23 December 2009

Designer Mens Underwear - the Sales have started!

Whites And Smalls have just let us know that they have started their Annual men's underwear sale today.

There are many Calvin Klein products at vastly reduced prices, and additional items will be added to the Sale between now and the New Year, and so for those of you who only buy once a year - now is the time to replace everything in your underwear drawer - and make massive savings at the same time!

We have had a sneaky peek, and it seems that the customers who are going to benefit big time are you XL guys out there - you have a much wider rage of bargains to choose from!

18 December 2009

Disadvantages of cheap men’s underwear

During difficult economic times, it can often be tempting to purchase the cheapest item available when purchasing something. This can prove cost-effective and useful when trying to save money. Cheap men’s underwear can be particularly appealing because it is an item that not many will see and something that will not obviously affect your exterior image.

However, there are a few disadvantages to cheap men’s underwear. In general, cheap men’s briefs or boxers will be made of low quality materials. Using this type of material can result in men’s underwear that does not fit comfortably and also underwear that does not remain in good condition for a long period of time. Replacing your underwear due to cheap underwear ruining quickly can be an extra and unnecessary cost. Even though not many people will see your underwear and will not know if it does not fit you exactly right, it can really affect how you feel and your level of confidence when wearing it.

While it is not necessary to spend a great deal of money on men’s underwear in order to purchase a well-designed and high quality item, spending a little bit extra can help to ensure that you purchase men’s underwear that fits nicely, that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Here at DesignerMensUnderwear.co.uk, we bring you a wide selection of designer men’s underwear retailers that have products available for all tastes and all budgets. We know the importance of top quality men’s underwear and so provide our readers with suggestions for the best items of men’s underwear available online at the best prices possible.

11 December 2009

A Free CK Wash Bag with Calvin Klein Underwear

Right now Whites And Smalls are giving away free Calvin Klein washbags when you spend £60 or more on Calvin Klein Underwear on their website - see full details here.

The offer is available against all their Calvin Klein products, including: loungewear, sleepwear, swimwear and underwear.

So for all those Christmas shoppers looking for additional value in their gift choices - great quality fashionable mens underwear and a washbag is a great starting point.

08 December 2009

Current trends in mens underwear

Underwear is no longer regarded by many men as an item of mere practicality, but also an item of style and good taste too. The market of men’s underwear has really expanded and taken off in recent years; with this development the attitudes of men towards their underwear have also changed. Men pay more attention to the underwear they wear now and are more selective in their choices too.

Designer men’s underwear is currently a huge trend for men all over the world. Designer briefs, boxer shorts and trunks are no longer only chosen for occasional wear, but are the underwear of choice for everyday. The high quality designers of men’s underwear have been displaying underwear in bright and bold colours and patterns in their catwalk shows and this theme is continuing in the men’s underwear being provided on the high street and online too. The boxer shorts appearing in these collections are often shorter in the leg than before and sit slightly lower on the hip too. The waistbands of designer men’s underwear are also being utilised to give extra style.

At Whites and Smalls, they stock some of the most popular brands of men’s underwear. Their designer men’s underwear is available in a range of different styles, colours and fabrics and some of the trendiest men’s underwear on the market is currently available at their online store. They have high quality men’s underwear for the taste of every customer. Classic men’s underwear and trendy, modern men’s underwear are all available.

02 December 2009

Are these the funkiest boxer shorts online?

We think they are! ... To check out more designs in the ever popular Calvin Klein 365 mens underwear range, just take a look here.

The Trunk Boxer Shorts pictured above are priced at just £17 - and represent extremely good value for high quality everyday, comfortable cotton underwear. Throughout 2009, Calvin Klein have brought us some great colour and pattern within their practical and youthful 365 range.

For those men who prefer a hip brief rather than the trunk-style boxer underwear, the same designs are available at £15.

To grab an even better deal on some funky designer underwear for men, Calvin Klein have also introduced some gift box sets that offer two separate designs of the 365 Trunks in an attractive presentation box, ideal as a Christmas gift for the man in your life. Retailing for £28, it is recommended you act fast, as these gift sets are always very quick to sell out in the lead up to Christmas.

The 365 range extends beyond just the underwear worn during the day, and also offers comfortable lounge pants in either black or white in the same soft stretch cotton, ideal for those days when you really don't want to leave the house during the festive period.

But don't just take our word for it, check out the full 365 range at Whites And Smalls here.