12 November 2009

Who wears the pants in your household, and who is actually buying them?

Men may well be wearing the underpants in your house, but the chances are it is women who are actually choosing and buying the boxer shorts.

Recent research by Debenhams in the UK has revealed that British men only select and purchase their own underwear for approximately 17 years of their lifetime, from the age of 19 to 36. Does this sound familiar to you?

A thousand men were surveyed, and the results showed that most men relied on their mums for selecting and providing their underwear until the age of 19. It isn’t until then that men apparently begin to realise that wearing new underwear may well be an essential requirement at the initial stages of a relationship. The statistics demonstrated a peak in men’s purchasing habits at the age of 23, when they buy around 31 pairs a year "of all styles, tightness and colours", compared to the 12 pairs a 40 year old is likely to purchase.

When men reach the age of 36 it seems that the purchasing of their underwear begins dropping drastically down the priority list, and at the age of 44 they give up completely and the task is then passed back to women. Women appear to take responsibility for their own underwear from the age of 13 onwards.

Only time will tell if this is a trend that will change as men generally catch up with women in the fashion consciousness stakes.

Maybe the older guys are simply spending their underwear money on anti-wrinkle creams on the ground floor of Debenhams, and have no money left by the time they make it up the escalators to the underwear department?

For those men out there who want to regain control of their underwear drawers, take a look at the selection available here.

03 November 2009

Organic underwear for men by BabyGod

Babygod is a fashionable, organic, brand of men’s clothing. All of the items created under the Babygod designer name are of an extremely high quality and only ethically traded organic materials are used to create these fine products. Fair trade principles are always adhered to no matter where any of the items within this brand are produced. Babygod items are created all over the world but always with the creation of top quality clothing in a responsible and ethical way in mind. Ensuring that only fair trade sources are used for the fabrics used by Babygod is of great importance to the company and this is what makes this designer label not only a fashionable brand of men’s clothing but also an ethical and considerate brand of clothing too.

Babygod has a stylish range of men’s underwear and all of the items in this selection are made using the finest organic cotton that has been traded fairly with cotton farmers, meaning they can invest their profits into their businesses so they can continue to grow and develop.

Whites and Smalls have a selection of Babygod men’s underwear and are extremely proud to stock such a responsible designer brand that cares for the environment so much. They stock cotton briefs in white and cyan or white and orange and comfort is assured with such carefully and thoughtfully made men’s underwear. All their high quality designer briefs can be delivered directly to your home quickly and easily when you need it. Visit their website here.

29 October 2009

Credit crunching value in mens underwear

Here, we will suggest some strategies for saving money when shopping for designer men’s underwear.
You don’t need to sacrifice your designer underwear when it comes to seeking additional value for money. Many designer labels produce twin-pack or multi-pack versions of their basic underwear ranges.
Whites And Smalls have a section on their website dedicated to multi-packs from Calvin Klein and HOM. Purchasing your underwear in multi-packs can reduce the cost per item to between £7.33 and £12.50 a pair, depending on the style chosen; this represents an excellent saving on the single pack price.

In addition to these value packs, bargain hunters should also check out the sale items and promotional items to achieve greater savings. Men who fall into the Small or X-Large size categories are far more likely to find the best bargains – as it is often these sizes that remain when an item is being discontinued. Whites And Smalls currently have designer items priced from as low as £4 in their Clearance Underwear section.

You could argue that these prices could still be beaten by value ranges offered in High Street stores and supermarkets; and often they can. But, buying a cheaper brand may often result in a false economy, when the lower quality fabrics and manufacture of these products dictate that they require replacing more frequently.

For the ultimate in savings, just add your favourite mens underwear to your Christmas List and that way you’ll get the boxer shorts you actually want, and they won’t actually cost you a penny!

20 October 2009

Stop the Press - Long Johns get stylish!

Wow - when Jacksies told us they were getting Long Johns in for the winter season, we weren't surprised - but when they showed us the design they have chosen from the Bjorn Borg underwear range...we were impressed!
Whether you are biker, skier, snow-boarder, dog walker or postman - these are seriously going to improve your day when the weather gets cooler; imagine the comfort of wearing an extra layer beneath your jeans, motorbike leathers or ski gear. They would also make great winter sleepwear for those frosty winter nights, or provide the ultimate comfort when chilling on the sofa in front of the TV for the night. These Long Johns are priced at £37.95 with free delivery to your door.
As usual with Bjorn Borg, they have added colour and attitude to provide a great style alternative to the standard white, cream and black offerings on the high street. This is the first season that Jacksies Underwear Store have added Long Johns to test the UK market, and so if you fancy a pair, we recommend you get in quick as the stock numbers aren't huge. However, if as we suspect, they prove popular then watch this space because Jacksies will develop the range for next winter...
In addition to the standard underwear and these great Long Johns, Jacksies will very shortly be adding socks to their Bjorn Borg underwear range - we can't wait to see what they're like!
We recommend you visit Jacksies Underwear Store and explore the range of mens underwear on offer.

11 October 2009

Ronaldo replaces Beckham in the house of Armani

It has been revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo, the 24 year old football star who plays for Real Madrid will be replacing David Beckham as the global ambassador for Armani men's underwear.

Becks, currently a mid-fielder for Los Angeles Galaxy has been with Armani for four years, but it has also been reported that he intends to launch his own brand of mens underwear in 2010. And why not? After all, sales in Armani underwear doubled last year due to the Beckham effect...

We also believe that Mrs Beckham has also declared that she will not be extending her contract with Armani.

Ronaldo, the portugese soccer star who recently left Manchester United, is set to model both underwear and jeans for the italian fashion label with the first campaign images to be seen in Spring 2010.

