18 June 2009

Men’s underwear to make your Dad happy

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when we collectively scratch our heads, racking our brains for gift ideas for Father’s Day. The usual thoughts of bottles of whisky, cigars and socks immediately crop up, but let’s face it; none of them are very imaginative. So this year, rather than follow the same pattern that has been set in stone for the past decade or so, why not surprise your Dad with some designer underwear? We’re not talking about a pair of department store boxer shorts here; we’re talking about quality underwear from brands like Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg, HOM, and Sloggi.

A quick browse online will show you that there are some real bargains to be had out there. When it comes to brand names, Calvin Klein boxer shorts are always high on the list of best sellers, but there are a host of other top names that are also available, all competing for your hard-earned pennies and a place in your Dad’s heart. Or trousers.

Although primarily known for their ladies underwear collection, Sloggi make a stylish range of men’s briefs and boxers that are not overly expensive, but just as comfortable as many of their designer rivals. If you are looking for a sporting theme, tennis legend Bjorn Borg has an underwear range that will appeal; with a striking and colourful collection with his name on. And for a real touch of class? Zimmerli boxer shorts come highly recommended. A touch of class that Dad will remember you for long after drinking that oh-so-original bottle of Scotch whisky from your sister.