20 October 2009

Stop the Press - Long Johns get stylish!

Wow - when Jacksies told us they were getting Long Johns in for the winter season, we weren't surprised - but when they showed us the design they have chosen from the Bjorn Borg underwear range...we were impressed!
Whether you are biker, skier, snow-boarder, dog walker or postman - these are seriously going to improve your day when the weather gets cooler; imagine the comfort of wearing an extra layer beneath your jeans, motorbike leathers or ski gear. They would also make great winter sleepwear for those frosty winter nights, or provide the ultimate comfort when chilling on the sofa in front of the TV for the night. These Long Johns are priced at £37.95 with free delivery to your door.
As usual with Bjorn Borg, they have added colour and attitude to provide a great style alternative to the standard white, cream and black offerings on the high street. This is the first season that Jacksies Underwear Store have added Long Johns to test the UK market, and so if you fancy a pair, we recommend you get in quick as the stock numbers aren't huge. However, if as we suspect, they prove popular then watch this space because Jacksies will develop the range for next winter...
In addition to the standard underwear and these great Long Johns, Jacksies will very shortly be adding socks to their Bjorn Borg underwear range - we can't wait to see what they're like!
We recommend you visit Jacksies Underwear Store and explore the range of mens underwear on offer.