09 July 2009

Babygod – the natural choice for men’s underwear

If you are looking for boxer shorts that are not only kind to your body but to the environment as well, then look no further than Babygod underwear. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Babygod range is an industry first, setting the standard for other manufacturers to follow.

Whilst lacking the pizzazz of other designer briefs, the simple yet functional pure-white range of men’s underwear is decorated with simple blue or orange detailing that looks just as good as other more wacky designs you could buy. Promising that all the fabrics used come from fairly traded sources, you can be sure that you are doing your part for the environment, and when they are as comfortable to wear as this you will feel good in more than one way when you slip a pair on.

As a company, Babygod is literally still in its infancy but as more ranges become available so will its impact on the high street grow. Around 35% of the world’s pesticides and insecticides go into the production of standard cotton clothing, which takes an incredible toll on the environment. Babygod men’s underwear, however, manages to avoid this by employing only organically farmed cotton from Fair Trade sources. It’s a shame more clothing manufacturers cannot follow suit, but rest assured many corporate eyes will have seen the range and will be following the brand’s progress with more than a hint of interest. Only time will tell if Babygod can save the world, but in the meantime why not try out a pair for yourself?