08 December 2009

Current trends in mens underwear

Underwear is no longer regarded by many men as an item of mere practicality, but also an item of style and good taste too. The market of men’s underwear has really expanded and taken off in recent years; with this development the attitudes of men towards their underwear have also changed. Men pay more attention to the underwear they wear now and are more selective in their choices too.

Designer men’s underwear is currently a huge trend for men all over the world. Designer briefs, boxer shorts and trunks are no longer only chosen for occasional wear, but are the underwear of choice for everyday. The high quality designers of men’s underwear have been displaying underwear in bright and bold colours and patterns in their catwalk shows and this theme is continuing in the men’s underwear being provided on the high street and online too. The boxer shorts appearing in these collections are often shorter in the leg than before and sit slightly lower on the hip too. The waistbands of designer men’s underwear are also being utilised to give extra style.

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