29 October 2009

Credit crunching value in mens underwear

Here, we will suggest some strategies for saving money when shopping for designer men’s underwear.
You don’t need to sacrifice your designer underwear when it comes to seeking additional value for money. Many designer labels produce twin-pack or multi-pack versions of their basic underwear ranges.
Whites And Smalls have a section on their website dedicated to multi-packs from Calvin Klein and HOM. Purchasing your underwear in multi-packs can reduce the cost per item to between £7.33 and £12.50 a pair, depending on the style chosen; this represents an excellent saving on the single pack price.

In addition to these value packs, bargain hunters should also check out the sale items and promotional items to achieve greater savings. Men who fall into the Small or X-Large size categories are far more likely to find the best bargains – as it is often these sizes that remain when an item is being discontinued. Whites And Smalls currently have designer items priced from as low as £4 in their Clearance Underwear section.

You could argue that these prices could still be beaten by value ranges offered in High Street stores and supermarkets; and often they can. But, buying a cheaper brand may often result in a false economy, when the lower quality fabrics and manufacture of these products dictate that they require replacing more frequently.

For the ultimate in savings, just add your favourite mens underwear to your Christmas List and that way you’ll get the boxer shorts you actually want, and they won’t actually cost you a penny!