11 June 2009

Hundreds gather to see David Beckham in designer men’s underwear on Oxford Street

There may have been a wide-scale tube strike taking place, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people descending on London’s main shopping street on Thursday to catch a glimpse of David Beckham’s underwear.
Beckham and his family – including his wife Victoria and both of the couple’s mothers – attended the unveiling at Selfridges of an enormous poster of the footballer wearing only a pair of Emporio Armani trunk boxer shorts.

Needless to say, many of the onlookers were female. Maureen Reynolds, 66, was one of the first to arrive at Selfridges. She told Sky News: "I've brought calendars and books for [David] to sign. I'm his biggest fan and have been for years because he's a fabulous footballer. And even though he's got a lot of money he's still down to earth."
Beckham, dressed in a suit, presented quite a different picture in person than on his eye-catching poster, which depicts him clutching a rope as he models the snug-fitting designer men’s underwear.

Giorgio Armani, who is one of the world’s leading designers of men’s underwear said in a statement: "David is truly a modern-day icon, celebrated both on and off the football pitch. David has a great sense of style and he is also very sexy. David is genuinely a positive role model - a sports hero, husband and father. And it is for this that I applaud him."