08 October 2009

Quality and comfort over price?

With the economy the way it is today, many men may think twice before investing in top quality men’s underwear. After all, it’s just underwear, right? Nobody is going to see it other than you and maybe your girl (or guy) so what is all the fuss about.

You can shave pennies off buying your underwear and put it to good use elsewhere, or so you think. What you are not thinking about is the comfort and quality factor of the underwear you are passing up in favour of something less desirable.

Think about what you are giving up before it is too late. Buying quality underwear will cost you far less than buying lower grade underwear for men only to buy the quality ones that you are used to later on.

Get what you need...

Comfort is a huge aspect of underwear for men. If you are not comfortable, how on earth do you expect to function properly throughout the day? Do you really want to face chafing, underwear riding up, being pinched and many other discomforts? That is what you are likely to get when you opt for low quality underwear.

When you shop with Whites And Smalls you are assured only the best in men’s underwear. You will get good fit, fabrics that feel good, underwear that is comfortable and that will last.

Don’t think that the cheap underwear for men will last as long as the best ones do. Oh no, the stitching may come loose, the fabric may chafe and then you just have to go out and buy more. Make the smart choice, shop for comfort and quality and not for quantity at a low price.

24 September 2009

Men’s briefs – pull on the comfort!

If you are someone who treasures comfort then the wide range of men’s briefs available online should certainly satisfy you.

It is important to note that a failure to adhere to basics may cause one a lot of discomfort thus denting your confidence and this could easily spoil your day.

Underwear should bring inner comfort and confidence...apparently.

Any discomfort that is brought about by ill-fitting underwear can translate to a big dent in one’s confidence, and so it is always important to make sure that you're wearing the right size at all times. Guys - as we get older, our waist size changes (usually upwards)... but when was the last time you bought new underwear, and has your waist size changed since?

Pictured above: Briefs from the Bjorn Borg Underwear Range at Whites And Smalls

Also, the styles have changed quite a bit in the past few years. It is important that you get to know which styles are around, what the advantages and disadvantages are (if there are any) and then go for the buy.

One important thing is that despite the changes in styles, the basics have not yet changed and one thing remains, comfort is paramount. It is also important to make sure that you choose a colour that you are very comfortable with; but remember, change can be good - sometimes stepping out of your usual comfort zone can bring about a desired result...

Remember, there are times when your underwear may be on display (albeit briefly), such as when you open the underwear drawer. Display your boxer shorts and briefs with pride and not embarrassment. Ensure that your choices of underwear reflect your own sense of style and taste.

But your main priority above what colours and styles look good on a model, is what do you find most comfortable? Check out the range of men's briefs available at Whites And Smalls - a leading online retailer specialising in underwear for men in the UK.

15 September 2009

Zimmerli Underwear for Men

Made in Switzerland – Zimmerli manufacture arguably the World’s Finest Underwear.
In 1871, Pauline Zimmerli Bäurlin began manufacturing hosiery and men’s socks. She not only laid the foundation for a flourishing business, but instituted the Swiss fine knitting industry. To this day, Zimmerli manufactures exclusive underwear for people who appreciate true quality. They are the only company that produce underwear in Switzerland.

Their collections of men’s underwear focus on the best quality fabrics – Egyptian Mako cotton, softest raw silk threads (Greige) and super fine Merino wool. Their special knitting technology renders the fabric highly stretchable and allows a return to its original shape after washing. The trimmings are cut as a spiral which give a fine body fit and ensures their products are very comfortable to wear.

Their product philosophy focuses not on the costs, but the quality demands of their clientele. Efforts are focused on just one purpose: to provide Zimmerli underwear owners with an exceptional level of comfort and well being.

The favourite underwear of many an A-list celebrity, Zimmerli underwear does come at a higher price than many other brands, but for those who value quality, it is worth every penny. You can find a selection of Zimmerli underwear at Whites And Smalls.

09 September 2009

Seeking a Male Calvin Klein Underwear Model

Could you or someone you know be the next Calvin Klein Underwear model? Calvin Klein has recently launched a modelling competition across 9 European countries – ‘9 countries, 9 men, and 1 winner’.
The prize is a modelling contract and a luxury trip for two to South Africa. Eight runners up will win a one-year supply of Calvin Klein Underwear product. The competition is linked with the launch of the latest Calvin Klein Steel Underwear based on the flags of 9 sporting nations – England, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, and Sweden. So, we guess that next year’s World Cup will be watched by many men in their patriotic Calvin Klein underwear!

Jamie Dornan, the current Calvin Klein model recommends the career of underwear modelling as an opportunity to ‘see the world, live the dream, and meet lots of great people’. His advice to any potential models is to be relaxed, and allow the photographer to give you direction. He suggests, especially when modelling underwear that you really need to be comfortable with your body; his own routine involves working out 3 times a week and maintaining a year round tan.
You can enter online by providing a couple of photos, or by attending an in store casting. There are only 4 more taking place in the UK (and they are this month!) – Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, and Gateshead.

Tonight, England play Croatia... if you haven’t already got your England underwear, then you can visit Jacksies Underwear Store to purchase either the Trunk or the Hip Brief.

For further information on how to enter – visit the competition website here

01 September 2009

Buying men’s underwear as a gift for someone else?

Buying men's underwear for someone else can often be difficult. You must consider a few factors before purchasing an item and these factors will change depending on who you are buying underwear for. For example, people who are of a different age and who have a different relationship with you will require very different items. What may be appropriate for a teenage brother may not be appropriate for a husband and may differ again to what is appropriate for a father.

