12 November 2009

Who wears the pants in your household, and who is actually buying them?

Men may well be wearing the underpants in your house, but the chances are it is women who are actually choosing and buying the boxer shorts.

Recent research by Debenhams in the UK has revealed that British men only select and purchase their own underwear for approximately 17 years of their lifetime, from the age of 19 to 36. Does this sound familiar to you?

A thousand men were surveyed, and the results showed that most men relied on their mums for selecting and providing their underwear until the age of 19. It isn’t until then that men apparently begin to realise that wearing new underwear may well be an essential requirement at the initial stages of a relationship. The statistics demonstrated a peak in men’s purchasing habits at the age of 23, when they buy around 31 pairs a year "of all styles, tightness and colours", compared to the 12 pairs a 40 year old is likely to purchase.

When men reach the age of 36 it seems that the purchasing of their underwear begins dropping drastically down the priority list, and at the age of 44 they give up completely and the task is then passed back to women. Women appear to take responsibility for their own underwear from the age of 13 onwards.

Only time will tell if this is a trend that will change as men generally catch up with women in the fashion consciousness stakes.

Maybe the older guys are simply spending their underwear money on anti-wrinkle creams on the ground floor of Debenhams, and have no money left by the time they make it up the escalators to the underwear department?

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