29 June 2009

Anyone for tennis?

With Wimbledon season upon us once again, what better time than now to focus upon tennis legend Bjorn Borg’s very own collection of designer underwear? The Swede made his name in the 70’s and 80’s by winning Wimbledon an amazing five times, and to capitalize on his worldwide fame, he started lending his name to a number of lucrative projects. One of these was his own range of underwear, which was launched back in 1987.

Today, the iconic Bjorn Borg range of men’s underwear is much sought out. The garments have proved popular not only for their bold and brazen styling, but also for their comfortable fit. For someone whose background come from the world of sport rather than fashion, you’ll be glad to hear that Borg doesn’t have a hand in designing any of the men’s boxer shorts himself.

Instead, a dedicated team of international stylists have lent their talents in creating some of the most memorable designs ever seen on a pair of boxer shorts. From the obvious tennis-ball inspired themes, to lairy rainbow patterns and striking emblems, there is something here to cater for every taste.

Primarily aimed at gentlemen, the Bjorn Borg underwear range also features women’s collections, in addition to footwear and fragrances. The men’s underwear collection has just been launched at Harrods, and it is only a matter of time before they take over the high street, so why not be the first to wear them and order a pair today?

Come on Andy Murray!

18 June 2009

Men’s underwear to make your Dad happy

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when we collectively scratch our heads, racking our brains for gift ideas for Father’s Day. The usual thoughts of bottles of whisky, cigars and socks immediately crop up, but let’s face it; none of them are very imaginative. So this year, rather than follow the same pattern that has been set in stone for the past decade or so, why not surprise your Dad with some designer underwear? We’re not talking about a pair of department store boxer shorts here; we’re talking about quality underwear from brands like Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg, HOM, and Sloggi.

A quick browse online will show you that there are some real bargains to be had out there. When it comes to brand names, Calvin Klein boxer shorts are always high on the list of best sellers, but there are a host of other top names that are also available, all competing for your hard-earned pennies and a place in your Dad’s heart. Or trousers.

Although primarily known for their ladies underwear collection, Sloggi make a stylish range of men’s briefs and boxers that are not overly expensive, but just as comfortable as many of their designer rivals. If you are looking for a sporting theme, tennis legend Bjorn Borg has an underwear range that will appeal; with a striking and colourful collection with his name on. And for a real touch of class? Zimmerli boxer shorts come highly recommended. A touch of class that Dad will remember you for long after drinking that oh-so-original bottle of Scotch whisky from your sister.

11 June 2009

Hundreds gather to see David Beckham in designer men’s underwear on Oxford Street

There may have been a wide-scale tube strike taking place, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people descending on London’s main shopping street on Thursday to catch a glimpse of David Beckham’s underwear.
Beckham and his family – including his wife Victoria and both of the couple’s mothers – attended the unveiling at Selfridges of an enormous poster of the footballer wearing only a pair of Emporio Armani trunk boxer shorts.

Needless to say, many of the onlookers were female. Maureen Reynolds, 66, was one of the first to arrive at Selfridges. She told Sky News: "I've brought calendars and books for [David] to sign. I'm his biggest fan and have been for years because he's a fabulous footballer. And even though he's got a lot of money he's still down to earth."
Beckham, dressed in a suit, presented quite a different picture in person than on his eye-catching poster, which depicts him clutching a rope as he models the snug-fitting designer men’s underwear.

Giorgio Armani, who is one of the world’s leading designers of men’s underwear said in a statement: "David is truly a modern-day icon, celebrated both on and off the football pitch. David has a great sense of style and he is also very sexy. David is genuinely a positive role model - a sports hero, husband and father. And it is for this that I applaud him."

08 June 2009

Men’s Underwear – Wide Range of Designer Underwear for Men

Author: Alex Stewart

Which Underwear do you need?

Have you ever stopped and taken a look at all the styles of men’s underwear that are currently on the market? It’s no longer a simple choice of white briefs or cotton boxers. Making sure that you and your sensitive parts are comfortable is paramount when deciding which style of men’s underwear to wear. With the many different choices out there it makes that task a bit unnerving at times.

Men’s underwear has come a long way just in the last 100 years. Where briefs and boxers were the prime candidates at the beginning of the 1900s, today men are faced with men’s underwear collections that rival their counterparts in the women’s department of your local clothing retailer. You now have boxer briefs – a hybrid of boxers and briefs – thongs, bikini, string bikini, and designer men’s underwear that fall in between all of the other choices. While some men prefer the comfort of a pair of briefs, they are no longer restricted to the type of underwear they need to put on every morning.

Designer men’s briefs such as the styles of Ginch Gonch and Calvin Klein are still classics among men’s underwear choices. Of course if you wear your trousers or jeans like many of the younger crowd do, you definitely want a pair of boxers underneath those baggy trousers.

Of course, some men have issues shopping for underwear and can find the entire task embarrassing. There are very few department stores like the one seen on the 1970s and 1980s comedy show ‘Are You Being Served?’ around anymore, where men could get a personal and discreet service while choosing their underwear. Gone are the days when explanations about the clothing were the norm, and now men – and the women who shop for them – are left staring at racks of designer men’s underwear in amazement.

Fortunately for those shoppers who are faint at heart when it comes to purchasing men’s underwear, there are now ways to purchase designer men’s underwear online. All of the makes and styles are available right before your eyes and you can easily see the difference between briefs, boxers, and other types of popular men’s underwear. All of the style ranges are available, and you can even purchase designer men’s underwear that is as fun as the ones they remembered wearing when they were children. Shopping online to buy men’s underwear is quickly taking the guess work out of all the selections that are available, and for some men it saves them from standing in the aisle wondering just what type of underwear is what.