If buying for a father, the style of underwear that is best suited to them must first be decided on. Consider what styles they already wear and start from there. When you have decided on the style, explore the different materials that are available in that style. Think of comfort and quality when considering this.

Next, try to think about their personal taste and try to find some underwear that suits this taste. This can help you decide upon colour and pattern which can be helpful because there are so many choices available in these categories.

An important detail that must be considered is the necessary size required. Sizes can vary depending on the style and brand of the underwear so make sure you know what size they wear and their waist measurements so you can make an informed choice.

When buying underwear for a father, remember who it is that you are buying for, what it is that they like and feel comfortable in.

At Whites and Smalls we have an extensive selection of top quality men’s underwear with brands, styles, materials and designs to suit men of all ages. And with Christmas only a few months away now... gift sets, loungewear, and socks will be added to the existing range - so watch this space!

09 August 2009

Win some Calvin Klein swimming shorts...

Jacksies Underwear Store are offering their newsletter subscribers the opportunity to win a free pair of designer Calvin Klein swimming shorts from their men's swimwear collection. To win the Calvin Klein swimming shorts of your choice - simply sign up to the Jacksies newsletter and you will automatically be entered for the prize draw on 1st September 2009. Only one entry per e-mail address will be submitted to the draw.

This competition will close at midnight on 31st August 2009 and the winner will be notified by e-mail to their registered e-mail address on 1st September 2009...Good Luck everyone!
If you won, which ones would you pick? Take a look here

30 July 2009

Boxers or Briefs – The Undercover Story

The debate of whether boxer shorts beat briefs or vice versa has dominated the world of male underwear for some time now, and it’s a question which seems unlikely to go away any time soon.

Briefs were first introduced in the US in the 1930s. Originally available just in white cotton, they are now available in a myriad of colours, prints, and materials.

Some men, though, prefer the roomy comfort of boxer shorts. It was when boxer Rocky Marciano achieved the height of fame and influenced fashion trends during the mid fifties that modern-day boxer shorts were first born. Today, like briefs, boxer shorts are available in many different styles, colours and designs.

Surveys provide differing results on whether men prefer briefs or boxer shorts. Apparently, more women prefer their men in boxer shorts; however, an online survey from the specialist male underwear e-retailer Whites and Smalls puts briefs ahead of boxer shorts in the popularity stakes (60:40 as at 30th July 2009) - view the poll here.

Ultimately, of course, it’s down to personal preference. But, whether you prefer boxer shorts to briefs or vice versa, you’ll find a massive selection of both at Whites and Smalls.

They have boxer shorts from top names like Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg and Punto Blanco, for example, at some truly fantastic prices. In their current clearance range, for example, you can pick up a pair of basic Calvin Klein boxers for under £10. They also offer free delivery on orders of £30 and above, giving you even greater value for money.

The boxer shorts/brief debate rages on. But, whichever style of undergarment you prefer, see what they have to offer at Whites and Smalls before you do anything else.

09 July 2009

Babygod – the natural choice for men’s underwear

If you are looking for boxer shorts that are not only kind to your body but to the environment as well, then look no further than Babygod underwear. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Babygod range is an industry first, setting the standard for other manufacturers to follow.

Whilst lacking the pizzazz of other designer briefs, the simple yet functional pure-white range of men’s underwear is decorated with simple blue or orange detailing that looks just as good as other more wacky designs you could buy. Promising that all the fabrics used come from fairly traded sources, you can be sure that you are doing your part for the environment, and when they are as comfortable to wear as this you will feel good in more than one way when you slip a pair on.

As a company, Babygod is literally still in its infancy but as more ranges become available so will its impact on the high street grow. Around 35% of the world’s pesticides and insecticides go into the production of standard cotton clothing, which takes an incredible toll on the environment. Babygod men’s underwear, however, manages to avoid this by employing only organically farmed cotton from Fair Trade sources. It’s a shame more clothing manufacturers cannot follow suit, but rest assured many corporate eyes will have seen the range and will be following the brand’s progress with more than a hint of interest. Only time will tell if Babygod can save the world, but in the meantime why not try out a pair for yourself?

02 July 2009

Ginch Gonch underwear for men (or boys?)

With an emphasis on fun, fun and yet more fun, Ginch Gonch men’s underwear is the natural choice for those of us who just refuse to grow up. Hate having to wear a business suit to work? You can strike a minor victory against your boss by decking yourself out in the lairiest pair of boxer shorts known to man.

Admittedly, the chances are they’ll never see for themselves what kind of underwear you have on (and if they do, we want to know exactly what kind of job you have!), but at least whilst you’re deskbound and surrounded by grey suits, you can be safe in the knowledge that you haven’t sold out entirely. Think of them as a more hidden version of the cartoon tie craze that developed during the mid 1990’s amongst city workers, but possibly more tasteful.

The wide range of men’s boxer briefs in the Ginch Gonch collection is sure to have something to appeal to any rebels taste. Our particulars favorites were the Dumper Truck design, with a wry nod and a wink as to which particular area of the body catered for the aforementioned dumping, and the Eagle Totem Pole briefs, with the eagle’s beak protruding from the front of the pants.

With its tongue firmly in its cheek, Ginch Gonch has revolutionized men’s underwear, with some of the most daring designs you’ll ever be able to find. Perfect for the bored city worker, just make sure your boss doesn’t catch you with your pants down!

29 June 2009

Anyone for tennis?

With Wimbledon season upon us once again, what better time than now to focus upon tennis legend Bjorn Borg’s very own collection of designer underwear? The Swede made his name in the 70’s and 80’s by winning Wimbledon an amazing five times, and to capitalize on his worldwide fame, he started lending his name to a number of lucrative projects. One of these was his own range of underwear, which was launched back in 1987.

