17 November 2009

In search of those Lucky Pants?

Lucky 76 by Bjorn Borg Underwear available at Jacksies

Lucky Underwear – Bjorn Borg say “Put them on, and we promise someone else will take them off!”. Surely a claim like that makes these extremely lucky men's underwear?
It all began with a bit of superstitiousness. Two weeks before Bjorn’s first Wimbledon tournament, he got in the mood for the big thrill. 3-love games later the “Ice Borg” was born.
Bjorn’s luck didn’t only play well on the tennis court. He had that special charisma – the x-factor – drawing people to him. With legions of women following him around, unrequited love was a no no for the young dashing Swede. This was the beginning of Lucky 76.

And now it’s yours to try out. For a 100% trouble-repellent love life, spread the spirit of Lucky Underwear to a friend at BJORNBORG.COM