02 July 2009

Ginch Gonch underwear for men (or boys?)

With an emphasis on fun, fun and yet more fun, Ginch Gonch men’s underwear is the natural choice for those of us who just refuse to grow up. Hate having to wear a business suit to work? You can strike a minor victory against your boss by decking yourself out in the lairiest pair of boxer shorts known to man.

Admittedly, the chances are they’ll never see for themselves what kind of underwear you have on (and if they do, we want to know exactly what kind of job you have!), but at least whilst you’re deskbound and surrounded by grey suits, you can be safe in the knowledge that you haven’t sold out entirely. Think of them as a more hidden version of the cartoon tie craze that developed during the mid 1990’s amongst city workers, but possibly more tasteful.

The wide range of men’s boxer briefs in the Ginch Gonch collection is sure to have something to appeal to any rebels taste. Our particulars favorites were the Dumper Truck design, with a wry nod and a wink as to which particular area of the body catered for the aforementioned dumping, and the Eagle Totem Pole briefs, with the eagle’s beak protruding from the front of the pants.

With its tongue firmly in its cheek, Ginch Gonch has revolutionized men’s underwear, with some of the most daring designs you’ll ever be able to find. Perfect for the bored city worker, just make sure your boss doesn’t catch you with your pants down!