Today, the iconic Bjorn Borg range of men’s underwear is much sought out. The garments have proved popular not only for their bold and brazen styling, but also for their comfortable fit. For someone whose background come from the world of sport rather than fashion, you’ll be glad to hear that Borg doesn’t have a hand in designing any of the men’s boxer shorts himself.

Instead, a dedicated team of international stylists have lent their talents in creating some of the most memorable designs ever seen on a pair of boxer shorts. From the obvious tennis-ball inspired themes, to lairy rainbow patterns and striking emblems, there is something here to cater for every taste.

Primarily aimed at gentlemen, the Bjorn Borg underwear range also features women’s collections, in addition to footwear and fragrances. The men’s underwear collection has just been launched at Harrods, and it is only a matter of time before they take over the high street, so why not be the first to wear them and order a pair today?

Come on Andy Murray!

18 June 2009

Men’s underwear to make your Dad happy

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when we collectively scratch our heads, racking our brains for gift ideas for Father’s Day. The usual thoughts of bottles of whisky, cigars and socks immediately crop up, but let’s face it; none of them are very imaginative. So this year, rather than follow the same pattern that has been set in stone for the past decade or so, why not surprise your Dad with some designer underwear? We’re not talking about a pair of department store boxer shorts here; we’re talking about quality underwear from brands like Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg, HOM, and Sloggi.

A quick browse online will show you that there are some real bargains to be had out there. When it comes to brand names, Calvin Klein boxer shorts are always high on the list of best sellers, but there are a host of other top names that are also available, all competing for your hard-earned pennies and a place in your Dad’s heart. Or trousers.

Although primarily known for their ladies underwear collection, Sloggi make a stylish range of men’s briefs and boxers that are not overly expensive, but just as comfortable as many of their designer rivals. If you are looking for a sporting theme, tennis legend Bjorn Borg has an underwear range that will appeal; with a striking and colourful collection with his name on. And for a real touch of class? Zimmerli boxer shorts come highly recommended. A touch of class that Dad will remember you for long after drinking that oh-so-original bottle of Scotch whisky from your sister.

11 June 2009

Hundreds gather to see David Beckham in designer men’s underwear on Oxford Street

There may have been a wide-scale tube strike taking place, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people descending on London’s main shopping street on Thursday to catch a glimpse of David Beckham’s underwear.
Beckham and his family – including his wife Victoria and both of the couple’s mothers – attended the unveiling at Selfridges of an enormous poster of the footballer wearing only a pair of Emporio Armani trunk boxer shorts.

Needless to say, many of the onlookers were female. Maureen Reynolds, 66, was one of the first to arrive at Selfridges. She told Sky News: "I've brought calendars and books for [David] to sign. I'm his biggest fan and have been for years because he's a fabulous footballer. And even though he's got a lot of money he's still down to earth."
Beckham, dressed in a suit, presented quite a different picture in person than on his eye-catching poster, which depicts him clutching a rope as he models the snug-fitting designer men’s underwear.

Giorgio Armani, who is one of the world’s leading designers of men’s underwear said in a statement: "David is truly a modern-day icon, celebrated both on and off the football pitch. David has a great sense of style and he is also very sexy. David is genuinely a positive role model - a sports hero, husband and father. And it is for this that I applaud him."

08 June 2009

Men’s Underwear – Wide Range of Designer Underwear for Men

Author: Alex Stewart

Which Underwear do you need?

Have you ever stopped and taken a look at all the styles of men’s underwear that are currently on the market? It’s no longer a simple choice of white briefs or cotton boxers. Making sure that you and your sensitive parts are comfortable is paramount when deciding which style of men’s underwear to wear. With the many different choices out there it makes that task a bit unnerving at times.

Men’s underwear has come a long way just in the last 100 years. Where briefs and boxers were the prime candidates at the beginning of the 1900s, today men are faced with men’s underwear collections that rival their counterparts in the women’s department of your local clothing retailer. You now have boxer briefs – a hybrid of boxers and briefs – thongs, bikini, string bikini, and designer men’s underwear that fall in between all of the other choices. While some men prefer the comfort of a pair of briefs, they are no longer restricted to the type of underwear they need to put on every morning.

Designer men’s briefs such as the styles of Ginch Gonch and Calvin Klein are still classics among men’s underwear choices. Of course if you wear your trousers or jeans like many of the younger crowd do, you definitely want a pair of boxers underneath those baggy trousers.

Of course, some men have issues shopping for underwear and can find the entire task embarrassing. There are very few department stores like the one seen on the 1970s and 1980s comedy show ‘Are You Being Served?’ around anymore, where men could get a personal and discreet service while choosing their underwear. Gone are the days when explanations about the clothing were the norm, and now men – and the women who shop for them – are left staring at racks of designer men’s underwear in amazement.

Fortunately for those shoppers who are faint at heart when it comes to purchasing men’s underwear, there are now ways to purchase designer men’s underwear online. All of the makes and styles are available right before your eyes and you can easily see the difference between briefs, boxers, and other types of popular men’s underwear. All of the style ranges are available, and you can even purchase designer men’s underwear that is as fun as the ones they remembered wearing when they were children. Shopping online to buy men’s underwear is quickly taking the guess work out of all the selections that are available, and for some men it saves them from standing in the aisle wondering just what type of underwear is what.

27 May 2009

New Underwear Website Preview

Enzo Retail Ltd will officially launch their new website http://www.jacksiesunderwear.co.uk/ selling designer men's underwear on 1st June 2009, but blog readers and their Twitter followers can take a sneaky peak from today.

