24 September 2009

Men’s briefs – pull on the comfort!

If you are someone who treasures comfort then the wide range of men’s briefs available online should certainly satisfy you.

It is important to note that a failure to adhere to basics may cause one a lot of discomfort thus denting your confidence and this could easily spoil your day.

Underwear should bring inner comfort and confidence...apparently.

Any discomfort that is brought about by ill-fitting underwear can translate to a big dent in one’s confidence, and so it is always important to make sure that you're wearing the right size at all times. Guys - as we get older, our waist size changes (usually upwards)... but when was the last time you bought new underwear, and has your waist size changed since?

Pictured above: Briefs from the Bjorn Borg Underwear Range at Whites And Smalls

Also, the styles have changed quite a bit in the past few years. It is important that you get to know which styles are around, what the advantages and disadvantages are (if there are any) and then go for the buy.

One important thing is that despite the changes in styles, the basics have not yet changed and one thing remains, comfort is paramount. It is also important to make sure that you choose a colour that you are very comfortable with; but remember, change can be good - sometimes stepping out of your usual comfort zone can bring about a desired result...

Remember, there are times when your underwear may be on display (albeit briefly), such as when you open the underwear drawer. Display your boxer shorts and briefs with pride and not embarrassment. Ensure that your choices of underwear reflect your own sense of style and taste.

But your main priority above what colours and styles look good on a model, is what do you find most comfortable? Check out the range of men's briefs available at Whites And Smalls - a leading online retailer specialising in underwear for men in the UK.

15 September 2009

Zimmerli Underwear for Men

Made in Switzerland – Zimmerli manufacture arguably the World’s Finest Underwear.
In 1871, Pauline Zimmerli Bäurlin began manufacturing hosiery and men’s socks. She not only laid the foundation for a flourishing business, but instituted the Swiss fine knitting industry. To this day, Zimmerli manufactures exclusive underwear for people who appreciate true quality. They are the only company that produce underwear in Switzerland.

Their collections of men’s underwear focus on the best quality fabrics – Egyptian Mako cotton, softest raw silk threads (Greige) and super fine Merino wool. Their special knitting technology renders the fabric highly stretchable and allows a return to its original shape after washing. The trimmings are cut as a spiral which give a fine body fit and ensures their products are very comfortable to wear.

Their product philosophy focuses not on the costs, but the quality demands of their clientele. Efforts are focused on just one purpose: to provide Zimmerli underwear owners with an exceptional level of comfort and well being.

The favourite underwear of many an A-list celebrity, Zimmerli underwear does come at a higher price than many other brands, but for those who value quality, it is worth every penny. You can find a selection of Zimmerli underwear at Whites And Smalls.

09 September 2009

Seeking a Male Calvin Klein Underwear Model

Could you or someone you know be the next Calvin Klein Underwear model? Calvin Klein has recently launched a modelling competition across 9 European countries – ‘9 countries, 9 men, and 1 winner’.
The prize is a modelling contract and a luxury trip for two to South Africa. Eight runners up will win a one-year supply of Calvin Klein Underwear product. The competition is linked with the launch of the latest Calvin Klein Steel Underwear based on the flags of 9 sporting nations – England, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, and Sweden. So, we guess that next year’s World Cup will be watched by many men in their patriotic Calvin Klein underwear!

Jamie Dornan, the current Calvin Klein model recommends the career of underwear modelling as an opportunity to ‘see the world, live the dream, and meet lots of great people’. His advice to any potential models is to be relaxed, and allow the photographer to give you direction. He suggests, especially when modelling underwear that you really need to be comfortable with your body; his own routine involves working out 3 times a week and maintaining a year round tan.
You can enter online by providing a couple of photos, or by attending an in store casting. There are only 4 more taking place in the UK (and they are this month!) – Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, and Gateshead.

Tonight, England play Croatia... if you haven’t already got your England underwear, then you can visit Jacksies Underwear Store to purchase either the Trunk or the Hip Brief.

For further information on how to enter – visit the competition website here

01 September 2009

Buying men’s underwear as a gift for someone else?

Buying men's underwear for someone else can often be difficult. You must consider a few factors before purchasing an item and these factors will change depending on who you are buying underwear for. For example, people who are of a different age and who have a different relationship with you will require very different items. What may be appropriate for a teenage brother may not be appropriate for a husband and may differ again to what is appropriate for a father.

If buying for a father, the style of underwear that is best suited to them must first be decided on. Consider what styles they already wear and start from there. When you have decided on the style, explore the different materials that are available in that style. Think of comfort and quality when considering this.

Next, try to think about their personal taste and try to find some underwear that suits this taste. This can help you decide upon colour and pattern which can be helpful because there are so many choices available in these categories.

An important detail that must be considered is the necessary size required. Sizes can vary depending on the style and brand of the underwear so make sure you know what size they wear and their waist measurements so you can make an informed choice.

When buying underwear for a father, remember who it is that you are buying for, what it is that they like and feel comfortable in.

At Whites and Smalls we have an extensive selection of top quality men’s underwear with brands, styles, materials and designs to suit men of all ages. And with Christmas only a few months away now... gift sets, loungewear, and socks will be added to the existing range - so watch this space!