26 November 2009

Designer Pyjamas in a Bag - a great gift!

Whites And Smalls, a leading supplier of designer mens underwear have contacted us to let us know that for this season they have added these great men's 'pyjamas in a bag' from Calvin Klein. Consisting of a long sleeved T-shirt with the familiar Calvin Klein logo on the chest, and some great stripy cotton lounge pants, these are a great gift for Christmas! Retailing at £46, they are packaged in their own pillow-case style buttoned bag that can be really useful when travelling either to simply contain the pyjamas, or it can also be used as a pillow case, or even as a laundry bag.

Some men may not be the pyjama wearing type, when it comes to bedtime - but these would still be great simply to wear on those lazy Sunday mornings, or when lounging around on the sofa in front of the TV. In addition to these, Whites And Smalls also stock other loungewear items including plain Black or White lounge pants in soft jersey cotton, Calvin Klein bathrobe, and coming very soon, is a boxed set containing some linen-style longe pants with a plain white t-shirt - just watch this space as the boxed gift sets tend to sell out quickly in the lead up to Christmas.

19 November 2009

Win a trip to Paris on Eurostar with FUJU underwear!

FUJU underwear have contacted us to alert our readers to their competition and PRIZE DRAW.
As they build up to their launch in the New Year, FUJU underwear are offering followers the opportunity to win a weekend in Paris - travelling by Eurostar, 2 nights accommodation, and £250 in spending money! There are also loads of FUJU underwear to be won.

Simply follow the link here, and submit your e-mail address to enter.

You can also view their short promotional video and get a sneaky peak at the new products!

17 November 2009

In search of those Lucky Pants?

Lucky 76 by Bjorn Borg Underwear available at Jacksies

Lucky Underwear – Bjorn Borg say “Put them on, and we promise someone else will take them off!”. Surely a claim like that makes these extremely lucky men's underwear?
It all began with a bit of superstitiousness. Two weeks before Bjorn’s first Wimbledon tournament, he got in the mood for the big thrill. 3-love games later the “Ice Borg” was born.
Bjorn’s luck didn’t only play well on the tennis court. He had that special charisma – the x-factor – drawing people to him. With legions of women following him around, unrequited love was a no no for the young dashing Swede. This was the beginning of Lucky 76.

And now it’s yours to try out. For a 100% trouble-repellent love life, spread the spirit of Lucky Underwear to a friend at BJORNBORG.COM

12 November 2009

Who wears the pants in your household, and who is actually buying them?

Men may well be wearing the underpants in your house, but the chances are it is women who are actually choosing and buying the boxer shorts.

Recent research by Debenhams in the UK has revealed that British men only select and purchase their own underwear for approximately 17 years of their lifetime, from the age of 19 to 36. Does this sound familiar to you?

A thousand men were surveyed, and the results showed that most men relied on their mums for selecting and providing their underwear until the age of 19. It isn’t until then that men apparently begin to realise that wearing new underwear may well be an essential requirement at the initial stages of a relationship. The statistics demonstrated a peak in men’s purchasing habits at the age of 23, when they buy around 31 pairs a year "of all styles, tightness and colours", compared to the 12 pairs a 40 year old is likely to purchase.

When men reach the age of 36 it seems that the purchasing of their underwear begins dropping drastically down the priority list, and at the age of 44 they give up completely and the task is then passed back to women. Women appear to take responsibility for their own underwear from the age of 13 onwards.

Only time will tell if this is a trend that will change as men generally catch up with women in the fashion consciousness stakes.

Maybe the older guys are simply spending their underwear money on anti-wrinkle creams on the ground floor of Debenhams, and have no money left by the time they make it up the escalators to the underwear department?

For those men out there who want to regain control of their underwear drawers, take a look at the selection available here.

03 November 2009

Organic underwear for men by BabyGod

Babygod is a fashionable, organic, brand of men’s clothing. All of the items created under the Babygod designer name are of an extremely high quality and only ethically traded organic materials are used to create these fine products. Fair trade principles are always adhered to no matter where any of the items within this brand are produced. Babygod items are created all over the world but always with the creation of top quality clothing in a responsible and ethical way in mind. Ensuring that only fair trade sources are used for the fabrics used by Babygod is of great importance to the company and this is what makes this designer label not only a fashionable brand of men’s clothing but also an ethical and considerate brand of clothing too.

Babygod has a stylish range of men’s underwear and all of the items in this selection are made using the finest organic cotton that has been traded fairly with cotton farmers, meaning they can invest their profits into their businesses so they can continue to grow and develop.

Whites and Smalls have a selection of Babygod men’s underwear and are extremely proud to stock such a responsible designer brand that cares for the environment so much. They stock cotton briefs in white and cyan or white and orange and comfort is assured with such carefully and thoughtfully made men’s underwear. All their high quality designer briefs can be delivered directly to your home quickly and easily when you need it. Visit their website here.