Stocking brands including Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg, Zimmerli, HOM, Sloggi, and Ginch Gonch - the website is fresh and easy to use...

15 May 2009

Classic Calvin Klein White Briefs - just £10!

When you think of men's underwear - Can you get any more classic than a pair of white briefs from Calvin Klein?

Whites And Smalls are currently running a promotion of 33% off the RRP for these CK briefs. That makes them just £10 a pair - perfect in the current economic climate.

These hip briefs are tagless, made from 100% cotton, and have a body-defining fit to maximise their comfort.
Available in Black and White, stocks will not last at this price... so check the availability of these in your size here.

29 April 2009

Underwear brand claim men are turning to pink pants to perk them up in the credit crunch

By Deborah Arthurs - Published on http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ on 8th April 2009

It may seem as far fetched as fairies, but if research from men's underwear brand Jockey is to be believed, sales of pink pants are soaring as men use their undergarments to cheer them up in the economic crisis.

Jockey claim that sales of their coloured Y-front briefs have rocketed by an average of 60 per cent over the last six months - and the baby pink pairs have sold more than any other, seeing a 62 per cent boost in sales over the past three months.

Underwear brand Jockey have seen a rise in the sale of their coloured briefs of over 60 per cent, with sales of baby pink pants up 62 per cent

Other colours that have seen a hike in sales are baby blue, orange, and a very fetching pistachio green.

If claims that men are perking themselves up using their pants is true, it adds a new dimension to lipstick economics - the theory market -watchers attribute to sales of small cosmetic items rising in a recession, or the fact that hemlines rise and fall with the economic state of the country.

According to Jockey, this sales spike mirrors a similar effect seen in America during the great depression of 1935. Back then, sales of boxer shorts printed with an image of the world went through the roof as men chose the pattern over their usual plain briefs, a result, said market analysts, of men seeking a soupcon of exotic escapism, albeit vicariously, via their pants.

Men use their colourful pants to cheer them up, says Jockey. 'When the economy’s gloomy, shoppers tend to make small, often unconscious, decisions in their consumer habits,' said Ruth Stevens, brand manager at Jockey Underwear. 'Men may feel out of control during the recession so they make small choices which may lighten their mood and one of these is evidently choosing brighter underwear.'

So - If statistics are to be believed, there's likely to be a pink panter sitting in your office right now. Question is, can you guess who it is?

Recession puts holes in sales of men's underwear

OK - this is an American article, but what happens in the US economy is often reflected in the UK, and so we still found this article very interesting...

Report by: Mark Albright, St Petersburg Times Staff Writer In Print: Friday, April 10, 2009

Blame slackers, cheap imports or the recession, but industry analysts on Thursday dropped their forecasts for men's underwear sales.

Turns out this is another one of those quirky tales like Groundhog Day, women's skirt lengths or Joe Kennedy confirming the 1929 stock market bubble when even his shoe-shine guy was spouting stock tips.

In this case, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Green¬span reportedly monitored sales of staples like men's underwear for clues about spending that drives the economy.

Greenspan figured a consumer who trims the underwear budget must be truly pinched. After all, underwear needs don't change. Styles change at a glacial pace. The duds are mostly out of sight, so why splurge?

After a weak winter, Mintel International reversed its December forecast for a modest gain this year to a decline of 2.3 percent, or minus 3.1 percent adjusted for inflation.

Men's underwear sales are among the first products to recover from recession, so Greenspan would regard the lingering decline as a bad sign.

"This is the first time I heard that one," said Chris McCarty, who produces the Florida Consumer Confidence Index for the University of Florida Bureau of Economic Research. "Maybe that's why a consensus of economists now thinks Greenspan may have been looking at the wrong things all along. I'm focused on housing, which appears close to hitting bottom in Florida."

Yet after flat-lining year in and year out, not just dollar sales of underwear are slipping. Mintel surveys found men buying replacements less frequently and running up the mileage on what they have. And the only place they bought more pairs were budget-priced discount stores. Even sales online dropped 27 percent.

"That fits anecdotally with what we're hearing about a continued pullback in spending another quarter. People are still cutting necessities," said Lynn Franco, the economist who compiles the Consumer Confidence Index for the Conference Board.

It's not all bad news. High-end brands like Calvin Klein reported robust sales, and Polo and Tommy Hilfiger lost no ground. Hispanics and blacks buy one more replacement pair of underwear than the now-lowered national average of 3.8 pairs a year. In contrast men aged 25 to 34 bought 5.3.

However, research finds men keeping their skivvies longer. It's not pretty, so the squeamish should stop reading here.

According to Kelton Research, one in four men wear a pair more than five years, one in 10 longer than ten years. A third fess up their undies are not the original color. And one in seven admits routinely wearing what no longer fits or is riddled with holes.

Herbert Jones has added a Range of Emporio Armani Underwear to its Online Store

Herbert Jones, an online men’s accessories store, has added Emporio Armani to its collection of designer underwear which includes brands such as Calvin Klein and D&G.

Herbert Jones, an online men’s accessories store, has added a collection of Emporio Armani underwear including boxer briefs, trunks, briefs and t-shirts.

www.herbertjones.co.uk believes that the inclusion of Emporio Armani on its website demonstrates their commitment to premium designer brands, and complements other brands such as Calvin Klein and D&G. Herbert Jones also feels that Armani has become a very significant designer underwear brand, following the David Beckham advertising campaign. Herbert Jones offers classic designs in white, grey and black as well as fashion designs that are released each season. All Emporio Armani underwear feature the eagle branded waistband and have a body hugging fit. Their fashion designs have a sophisticated look, using a subtle colour palette and classic stripes.

