03 November 2009

Organic underwear for men by BabyGod

Babygod is a fashionable, organic, brand of men’s clothing. All of the items created under the Babygod designer name are of an extremely high quality and only ethically traded organic materials are used to create these fine products. Fair trade principles are always adhered to no matter where any of the items within this brand are produced. Babygod items are created all over the world but always with the creation of top quality clothing in a responsible and ethical way in mind. Ensuring that only fair trade sources are used for the fabrics used by Babygod is of great importance to the company and this is what makes this designer label not only a fashionable brand of men’s clothing but also an ethical and considerate brand of clothing too.

Babygod has a stylish range of men’s underwear and all of the items in this selection are made using the finest organic cotton that has been traded fairly with cotton farmers, meaning they can invest their profits into their businesses so they can continue to grow and develop.

Whites and Smalls have a selection of Babygod men’s underwear and are extremely proud to stock such a responsible designer brand that cares for the environment so much. They stock cotton briefs in white and cyan or white and orange and comfort is assured with such carefully and thoughtfully made men’s underwear. All their high quality designer briefs can be delivered directly to your home quickly and easily when you need it. Visit their website here.