15 September 2009

Zimmerli Underwear for Men

Made in Switzerland – Zimmerli manufacture arguably the World’s Finest Underwear.
In 1871, Pauline Zimmerli Bäurlin began manufacturing hosiery and men’s socks. She not only laid the foundation for a flourishing business, but instituted the Swiss fine knitting industry. To this day, Zimmerli manufactures exclusive underwear for people who appreciate true quality. They are the only company that produce underwear in Switzerland.

Their collections of men’s underwear focus on the best quality fabrics – Egyptian Mako cotton, softest raw silk threads (Greige) and super fine Merino wool. Their special knitting technology renders the fabric highly stretchable and allows a return to its original shape after washing. The trimmings are cut as a spiral which give a fine body fit and ensures their products are very comfortable to wear.

Their product philosophy focuses not on the costs, but the quality demands of their clientele. Efforts are focused on just one purpose: to provide Zimmerli underwear owners with an exceptional level of comfort and well being.

The favourite underwear of many an A-list celebrity, Zimmerli underwear does come at a higher price than many other brands, but for those who value quality, it is worth every penny. You can find a selection of Zimmerli underwear at Whites And Smalls.