Herbert Jones stocks the Emporio Armani ‘Cotton Stretch’ range of men’s underwear, which is made from a soft blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastene. Designed for a stretchy and tight fit, it is the core of the Armani underwear collection. There are 3 choices of waistband; classic, extra wide and metallic. The classic waistband features the words Emporio Armani, separated by the eagle logo. The extra wide waistband has a very large eagle, surrounded by the initials EA whilst the metallic waistband has a more subtle branding that shimmers and catches the light. The trunk has a short leg and the boxer brief has a longer leg, whilst both have a cut away (tapered) finish at the thigh. Herbert Jones also offers a multi pack containing three pairs of classic waistband trunks in white, grey and black. All pairs of men’s underwear are available in small, medium, large and extra large.

Thieves steal exclusive designer underwear…

Watch out there is an Underwear Thief about!

An up and coming casual designer wear company have been hit hard this week with the theft of a large consignment of men’s and women’s underwear. Schultz is an Internet based company found at www.schultzjeans.com. Schultz jeans is a family run business and manufacture a high quality range of designer jeans, designer underwear and men’s designer t-shirts.
The underwear was in a consignment of new underwear due to be delivered to the Cheadle distribution office this week when thieves targeted the container whilst parked in Cleakheaton just off the M62 in Yorkshire, nearly £30,000 of stock was stolen to the shock of the staff at Schultz Jeans.
Richard Schultz designer and co-founder of the Schultz jeans brand said “We were so shocked and upset that the consignment was stolen so close to home”. The thieves apparently targeted the container on route in Cleckheaton and thieves broke into the container and stole this exclusive designer underwear.
Richard went on to say “Two of the ranges stolen were the long awaited new line of “Girls on Top” and “Get a Grip” they are brand new and have not yet been released, they are exclusive to the Schultz Jeans website at the moment so if bought anywhere else they will be stolen goods!”
At the present moment in time police are investigating the theft of the designer Schultz underwear. They are hopeful to make a break through and are following several leads.

Finding Modern Underwear and Grooming Products for Men Has Just Got Easier

David Beckham, Pierce Brosnan and Clive Owen are some of the names changing the face of the modern man. No longer do women have the exclusivity on skincare, modern stylish underwear and accessories. Foramodernman.co.uk is a new website which aims to offer a range of products and advice dedicated to the modern male.

Foramodernman.co.uk has been launched in an attempt to offer a one-stop grooming and male accessory stop for the modern man of today. This does not mean they are targeting only the young, as men of all ages and profiles are changing their habits and finding that looking good helps you feel good.

The site itself offers a range of men’s underwear from Waxx, Nation Up North, Mundo Unico, Triple XXX, Red Torpedo, hair products from Chill and skincare from companies like Skintech, Tricolin and Neova. The product range has been chosen on quality, design and in the case of the Skincare, research into the practicality of good skincare.

Take for example the range of Nation Up North underwear. Designed in Denmark this product is very traditional in terms of colours, as the emphasis has been focused purely on what makes good comfortable male underwear. Specific points like no itchy rear label, soft but strong waistband which does not leave skin marks, no seams in the crotch area to increase comfort levels, sewn with unbreakable thread and made of modal fabric which is soft and cool keeping moisture away from the skin.

Nana Trier launched the NUN underwear originally in Scandinavia then in the US and it has been rumoured Prince Frederick of Denmark and Justin Timberlake are admirers of the product though no one has had the cheek to go up and confirm this!

On the skincare range foramodernman has focused on products that offer everyday protection from the elements such as smoke, wind, sun and smog as well as products that offer practical solutions or help in conditions like acne. Skintech in particular offers a great range of everyday use products as well as more in depth treatments. Skintech a brand that has skincare at its core has spent time and money in research before launching its products into the market.

http://www.foramodernman.co.uk/ will develop and expand its range of products as the company progresses and is keen on feedback from its customers on current and potential product lines as well as hearing from new designers who wish to feature their products on the site.

Recession 'boosts Y-front sales' in Debenhams!

This article appeared on the BBC website (24th April 2009):

The once derided Y-front is now the fastest selling underpant of the year. Sales of Y-fronts have increased by 35% since the recession began, according to the retailer Debenhams.

In March Y-fronts outsold boxer shorts for the first time since the early 1990s - the last time when Britain was in recession. A spokesman for the store attributed the success of Y-fronts to the "greater sense of security" they provide.

Y-fronts were launched in America 74 years ago, but in recent years shoppers have favoured boxer shorts and trunks.

Debenhams says its sales figures reveal the surge in purchases of Y-front began in November, just as the effects of the recession were starting to be felt. It increased rapidly in January, before reaching an all-time high at the start of April.

In total, sales of Y-fronts had gone up by 35% during the six-month period, the company said. It is the standard white style of Y-front that is proving the most popular, rather than the tighter, trendier versions of recent years, according to Debenhams.

Spokesman Ed Watson said: "These are the sort of pants our fathers wore. "They provide a much greater sense of security than loose-fitting boxers, and perhaps, in these troubled times, that's what men need to feel."

Loose-fitting boxer shorts and slimline trunks were previously by far the biggest sellers in Debenhams' men's underwear range.

27 April 2009

Calvin Klein ups the luxury stakes in men’s underwear

Without compromising on comfort, the underwear label is introducing luxury lines for men.

If you browse the men’s underwear section of any department store or lingerie specialist, you will be hard-pressed to see a pair of boxer shorts without a logo-embossed waistband bearing a brand’s name. One of the pioneers of this now ubiquitous strategy is designer brand Calvin Klein, which launched its Calvin Klein Underwear label back in 1982.
For autumn 09, the brand, whose signature look on underwear blends comfortable fabrics with fashion-led designs, is upping its luxury credentials by launching Calvin Klein Black and White for men.
With the UK market now inundated with international lingerie retailers, and fashion multiples - including even supermarkets - increasing their lingerie offers (and sales), it makes sense for Calvin Klein Underwear to launch a collection that stands out from the mainstream. And stand out it does. The Black and White range is split into two stories: Black focuses on fit and comfort, while White combines luxury designs with soft fabrics. Both retain a premium feel.
Extra-fine microfibers allow for breathability and air circulation in the Black range, while a woven black jacquard waistband with embossed logo adds a luxury element. The same waistband technique is used on the White range, but here the focus is on high-quality cotton blends for super-soft briefs, which come as hip briefs, trunks, low-rise trunks and boxer briefs.

25 April 2009

Men’s underwear: genocide or just the death of taste?

The following [controversial?] article was published in The Times – April 11th 2009.

What are your thoughts? Has the fashion industry taken men's underwear too far? Or, is it about time that men had more choice in the underwear department?

‘On Fire : Pinky Khoabane’

The ultimate madness must be the men’s thong.

Back in the day, the jewels were considered a very precious and delicate commodity that required comfort and breathing space

There is nothing more confrontational than being in a men’s underwear department. Not even the constant stand-off between Israel and Palestine matches the antagonism displayed by the half-clad no-brainers paraded on the packaging of men’s underwear.

(Excuse me, but I have never had much respect for the modelling career. I have nothing against models personally, but I have a serious problem when they start passing of as work what is just sheer showing off of their genes. )

I remember the days when you never saw anyone buy underwear. In those days, underwear was just that — under-the-clothes garments that were private. Buying it was a discreet matter between customer and shopkeeper. The only issue of discussion was, for men, the size and the price.

For women, it was the price and the colour. Nobody discussed size with women, especially of an undergarment nature.

But in today’s world, department stores are laden with wall-to-wall displays of men’s crotches accompanied by chiselled six-packs, and a menacing look that says “come and get me”.

The array of choice is boggling for anyone , but men’s impatience with shopping must be pushed to the brink by the different styles, colours and shapes.

The much-derided Y-front briefs have come a long way. Today we have an assortment of choice that borders on the ridiculous: string bikinis, boxer shorts, knit boxers, low-rise-no-fly briefs, ones that reach to the knees, ones that come halfway down the thigh, the “next-to-nothing” briefs, ones that are considered the Wonderbra of men’s underwear, and the list goes on.

But the ultimate madness must surely be the men’s thong. Do men really have to wear this ?

Surely men’s underwear needs to have a fly that opens if it is to be functional, unless men are now expected to pull their pants down in order to urinate?

The big question must surely be: what happened to men’s jewels over the years to warrant such an explosion of teeny-weeny and altogether very tight undies?

Back in the day, the jewels were considered a very precious and delicate commodity that required comfort and breathing space, hence Y-front briefs — loose, and of a mesh fabric so as to allow the air to circulate. The thinking behind the Y was to eliminate all forms of pressure so as to facilitate the promotion of male fertility.

As anyone who has studied elementary biology knows, sperm is very touchy. It dies at the slightest provocation. A slight increase in temperature or weight gain has a dire effect on its production. And snug-fitting underpants are weapons of mass sperm destruction.

Who is behind this crazy trend that could see sperm obliterated from the face of the scrotum wall? And what would be the purpose? Many may laugh this off, but it is very serious.

According to the New Zealand Medical Journal, the quality of Kiwi sperm has declined dramatically as a result of tight underpants. Research from other countries confirms that Kiwi men are not alone. French, Norwegian, Danish and Scots men are suffering a similar fate.

The only people who stand to gain are those twits in the fashion industry who are so besotted with their looks that they probably don’t see the need for procreation anyway. For as long as they can make enough money to put their bodies through the constant scalpel of those extreme-makeover vultures and have some money left over to sustain their cocaine habits, screw everybody else.

At the centre of what should surely be considered genocide are ordinary men. Pity the poor blokes. For most men, the thought of buying underwear must be sheer hell these days. Having to face that many male crotches and chiselled bodies just to be able to cover your own backside must be the height of humiliation. And being among the less-endowed must also add another dynamic to an already low self-esteem. After all, these models have frontal bulges that would make any grown man shiver with intimidation.

The bulges may not look real, and rumours that they are fake abound, but what remains is that an impression is created that is hard to shake off. In fact, so rife is the chatter about the size of the bulge on models selling men’s underwear that footballer David Beckham is rumoured to have stuffed a sizeable chunk of his grandma’s curtain down there for enhancement purposes during his Armani skivvies advertisements.

Walking through a male underwear department these days is nothing short of creepy. Frankly, I couldn’t keep my eyes open from plain, simple embarrassment.

A guy behind me ran around the display aisle like a dog chasing its tail. He was completely outclassed by the men in front of him — in looks and physique — and had lost the ability to clinically execute what may seem like a simple task. In the end, he left empty-handed.

If this is the fashion industry’s strategy to get back at men in mainstream industry for looking down on them over the years, then it surely is working.

But the male ego will not tolerate the insufferable conditions thrust upon it by the underwear industry. Being the sly creatures that men are, they are now sending their wives and girlfriends out to buy their underwear. They gladly go shopping among the eye candy.

21 April 2009


Smarten up with Grey

by Australian Celebrity Stylist Jolyon Mason

Smarten up your style with the CORE PRECISION SINGLET in HEATHER GREY – a classic, sophisticated colour that can easily be worked into a range of looks. Designed with a double weave high-performance fabric, the heather grey delivers 15% extra compression, for ultimate core support and streamlining benefits. Discover grey today at http://www.equmen.com/!

15 April 2009

Topman shortlisted for E-Retailer of the Year

Topman has been announced amongst the shortlist for E-Retailer of the Year 2009.
With the internet presenting the fastest growing route to market for retailers and brands, the competition to be the best is extremely strong. This makes being nominated on the shortlist for E-Retailer of the Year at the 2009 World Retail Awards, an immensely sought after accolade.
Topman’s Head of Ecommerce, Gracia Amico, said the nomination was testament to a lot of hard work in the last twelve months: "It’s been a great year for Topman, from launching our new website last year, opening our online store for US customers and achieving record sales over Christmas, this award nomination is great recognition to all the team"
These awards recognise the retailer who can best show how they have succeeded in changing their business to perform on a multi-channel platform and who has managed to deliver increasing levels of profitable business transactions online.
The internet poses huge challenges to retailers who have previously only operated from physical stores or a catalogue, requiring them to adapt and embrace multiple new channels. This has lead to a revolution of the retail industry in terms of pricing, internationalisation, logistics, operations, marketing and branding.
For this year’s award, Topman is competing against some very strong nominations, which includes Tesco, the winner of the award in 2008, and two other British retailers - New Look and mydeco.com. Completing the shortlist are Italy’s Yoox Group and Zappos.com from the US.
The winner will be announced on 7th May, at a prestigious gala awards ceremony to be held during the World Retail Congress in Barcelona.
The shortlist for the awards were all reviewed by panels of specialist, expert judges who were chosen for their knowledge and understanding of the types of retail related to each award category. The shortlisted finalists will now go forward to the final judging process overseen by the Grand Jury who will meet in Barcelona immediately before the opening of the World Retail Congress.
About Topman: Topman offers the latest in mens fashion, encompassing mens shorts, mens t-shirts and a range of styles to suit every shopper. Topman’s extensive collection embraces everything from the latest fashion trends to classic pieces, and extends to mens shoes, accessories, mens underwear and formal wear. Topman also provide the simplest way to search for and buy mens clothing, placing it among the leading fashion retailers in the UK market today.

Ginch Gonch - Underwear for the boys

dumper-truck stars
totem-pole hearttohard

If you’re looking for underwear that’s a little different, with great attitude and fun… then Ginch Gonch is the underwear brand for you! It will certainly promote self confidence and allow you to express yourself and rebel beneath the suit!

There are several retailers in the UK stocking Ginch Gonch, and one of our sponsoring websites has recently added this great brand to their collection – and they are offering a 20% discount throughout April! Visit Whites And Smalls here, or click on any of the images above.

14 April 2009

2(x)ist underwear for men

As the forerunner in designer Men's underwear, 2(x)ist is today's choice for the man who wants the latest look in casual but sophisticated underwear. It will take you from home to out on the town in comfort and style.

Cut to accentuate a man's body, 2(x)ist has truly taken underwear to a new dimension. Comfort and good design have put 2(x)ist on the cutting edge of underwear fashion, and brought a new sense of style to what was once a purely functional part of one's wardrobe. Superb quality, alluring styling, straight- forward packaging and innovative marketing have all been instrumental in positioning 2(x)ist underwear as the brand with serious sex appeal.

The 2(x)ist designers continue to refine - and redefine - men's underwear expectations. Through the use of the best materials available, and with an eye on fit and comfort, 2(x)ist underwear continues to grow in popularity.

Designer swimwear for men

Looking forward to your summer holiday?
When you intend to wear nothing but swimming shorts and shades whilst basking in the sun...it's important to get the shorts right.
Take a look at a great selection of designer beachwear from Calvin Klein for the 2009 season on the Whites And Smalls website.

Calvin Klein Underwear for Men

Since its inception, Calvin Klein Underwear for Men has led the market by offering consumers cutting-edge design, innovative fabrics, and exceptional fit and quality.
Known for its iconic advertising campaigns featuring top models, celebrities, and newly discovered talent, Calvin Klein Underwear continues to evolve its reputation as the brand of choice for consumers who want sexy, fashionable, and comfortable underwear.
Known as the world's finest designer underwear for men and women, Calvin Klein Underwear was formed in 1982 and would forever alter the way the world viewed-and bought-men's underwear. Once a utilitarian product, men's underwear suddenly became an object of desire. New advertising campaigns communicated the message of the updated, sexy designer sensibility that distinguished Calvin Klein Underwear from all others. Each season since then, the brand has delivered a new line including basics, basics in fashion colours, as well as fashion-forward, trendy underwear to stores.
Calvin Klein Underwear is synonymous with quality. The fits and fabrications are developed to perfection to preserve the brand's standard of excellence. Men's fabrics range from comfortable cottons to edgy sheer synthetics, as well as fashion trend-forward prints and styles.
Calvin Klein Underwear brand advertising spans 21 countries and reaches an estimated 98 million people globally.
Calvin Klein Underwear Models
Beginning with the Fall 2008 season, model Garrett Neff has been featured in the global print and outdoor advertising imagery for Calvin Klein Underwear supporting the men's Calvin Klein Body product line, including the introduction of the new Calvin Klein Body Stretch program.
Neff is the tenth man to be featured in a Calvin Klein Underwear campaign and has been working with Calvin Klein, Inc. for several campaigns and was featured in the Spring 2008 Calvin Klein Jeans campaign alongside Kate Bosworth. Neff is currently the face of the latest men's fragrance Calvin Klein MAN. Other past Calvin Klein Underwear models include international soccer star Freddie Ljungberg, actor Mark Wahlberg, and most recently Oscar-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou.