31 December 2010

Ready, Steady. Shop!

I don’t know whether you are one of the lucky folk that get to have the time between Christmas and New Year off, or if like me you are back to the office, shop or other workplace slaving away again?

Whether you are at home in the day or just back in the evenings - online sale shopping is excellent therapy for this strange limbo period between the two major events of this time of year.

It probably wont surprise you to hear that most of our favourite online designer mens underwear retailers have gone into sale mode, and for us the undies addicts, this is a perfect opportunity to spend some time thinking more about ourselves and less about what to get all those hard to buy for relatives for Christmas, think of it as a post Christmas reward for your dedication and hard work in making sure your nearest and dearest got what they really wanted.

Now its time to pamper yourself and bag some really gorgeous undies, just because you can. If you are like me you have to be honest and say even the traditional red and white sale notices get your heart rate going, the thought of finding all those mens underwear bargains really is just too exciting for words. Our favourite shops seem to have some first rate Christmas cheer this year as some of the bargains on offer really are to die for.

Whether your fetish is for tight taught trunks, or barely there briefs you are simply going to love the selection on offer. We know Whites and Smalls, Jacksies Underwear, and Giggleberries have some cracking offers, Dead Good Undies have opted to give a generous 20% discount across the whole site rather than marking down specific items, but hey that works just as well! Treat yourself, settle back with some Christmas chocolate (didn’t we all get a ton again?!) and get surfing for must have sale items.

23 December 2010

How old are your pants?

We do love the amount of time wasted on the strangest of surveys and yet another bonkers rather strange poll has been released this week. Following intensive questioning of the great British public at large, it has been revealed that the majority of us have underwear that is at least 10 years old. Now whilst we guess this isn’t the worst crime in the world it isn’t the nicest thought either! (Don’t you just hate it when one of those surveys proves useful!)

If you are one of those out there that does own rather old pants, then maybe, just maybe it is time to consider refreshing your collection and getting shot of some of the oldest pairs and updating the bottom drawer with some newer items of designer mens underwear! We have lots of good friends over at the various online retailers featured on this site and we know they make it their mission to hunt out the best in boxers, trunks and briefs just for you.

So, start with the oldest pair and count up how many you have that are getting rather old and tired (like me!) and replace them with some sparkly shiny new ones. A couple of sites have some excellent offers at the moment, including buy one get one free on Hom and some great discounts across a wide range at one of the others. No, we are not going to tell you which, not because we are mean but because we think you will have more fun if you have a browse through them all and discover for yourself what stunning items of mens underwear await you! If you are going to make one new years resolution make it this. Never to have pants over about 2 years old lurking in your underwear drawer!

17 December 2010

Last minute Christmas bargains!

Shopping for Christmas is either something you will have nearly finished or if you are a last minute panic buyer something you may actually have yet to start. Remember that if you are shopping online, as good as our favourite designer mens underwear shops are, they still need time to post things. If you are purchasing pressies for other people please remember to check the last posting dates to make sure your goodies get there on time.

Now, one other thing that really makes Christmas shopping fun is getting more for your money, so we have been sniffing out the best and greatest offers to help you out. One excellent deal we clocked was over at the Dead Good Undies store, they have an simply terrific offer on their Hom Black Addict Low Waist Maxi briefs. For a limited time only if you purchase one pair they will simply pop in a second pair for free - how good is that?

These low rise trunk style undies feature a block colour and wide black waistband which says ‘Black Addict’ on it. Choose from blue, dark pink, light pink or black, in fact with prices this good why not buy all four - and only pay for two!

Meanwhile over on Giggleberries they have decided to put a whole host of lovely tush ticklers in a pre christmas sale, with up to 60% off some of the choices. There are lots of designers featuring in this magical offer, far too many to mention, but definitely worth a look, so why not pop over and have a browse.

There is an excellent range of ever popular Calvin Klein Underwear at Whites And Smalls - and we know how much you all love those.

If we don’t see you again before - good luck with your last minute shopping and have a very merry Christmas!

14 December 2010

Discount code for Jacksies Underwear

We have just been alerted to a great discount code that's valid for only 2 days!
Grab 15% off some designer mens underwear at www.JacksiesUnderwear.co.uk (valid until midnight 16th December 2010) - just quote the promo code: XMAS15

10 December 2010

Christmas Pants

Everybody needs a pair of Christmas pants - don't they?

No - we don’t care if you hate the season, a pair of Christmas pants will be just the thing to cheer you up and inject some seasonal spirit in you (and hey if that fails there’s always the spirit that comes in a bottle!) Seriously though, we have tacky Christmas ties, cheesy Christmas music, so we feel it is imperative that your bottom gets a look in too.

Thankfully we are not talking tacky or cheesy, but with designer men’s underwear from Mundo Unico we are talking tasteful and gorgeous but with just a twist of fun to make sure these become your seasonal favourites for years to come! Just like Santa himself these boxers or briefs come in a fantastically fabulous red that is jolly and bright, a simply perfect sight!

Both pairs come in stunning semi-transparent red mesh, with just a little more coverage in all the right places, and the really festive waistband has that perfect green touch that simply says ‘Merry Christmas’ right around with some funky holly too. As we mentioned these come in trunks for those of you that like a bit of length and briefs for those who prefer a closer fit.

We found these stunning winter warmers over on our friends Dead Good Undies website, so pop over and bag yourself a few pairs now. One for you, one for a friend and one to go under the tree for that present that always appears from the person you clean forgot to buy for. No need to shift uncomfortably in your chair or look sheepish, simply grab the spare pair and look like you meant it all along - how much more perfect does it get. In the words of the fat man himself, ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas!

02 December 2010

Bag some Calvin Klein pyjamas in a bag...

At this time of year we all seem to have one thing on our mind - warmth! I have to confess to shopping this morning, online of course due to the snow, to bag myself some mens pyjamas. I always have to buy more than I actually need as there is every likelihood that they will be snaffled by the love of my life....and before I am tempted to moan ‘Get your own pyjamas’, I realise that they are looking good - so I shut up quickly!!!

One thing I stumbled across was so good I actually bought two pairs there and then, one for me (well that is the theory!) and one for santa to leave under the tree (and I can finally reclaim mine!). So just what was it I found that impressed me so much? Pyjamas in a bag from Calvin Klein. I found these over on Whites and Smalls, and really did fall head over heels in love with them. Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they come stashed neatly in their own little bag, which is great when the odd business trip takes me away from home, as it keeps my jammies neatly stored away from things like shoes.

The pyjamas themselves are pure Calvin Klein perfection, the long sleeved tee shirt style top is a gorgeous lilac colour with a red Calvin Klein branding across the chest, whilst the full length bottoms are striped with a range of colours based on the lilac and red theme, they really are simply divine. They look really warm too which means I may well be tempted to pop these on after a hard day in the office as I chill out and unwind on the sofa - that is if I can get my hands on them and someone else isn’t already wearing them.....

12 November 2010

Pants fit for a prince

Ahh it seems even some royal blood cant stop you showing a bit of pant waistband when you are out and about. Potential heir to the throne Prince Harry was snapped by the ever present barrage of paparazzi showing some rather dubious pink pants as he lifted his hands high above his head at a charity event, causing his top to ride up and his jeans to sink down. (The debate rumbles on about whether this is cool or not cool but we have debated that long enough we wont bore you again!)

Now clearly pink pants is not something we would baulk at if they were designer men’s underwear, but we really do have our doubts. The rather bunched elastic caught on film was more reminiscent of cheap and cheerful than style and desire. As we have undies on our minds most of the time it didn’t take log for the old cogs to start turning as we scanned the virtual shelves hunting down trunks, boxers and briefs that would be more befitting a king in waiting - and believe us we can think of lots!

Bon Bon Bodywear with Free UK Shipping at Banglads

Our friends over at Banglads have many excellent brands, James Tudor striking us as one such brand that definitely has royal sounding appeal! We simply love the styling and detail on the pouch of these stunning trunks (which come in three lengths) and we think they would go well with the royal colouring. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, Andrew Christian, Hom and Emporio Armani all feature on this site giving Prince Harry or any other royal for that matter, a vast choice of undies, meaning there is sure to be something to appeal - and even something in pink - just a better pink more sophisticated pink we think!

11 November 2010

Welcome to Alpha Male Undies

Alphamaleundies was born in June 2010. They are a Irish Company but ship to customers worldwide.
They have a wide range of very diverse styles, cut and colors. They carry the usual boxer shorts, boxer briefs, briefs, jocks and thongs and for the summer swimwear from Marcuse and LASC.
AlphaMaleUndies offers leading labels from around the world; stocking designer labels from Andrew Christian, LASC, Pikante, Aware, Clever, Joe Snyder’s, Bon Bon bodywear and XTG.
Their range of designers is expanding and so watch out for new designers appearing in their collection.
Alphamaleundies sourced all their products from around the world to bring them to you, and prides itself on the Low cost Delivery and top quality products at great prices…
READER OFFER: Alphamaleundies would like to offer DesignerMensUnderwear readers a 20% Off coupon code: Mus234. Just add this to the check out...

08 November 2010

The countdown is progressing...

We are now truly in November...and unfortunately that time of year is looming large, and at risk of being labelled a rather large Scrooge, we have to say we are very reluctantly coming around to the idea that we have to start that all important Christmas shopping. One thing that cheers us up is the idea of getting designer men’s underwear for our nearest and dearest - and dropping subtle hints that we would like some under the tree too!

Underwear is one of those things that for most people is low on the list of priorities through the year, and so many people fall foul of the supermarket multipack when they are forced to give their pants a thought. Now you can change their mind set and show them how simply gorgeous a pair of Calvin Klein’s or Bum Chums really are. The amazing choice of colours and cuts mean you will find something to suit all the men in your life.

How about picking a pair to match the colour of their eyes? Maybe choose a hue that matches their car, or if you know them well enough, something you like and would love to see them in draped over the sofa in on a quiet night at home! Thankfully we are friends with such a delightful selection of designer men’s underwear online retailers that you will have no problem finding what you want. But we warn you now there is every chance of ending up with more than you intended as the ranges are so vast and the prices so low your basket may be bulging by the time you hit the check out!

Now all that remains is to neatly wrap your purchases and seal with a bow. Even those of us that really don’t like Christmas have to admit we like the warm fuzzy feeling you get seeing someone you care about opening a gift you chose with love....BAH HUMBUG!!

28 October 2010

Beckham bares all in public

Ok so it certainly isn’t the first time we have seen David Beckham in little more than his shorts, several of his sizzling adverts show him wearing nothing more than his boxer shorts and a smile, but how often has he stripped on the pitch in front of the crowd.

At his last game this week, that is exactly what happened after the mega star received a nasty cut to the finger during a LA Galaxy game, and the copious amounts of blood made rather a mess of his kit. Sadly despite the tabloids promising pictures of the star in his pants all we actually saw was a topless Becks - yummy none the less but sadly with his shorts firmly on. It turns out that much to their annoyance the massive run of paps largely missed this incident, and any that did capture the moment on film have yet to release it for public consumption, so for now all we can see is this leaked image, but press pack, please note - we do want to see them soon.

We cannot tell from this image what brand of designer men’s underwear was concealed beneath his kit shorts, but we do know they are white briefs and that over the past few years Armani was a definite favourite in the Beckham household. But we wonder if his loyalty has moved in recent months to another brand?

Whatever the brand was, it appears he had chosen white probably as he wouldn’t want them showing under his shorts. We hope he didn’t get any blood on them, it won’t be easy to get out! Obviously we send our best to David and hope his finger is not badly injured, perhaps we should send him some new mens briefs (in black this time) in case he is a pair down!

21 October 2010

Making the news - in his underwear

What started out as a relatively small awareness raising idea has caught the imagination of millions of people around the globe. The Guy at Home is a virtual blog, following the antics on webcam of one man as he spends 25 days wearing nothing more than his boxer shorts and a smile (and doesn’t leave the four walls of his home either).

The aim of his antics is to raise awareness and money for testicular cancer, ‘the guy’ is himself a survivor of the disease so knows better than most the importance of regular checking to ensure quick detection. However we assume he wasn’t prepared for the worldwide interest and the vast amount of support he has received - this guy and his cause has gone viral - he is everywhere. Our only complaint is that his choices in underwear are certainly not designer men’s underwear in fact some of them have been rather sad and tired (and that is putting it mildly!). We certainly cannot fault his cause and wish him vast amounts of luck. He is now well over halfway through and his tush togs are not getting much better, in fact sometimes they really seem worse.

Maybe with so much time on his hands (although he has had several visitors to his Canadian home so maybe he is busier than he thought he might be), he could take the time to browse the many online shops we are proud to feature and get himself some decent pants! In less than 10 days his mission will have ended but we really do think he needs to spring clean that bottom drawer and get some better specimens before he starts going out into the world once more! Come on Guy, it is time to go shopping -you don’t need to leave the house and the friendly postie will bring them right to your door!

15 October 2010

Remember remember the 5th of November

Like kids in a candy store we get excited about fireworks night. The pretty colours are a sight to be seen and hey it’s another great excuse to throw a party and have a get together with friends. It also gets us thinking about designer men’s underwear - not that we think about much else and yes we need to get out more!
Seriously though, fireworks night is all about colour and impact - and that sits perfectly with some of the gorgeous undies out there from some of the best designers on the market. We showcased some of the glorious offerings from Bum Chums the other day and they are perfect examples of sparkling firework standard underwear! They even have the metallic look finish to really set your bottom a shimmer - whit whoo! Other designers may have opted for the matt look, but some of the colour combinations are simply explosive and we just love them.

Bjorn Borg underwear is a great favourite of ours, like an old friend we are always pleased to see them turning out new ranges. The latest range of pants contains riots of colour, clearly a Bjorn Borg designer's thing and there is at least one pair that really looks like a firework explosion in the sky - what better undies to wear for your firework party, work it baby work it!

Calvin Klein 365 underwear could actually have the whole market sewn up as they have everyday undies for every taste, so check them out too. The great thing is you still have three weeks to go, so plenty of time to visit some of our favourite online undies retailers and stock up.

Oh, and don’t forget the invites and the supplies of fireworks and drinks to get the party going, but do remember the fireworks code lads! We want no reports of "pants on fire"! Actually - we would like to hear any dramatic stories like that! - just send them in to us :)

07 October 2010

Never mind the Grinch, this Christmas demand the Ginch Gonch

Now come on guys much as you might like to deny it we all remember the Grinch. A Jim Carey creation brought to life on the big screen. A green curious looking creature who wasn’t renowned for his good humour, in fact such was his grump with the world that the Grinch stole Christmas. Well the good news is Ginch Gonch, the not so green looking men’s designer underwear moguls have brought the spirit of Christmas back. The Ginch Gonch saved Christmas!

Now one of the reasons this brand sits so well with a delightful tale aimed at children is because Ginch Gonch have used our childhood memories to create bang up to date adult classics that we believe are going to be around for years to come. Billed as men’s underwear with attitude Ginch Gonch boxer shorts are inspired and fun, something that you are sure to enjoy.

Currently we have found 4 designs that bring out the kid in us, but at the same time have a masculine twist that gives them appeal to guys over the age of 18! If we reveal the names of these designs as "I Love London", "I Love Bacon", and "Fruit Juice" you may be able to imagine them. Pop over to the Ginch Gonch page and have a look - you wont be far wrong!

These pants clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, and as a consequence this is one brand that we love...

29 September 2010

Bum Chums - Underwear For Men

A couple of weeks ago we introduced new kids on the block ‘Bum Chums’ and we thought it was only fair to have a closer look at what is on offer. We would have done this last week but Dead Good Undies informed us the brand was proving so popular they had virtually sold out! Thankfully they have just had a lorry load turn up so we thought now was a good time to have a snoop around, and when you go to order you can be sure to get what you want - for now at least, these bad boys are seriously popular.

Now these are not undies for the faint hearted lads, these are designer men’s underwear that really bite back. We are talking bright and in your face, and as one of our lovely ladies in the office described them very ‘Dream Boys’. The shiny effect pants are proving popular here too, we love the opulent colours, the silver, gold, purple or blue are all very seasonal and would look fantastic under the tree this Christmas. Whether you have a bloke that likes his boxers or one who prefers his briefs you can take full advantage of the whole Bum Chums range as most designs are available in these two popular underwear styles.

If shiny pants don’t hold any appeal fear not! There is also a delicious range of matt undies to take full advantage of too! We love the hot pink boxers but are also rather drawn to the acid green and pink ones too - a real undies dilemma guys! Of course if it gets too hard to choose you could just invest in more than one pair after all you have more than one outfit to complement - even if no one sees them tucked neatly under your trousers!

28 September 2010

Easy tiger

We didn’t actually realise it but a recent poll of men’s underwear fashions suggests that you men just love the look of animal print undies - Who would have thought it! Now for us ladies to appreciate the tiger or zebra look it has to be classy. Tacky posing pouches are out, and as for those that come with ears and a tail, forget it! If we are going to purr with pleasure at top tush totty tucked into animal prints then please take our advice and head for the best designer men’s underwear shops on the net (and this is your lucky day as we have them all right here for you!)

To save you time and effort, because we know how much you men love the easy life we have even done the research for you. The lovely ladies in the office have surfed and clicked their way to the best animal undies on the web and here they are. Ok they did complete their task with coffee and biscuits, and there was rather a lot of screeching and giggle going on but hey, for you lads they sacrificed their time, so you can look scrummy in your pants!

Our first top pick comes from web retailers Whites and Smalls who stock the cutest pair of Calvin Klein briefs complete with zebra striping, we love this designer and seldom see a bad pair of undies from them, so bring out the animal in you with classic black and white zebra styling or a funky black and blue version for that modern twist. They get the thumbs up from the ladies in the office so we are sure your lady will love them too (single lads take note these are a great choice for early dating!)

Now why not pop over to Giggleberries where you will find gorgeous trunks, again by underwear god Calvin Klein, this time featuring a rocking snake skin print. Sexy serpents are set to impress, need we say more! The shorts definitely impressed the ladies in the office, who all felt that they would be more than happy to see their man lounging in these. In fact some of them even put their money where their mouth is and ordered a pair to take home with them! Just as we were about to move onto another site there came a shout from the other side of the office. Another cracking discovery on Giggleberries, this time from the lovely people at Pikante, who have a cheeky little zebra print thong for those steamy nights of fun! We know thongs aren’t everyones cup of tea but this is certainly a stylish little number and worth breaking the habit of a life time for we think!

Clearly whatever style of undies you prefer, getting the animal print is a walk in the park, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own armchair! Click and surf your way to an exotic zoo in your bottom drawer, stock up now for a bit of animal magic.

21 September 2010

L'Homme Invisible

Always with the male physique in mind - L’Homme Invisible is innovative, elegant, avant garde, original. Designed to improve comfort as well as looks. Originally created by French designer Patrice Chevreux in the Eighties, the L’Homme Invisible collection continues to follow his philosophy that how a man feels about his look depends on what he puts on first. The range continues to develop and surprise, featuring signature elements such as Sexmachine branding and no inside labels (care instructions are printed inside each piece). Always using the best technology for fabrics such as eco-friendly Sensitive microfibre and for each and every design, L’Homme Invisible underwear is an indulgence to be enjoyed every day.

15 September 2010

A true 'news flash' about mens underwear

Reading the news is all part of the job when you're trying to keep up to date with the changing mens underwear trends of the nation, today however it was not the UK that caught our eye but the antics of someone else reading the news on Slovenian television. The young male newsreader had for some reason decided to present his news bulletin wearing just a shirt, his tie and his blazer and his boxer shorts. He did not choose to wear trousers, and being such an obvious oversight we can only assume he did it on purpose.

We cannot tell whether it was an attempt at humour, a bet from the lads, or maybe simply because he likes underwear. If it was because he likes his underwear that much then we are one group of people who can forgive him because with such a fantastic and massive range of designer men's underwear on the market it is hard not to get really into your pants...if you’ll pardon the pun!

To give him some dignity back, the newsreader was sat behind a desk as he read the news, so for the most part the nation was unaware of his faux pas. However when the credits rolled at the end of the show the cameras swung round to reveal the man sat, behind the desk in just in his pants.

Although we really love the underwear and know lots about it, we could not tell you what brand he was wearing. Perhaps it was Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts, who can blame him they have a stunning range of boxer shorts, trunks and briefs on offer to suit every figure and their tailoring is second to none. Maybe he had been shopping earlier in the week at one of the fantastic online web retailers of designer men's underwear and simply could not wait to show off his bargains!Perhaps he had stumbled across some Bjorn Borg boxers in the sale or maybe he prefers the look of Hom, we can speculate all day and not be right.

He isn't the first newsreader to be caught without his trousers on and probably won't be the last but we can't see it catching on as the norm, no matter how much these men love their underwear! We are sure most of the time newsreaders, just like the rest of us prefer to put their trousers on top especially if the cameras rolling, and we are in the public eye. The obvious answer of course is very simple - the time ran short, it was a live broadcast and he simply wasn't ready in time. Getting him on the air was more important to the floor crew than getting him into his trousers, and maybe the only fault was the cheeky camera man at the end. Whatever his reasons he certainly gave everybody a bit of a laugh that day and as the seasons change and the weather turns, a bit of a laugh every day is good medicine, so for that we have to thank him!

08 September 2010

New UK Brand arrives at DGU

To view the entire Bum Chums mens underwear range, click here

Bum Chums is an exciting young brand that offers some seriously funky designs and retails for between £15 and £16, which we believe offers great value. Our favourite is the 'acid anaconda' design... what's yours?

Dress to impress...

Now lads, today we are going to let you into a little secret, one that the lady in your life is going to simple love us for sharing with you, and hopefully love you all the more for going with it! What we are talking about today is dressing to impress, and we don’t mean your choice of jeans and t-shirt. Believe it or not, you are not the only ones who like to see the love of your life adorning the bed in some sexy underwear. Yep, dressing to impress in the bedroom is not just for us ladies, we actually love it when our men make the effort to look super good for us.

Now just like you we all have our personal likes and dislikes, that includes the style of undies we like, and also the colours we prefer - not so different from you men after all are we? Bet you never realised that now! So, if you haven’t every surprised your gorgeous gal by strutting your stuff in your undies, now could be the time to start. To keep your bedroom antics under wraps for now, try and find a subtle way into the world of designer men’s underwear with her. After all even if you have to bite the bullet and ask her if she is a boxer shorts gal or a briefs babe then it is unlikely she will get suspicious. Once you have found out her favourite style and hue it is time to go shopping - yes we mean it. Just because she says she likes black boxer shorts doesn’t mean you can just dig out that old pair from the back of the drawer, complete with extra holes and baggy elastic - frankly that doesn’t quite cut the mustard!

Armed with her choices in mind settle down and give this one some care and attention, there are simply hundreds of choices out there, have a rummage through the shops to your right and see what you can come up with. As you have to wear these pants to impress it does kinda help if you can like them too - however you are not important as your overall mission in this case. Do you have any idea how many times women have worn uncomfortable undies in an effort to impress , you too can suffer a little if needs be and simply no liking the style is nothing compared to being uncomfortable.

The best thing about all the items of designer men’s underwear that these fabulous online shops can offer you is the quality of workmanship being banded about. Due to the excellent standards of these designers we have chosen to showcase, you can be assured that actually all the undies on offer have maximum comfort so you really don’t have to worry about that. Now get on and pick something, get the kids to grandma’s for the night and tog that tush to impress. Promise she will love you for it, and probably make it all worth while..

02 September 2010

Anything but square pants!

I have to confess to a guilty pleasure of watching cartoons with my kids on a Sunday morning, I pretend to be reading the papers or something equally adult but certain cartoons really are quite entertaining! One in particular that I really love is the infamous trouble prone yellow and porous creature, Sponge Bob Square Pants. There is something about him that really appeals to me, the humour is slapstick, the story lines thin, yet somehow I am entranced for the full twenty minutes or so. One thing that occurred to me the other day as I giggled like a five year old as Bob and his best friend Patrick Star caused chaos and confusion, is that my hero Bob better hope the fashion police don’t have an underwater squad, because if they see those pants they are going to have to arrest him for a crime against good taste.

Ok - it’s tenuous but honestly it did make me think about designer men’s underwear, yes it’s a cartoon and no real pants aren’t actually square but that’s not to say I haven’t seen some equally hideous crimes against fashion being committed when it comes to boxer shorts, trunks and brief - some of them definitely the wrong shape. Over washed trunks and baggy saggy boxers could actually be classed as square if not rectangular. Now every self respecting lady out there will confirm that we just don’t tolerate tatty undies, but you men really seem to have a different stance entirely. You can’t see them so you don’t worry about them. For months you pop on your out of shape, holes where they shouldn’t be, generally seen better days collection of undies, and once covered by your jeans or trousers cease to worry about what they look like. Functionality over physicality I suspect. It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as they serve their purpose. Ok, it is the easy no effort approach and we all know how much that means to you lads, but honestly it really isn’t good.

Go to you undies drawer now and have a look for any square pants. Make that little yellow sponge proud as you ditch any trunks and briefs that have seen better days. Bin them. Go on, you know you want to really. Now, hands up who has an empty drawer? Yup that’s what we suspected, and thankfully the solution is just a click away. It is time to smarten up that tush, and get shopping for pukka designer men’s underwear, and we can take you to literally hundreds of pairs, in a massive range of colours, sizes and even shapes, but we promise you, none of them square! All of them have style, all of them are quality pieces of cheek decoration and many of them are just fantastic value. Get that piece of plastic out and get clicking, and after all that hard work lets end with a song, sing it loud sing it strong - ‘He lives in a pineapple under the sea - Sponge Bob Square Pants!'

26 August 2010

It’s raining men’s underwear!

It’s raining men..’s underwear!

According to the calendar it is just approaching the end of August however looking outside the window this week in most parts of the UK you'd be forgiven for thinking it was October. The rain is coming down in buckets, everywhere is wet, trees are already shedding their leaves, and people are stuck in their houses bored. Now before you despair remember this is perfect shopping weather. Now we don't mean going out and getting wet traipsing the streets of a busy city weather, we mean sat in front of your computer surfing the Internet for your shopping type weather!

So next time you're stuck for something to do, why not log on and have a look at the excellent range of designer men's underwear on offer. Try not to focus on the fact that summer seems to be long gone for another year but have a look at what excellent undies you can get as we change from summer, to autumn and finally winter to keep you warmer. Personally when the weather is like this a splash of colour really cheers us up and luckily there are excellent designers on offer that have some fantastic colours that are sure to brighten even the dullest of days.

One brand that springs to mind when we think of colour is Bjorn Borg underwear, they have some brilliantly vibrant colours that will leave you wanting to wear your sunglasses - so you will get to use them this year after all! These boxers we have to confess are "love them or hate them" type pants, they really are bright, and they certainly don't pull any punches. One thing is the sure you will certainly be making a statement when you don a pair of Bjorn Borg bright pants!

Come on lads this is a real test of personality and individuality! So to help you get started we will share some of our favourites in the range. Firstly we have to say we love the Bjorn Borg boxer shorts with a rose print, these shorts are mostly white with red and blue/grey abstract rose patterns. This is further complimented well with the black waistband and red Bjorn Borg lettering and being trunks they are also designed for all day comfort. If you love trunks but that print isn’t quite for you, then why not try the slightly plainer Bjorn Borg skydiver boxer shorts, these come in an excellent bright blue with a black waistband and the Bjorn Borg lettering contrasts in yellow. These are slightly more understated but still nice and bright to keep you smiling when the rain pours!

Of course the other alternative is to head for sunny climates, and should you choose to do that then your new bright and bold Bjorn Borg underwear will be quite at home on a sun lounger as you work on that tan and try and forget the rainy country you live in for a few days! Whatever you plans - enjoy shopping for your new pants.

20 August 2010

Online Store Review - Dead Good Undies

Today, as they have a sale on, we thought we'd post a review of the men's underwear website - Dead Good Undies. Personally I think Dead Good Undies is a great name for a site that sells men’s underwear, it does exactly what it says on the tin; and, if you happen to forget the website address it is simple to type into google and find once more! The site itself is really easy to use, when you reach the home page you will find four category boxes that will take you straight to the underwear you want to look at: Sports underwear, Natural Underwear, Multipacks or Enhanced Underwear.

Once you have selected the category you need you are faced with a whole page of pants, where you can search further or refine the selection with a number of options. The top of each image tells you who the designer is, but this is also one of the options you can use to refine. What I like most about this site is the sheer amount of choice. Dead Good Undies has made sure that it offers a massive choice from firm favourites like Sloggi and HOM as well as bringing some lesser known names to the table. This means you have an excellent amount of choice and their prices are competitive.

Getting the boxers you have chosen into your basket is simple, and once there the checkout process is wonderfully easy. If you want this site will allow you to make your payment with your paypal account, which does mean not having to go through the hassle of entering your card number all over again. It makes it rather tempting to go and grab another few pairs though, as we all remember our paypal login but how many of us know our card numbers without looking! The delivery charges are all reasonable and the items I ordered were shipped really quickly meaning I didn’t have to wait long for my goodies.

After you have had a chance to road test your purchases, the lovely people at Dead Good Undies would like it a lot if you took the time to log back on and rate what you have bought. Remember they are not tied to any one supplier, they simply offer what they consider to be the best in designer men’s underwear, so getting honest customer feedback will help them a lot when making decisions about which brands to stock and which to drop. They certainly don’t want to tarnish their reputation on a brand which falls apart after a month of washing or something like that.

I have to say if you are looking to expand your undies collection and aren’t too sure what to choose this is an excellent starting point. The site has been kept simple, the purchase process is neat and the delivery times were really good. The choice of underwear brands is huge meaning that you get to see a really good selection of the best out there. Basically I really couldn’t fault this site, I found exactly what I wanted in just a few clicks and would recommend this site to anyone - Cheers lads!

18 August 2010

Say it isn’t so!

A worrying survey last week suggested a third of men in the UK are wearing underwear at least three days in a row to avoid the extra washing.
Could this really be the case chaps? Please say it isn’t so - as that really isn’t pleasant.

Figures from this very unusual survey into men’s underwear also claim that only 35% of you have clean pants every day which really is not a figure we particularly want to read. A mere 30% more of you manage a change every other day, leaving 35% of you to hang your heads in shame. Worryingly some of the younger guys questioned confessed that they would even turn the undies inside out after three days to get a little bit more time before washing (we thought that was an unrban myth!).

Now we can’t help wondering whether this is sheer laziness, which to be honest we do suspect, or whether you poor lads just don’t have enough undies to see you through the week. It really is a bit of a shame when you consider the massive wealth of designer men’s underwear available, whether you choose to shop in store or whether you want to harness the magical powers of the World Wide Web and shop from the lazy comfort of your own home, when you see the reasonable prices on offer you really will have no excuse but to change those undies daily.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a briefs, boxer shorts or trunk boxers man, all that matters is you have enough of the style you like to make the daily change! We bet none of you are having to wash by hand so let the machine take the strain, and add a pair of undies a day to the laundry pile - really, it isn’t so hard to do.

Whether you like the look of the latest Calvin Klein underwear, pants from Sloggi or briefs from HOM - the choices available are simply magnificent, so whilst we may sound like your mother, it is time to change! Changing undies daily is simply a must, so stock pile your favourite choices and ensure you have at least 10 pairs of pants, that way you will never need to wear the same pair for more than a day in a row. Younger lads, we have to say you are the worst offenders, according to the survey, and this trend of turning them inside out really has to stop, if that isn’t a step to far we don’t know what is.

In the mean time we are going to write to the survey producers and let them know we have been sorting out the problems, and we'll suggest they carry out their survey again once you have all had time to get your underwear delivered. This time we hope they will be reporting that all men in the UK are changing their pants every day, and in fact because they have discovered some really fantastic choices some men are even changing twice a day because they have so many pairs to choose from!

13 August 2010

Pay homage to HOM Mens Underwear

The popularity of HOM in the UK has been growing for some years now, but where does this designer men’s underwear creation have its roots and how long have they been around? We take a brief look (don’t you just love the puns!) at this top designer and tell you everything you need to know.

HOM has been a hit since the seventies following the birth of the soft pouch design in 1969. Up to this point men were looking at the squeeze of support undies or the free and easy feel of no support at all. HOM landed nicely in the middle, and provided that crucial element of support without the restrictiveness and tight feeling created by other brands. The pouch was later adopted by most men’s underwear designers so really was a landmark creation for this new company.

The timeline tour stops next in 1970 where the company decided to try the shock factor when it came to designing their next product. See through undies rocked the world but were extremely popular, flesh coloured and still incorporating the famed pouch these mini briefs certainly got folk talking which gave HOM a massive amount of popularity and free advertising, not to be sneezed at.

In 1976 the brains of HOM, those white coated designer types sat in the dark pouring over new ideas, created another revolution in underwear, it seemed there was just no stopping this team. HOM proudly released Homix, their never before seen waistband free briefs, these were sold to be perfect summer tush togs as they also came in the flesh coloured material and the seam free top band meant they became undetectable under thinner lighter coloured summer trousers.

The next timeline pin is a potential boon for the boxer short fans out there, and first came about in 1984 when the company began work on the inner pouch. The idea being that boxer short styling could have an inner hidden support pouch with the trunks styling on the outer. Not so much of an instant hit but none the less HOM again take credit for innovation and product flexibility and their popularity continues to swell.

Not wanting to miss a trick the company released a range of sports designed underwear in 1995, simple but effective in the form of briefs with a good level of support, which opened them up to even more followers who came to see the quality and comfort offered by the HOM collection.

Their latest landmark idea came in 1997 when the boffins that be decided to tackle the issue of the traditional fly style opening, and opted to try something completely different. HO1 was born. A horizontal opening designed to offer total comfort and still allow the wearer a hygienic lavatory experience. Patented and popular there seems to be no end to the talents on offer from HOM - where they take undies design next is anyones guess!

03 August 2010

Jockey Mens Underwear build lasting reputation

If you thought that Jockey Underwear were responsible for the Jockstrap you would be amongst hundreds of others who also think that and are indeed wrong. The Jockstrap came about before Jockey; however the new supportive design that Jockey brought in was the first non sport underwear to work in this way. It was the intention of the company to reflect the similarity but to create a completely different product, and judging by the world wide success of the firm they did just that.

Jockey found a design that worked for them and for years now their men’s underwear hasn’t changed in terms of basic design. Clearly they rightly feel that if you have a winning formula then why change it, and we have to agree. Obviously, now most designers of men’s undies sell a form of brief that offers support and all day comfort and for many men this is the style they prefer most. It has to be said that mens briefs also offer the cleanest lines under trousers that are prone to showing off that visible pant line, the lack of length along the thigh means nothing on show.

The Jockstrap was, and still is, a sports based device to ensure that your tackle isn’t damaged whilst out on the playing field, but it doesn’t really offer the sort of comfort that means you would want to wear it for long. Generally just designed to support for the duration of your match this really is just a piece of sports equipment rather than underwear. It has to be said that all day comfort really is important when choosing underwear there is nothing worse than being mid meeting and coping with discomfort in the trouser department, it isn’t really socially acceptable to rearrange whilst in public!

For many men that is why they prefer the cut of the trunk or boxer shorts as they find that for a whole day briefs are too restrictive and prone to being uncomfortable, but certainly with trunks the same issue can occur with tight elastic on the thighs cutting in and causing problems. Basically it comes down to personal choice but one thing is for sure, getting Jockey briefs is a whole different experience to getting cheap supermarket pants, the cut and craftsmanship are far superior which means that the level of comfort afforded to the wearer is so much better. Cheap undies will always be just that, however - the care and attention to detail that have helped build Jockey into the multi-national top rating company that they are today mean their loyal customers will have a quality product that will last for years to come. From humble beginnings nearly a century ago, the company fought back from the clutches of financial ruin to launch themselves into a company that shows no sign of losing popularity; in fact, each year a new generation of men shopping for their own underwear (for maybe the first time in their lives) opts to buy Jockey underwear thanks to their excellent reputation.

22 July 2010

Does the man who has everything, really have it all?

Some men seem to have it all, designer phone, designer jacket, designer watch, the wheels, and some even get the stunning 'former model' that they met in the bar on Friday night! Now for the rest of us, maybe we can at least get a foot in the door by investing in some designer men's underwear that can make or break the look. Now we all know the wrong pair of pants won't ruin your date entirely, but the right pair can certainly help make your night, and, if you play your cards right, the morning after as well!

As Callum Best recently proved on 'Come Dine with Me', the 'man about town' really does need the complete package to be able to perfect his look. But despite this, most men rarely think twice about what they need to cover that peachy tush that took weeks at the gym to perfect. Instead they still rely on the set their mum gets them at Christmas.

Whilst having a clean pair on is good if you are planning on getting into an accident, they are hardly likely to win over the hearts and minds of anyone fortunate enough to see them outside of an accident situation.

Likewise - the carefully well-worn pair of off-white 'pulling pants' that we know you guys have hidden away are not really going to cut the mustard when the lights are low and the pressure is on. So what to choose? Callum accidentally revealed his choice with his low slung jeans on the show, and we agree Calvin Klein Underwear is always a firm favourite and an easy choice to make. But there are also many other good brands that will be equally as good for men wanting to complete their ensemble. Sloggi and HOM also offer an excellent ranges of stylish well made, good fitting and comfortable boxers all guaranteed to be a hit.

Now much like the celebrity who doesn't want to get pap'd whilst shopping for smalls, many of you don't want to be seen out shopping for designer underwear, so go shopping for them online not only does it make better financial sense, but you can sit in comfort and check out all the different brands and styles with a hot coffee and chocolate biscuit. A good selection of designer men’s underwear should be a firm fixture within every mans wardrobe. It is definitely something that men should consider spending more time on and endeavour to replace any old, tatty well worn underwear. Try complimenting them with some quality loungewear at the same time, then when you are relaxing the day after the night before you will again be at your designer best. If you are going to spend all that money on trips to the gym to firm up the body and tone up the muscles, and then cover them in the best clothes and designer togs - then you have to have the boxers or briefsto match - sorry lads that’s just the way it is!

15 July 2010

Ah the celeb life...

Made famous by the smash hit of Twilight, it is clear that actor Robert Pattinson is still struggling to come to terms with the new found interest in his life. During a recent interview he was exclaiming his surprise at being papped wherever he went, specifically in this case on an outing to purchase underwear. Now whilst we are pleased to see a celeb taking a healthy interest in how he dresses his tush, we have to say he has his technique all wrong!

He is going to have to learn that now he has photographers in constant pursuit, and his every move is monitored he needs to be shopping for his designer men’s underwear on the internet. With no danger of being snapped in action, or ever having to leave the comfort of his sofa he can get the best choice in terms of brilliant boxers, terrific trunks and perfect pants. Currently he could do a lot worse than to have a good old nose at 2(x)ist Underwear who have launched a storming range this season, and also bring us the best in men's shapewear.

Now guys like Robert probably don’t suffer from muffin tops, wobbly bits and stomach overhang, but hey for the real man, and by that we mean those of us that work every day and don’t get to swan around various premieres and red carpet events whilst taking a few hours to pose in front of the camera, then this shapewear range could be a real boon. It is hard to say how much airbrushing goes on in the land of the Hollywood hunk, we know they airbrush those lovely ladies to perfection, but do the men get the same treatment? Mr Pattinson certainly seems to have a buff body, and the ladies really seem to love him but rather than let the green eyed monster in, consider Form undies from 2(X)IST underwear and see how much better you feel about your own less than toned torso!

Designed to lift and sculpt, the Form range comes in either a trunk or brief to suit your preference, and had a high rise tummy panel to pull in and control all those bits you would rather didn’t exist. Yes we suspect they stole the idea from the female fashion world, but who can blame them. Ladies have been using undergarments to tame the flesh for literally years, corsets did just that, and modern undies have taken their lead and brought the trend bang up to date. Rather than get worried about what anyone might think about these new undies, we suggest you just quietly take advantage of the body shaping power and enjoy the comments that are sure to follow. The all important ab-panel is known in most cases to reduce the waist by 1-2 inches, which clearly gives a better silhouette, so all that is left for you, and Robert to do, is choose black or white, trunks or briefs and take full advantage of this excellent shaping control - we love it.

07 July 2010

Oh No Not Commando!

We are not sure whether it is something we would really want to share with the world at large, but apparently UK daytime television host Jeremy Kyle has no such concerns. He is quite happy to reveal that he doesn’t wear underwear, and hasn’t done for over 20 years. The revelations were made during an interview for the Guardian newspaper where he was asked to reveal a secret. It is obviously not known whether he just felt like being a bit of a cheeky chappie and made up the little white lie or whether he really does prefer to go commando, however if the latter is true we consider it is largely possible that he just hasn’t seen the fantastic range of designer men’s underwear on offer and has sensibly got tired of cheap pants that just can’t cut it.

What he needs to do is have a look at the best offerings on sale across the designer men’s underwear marketplace. It is completely understandable to be put off wearing underwear if you have been plagued by badly fitting uncomfortable pants, and it is stating the obvious to say that in order to mass produce quite so many cheap boxers, corners must be cut. We wonder if the Calvin Klein X range could tempt him back into bottoms, this range is hot and looks pretty good too. All styles are on offer, from trunks, briefs and boxer shorts it doesn’t matter what your personal favourites are this range has them all.

Defined by the large Calvin Klein lettering around the waist band, bold red or blue lettering on the black elasticated waist band, with a block colour body in many colours, classic white, sexy black or watermelon the choice is endless and hot off the manufacturing line. Klein’s are known for their style combined with all day comfort and fantastic quality so we know you won’t be disappointed if you test drive some of these Mr Kyle. Does anyone have his email address, mobile number or home address we really feel that we should share the secrets of great underwear with him, save him having to go without!

The shorts and pants in the range are made from either cotton (defined by blue logo) or best microfiber (defined by the red logo) which is a blend of Nylon and Elastane, which gives these classy boxers simply the best feel when worn. Plus - the hidden secret body defining cut that adds to your natural shape and enhances it in all the right places, hides the bits you are not proud off and flaunt the bits you love. Ladies will just love to look to gaze in wonder, of that you can be sure, so what are you waiting for lads! Grab yourself a range of Calvin Klein X underwear today and pick up not only style and comfort but just a little bit of X-tra special class , you will never want to go commando again (if ever you did!!) Now who is going to make sure Jeremy gets this insider scoop?

30 June 2010

England players bare defeat.

No, we don’t mean bear, that is not a typing error and we shall explain why. Sadly as you will know, unless you live in a box cut off from communications by the outside world, the England football team has crashed out of the World Cup following a 4-1 spanking from arch rivals Germany. They flew home to an empty airport with no fans to offer a consoling shoulder, most feeling that they were rather let down by their national team. So in that respect they did in fact bear defeat, however bare fits more with this story.

Whilst staying at the team hotel, the Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus, a salubrious five star resort, the players fell foul to theft. It is not known which players were victim to the thieves however five hotel staff have since been arrested and convicted for the burglary that totaled £7000, and included items of designer men’s underwear. Finally you see the deliberate spelling mistake, and yes you are allowed to groan. It is unusual for such relatively low cost items to be stolen and police suspect the motive was more about the amount of money the items could be sold for, as genuine personal effects of the English squad.

You have to feel sorry for the lads, not only did they fail to lift high the World Cup, crashing out at such an early stage adding to the humiliation, but they had items stolen from a place that should have been safe for them. We are guessing they won’t be too concerned about the cost of their boxer shorts, but it isn’t nice for anyone to know that staff have been rifling through your personal belongings and makes us glad we choose camping holidays with no room service!

We have of course emailed the team to offer our services in replacing the team underwear, as the range of designer underwear for men on offer currently really is stunning, and we’re sure we could find trunks to tickle Rooney’s taste, boxer shorts to impress Cole and perhaps a cheeky pair of briefs for Defoe. Maybe we should be ringing Coleen and the other WAG’s to see what they prefer their fellas in; we do wonder whether they are in charge of the smalls drawer like so many ladies out there. Whatever these premiership and national stars choose to pop on under their team shorts we are sure we can offer a suitable replacement, it’s just a shame we can’t help them with their defending. We are considering avoiding all the black and silver undies on offer as this might be a little bit too close to the colours worn by Germany, and wonder if they are going to be patriotic in red and white. We suspect they have probably seen enough of the England flag to last them another 4 years and that they just want to slope back to normal life feeling rather subdued and fed up, so perhaps we shall offer them something in blue, yellow or green, one of Calvin Klein’s summer set may help lift their mood.

24 June 2010

Calvin Klein get a spot of free advertising...

A fashion faux pas is always going to get you into the media for all the wrong reasons, we just love to see the wardrobe malfunctions of the rich and famous, especially when the pictures are in our morning paper so we can snigger into our cereal bowl. This week it is the turn of latino Lothario Ricky Martin, not having been in the public eye for quite some time, it is almost a shame that this was how he made his media comeback. Poor Mr Martin made the fatal error of tucking his smart business shirt not just into his trousers but into his pants too, leaving the crisp white branded waistband of his Calvin Klein underwear for all to see. From the angle it is hard to say whether he is sporting trunks or briefs but we have to say, whichever he has under there, we approve of his choice.

Unfortunately for him the mistake went unnoticed by all but the sharp eyes of the paparazzi, and he managed to attend his business meeting in Milan with his rather novel choice of superman type styling. It also seems that none of those who went along with him noticed, or if they did felt the need to point out the problem, we can’t help but wonder if that is because they were to polite, or if they were enjoying him being the butt of the joke....but since he has such good taste in underwear then he really is forgiven we think!

One other thing we can observe from this little fashion disaster is that Calvin Klein underwear must make really comfortable pants. His shirt was clearly half tucked in to his undies and half not, and yet he just didn’t notice, he seemed completely at ease and unaware of his toilet tragedy. This confirms what we already knew, as well as being utterly stylish Calvin Kleins are cut to feel good. No hard elastic to dig in to your midriff or thighs, just complete day long comfort and ease of movement, and lets face it who can ask more of their pants. This is more proof, if proof be needed why CK is such a popular choice, and with such a massive range of colours and styles on offer, it looks rather like they are set to hold their pole position for a long time to come.

Mr Martin clearly thinks like so many of us, simple styling is the best way to go, and we were incredibly relieved to see that he was observing the rule, keep the whites bright, faded grey is a frightful sight. One of the classic looks, the white trunks, and we too simply love them, so if they are your choice of pants then you are in excellent company, just remember to refresh your undies drawer regularly, there is nothing worse than varying shades of grey and yellow, we promise it sends the ladies running as fast as they can in the opposite direction.

21 June 2010

Calvin Klein’s road to Fashion and the rise to fame.

Calvin Klein was educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York from 1959-62, where he adapted the skills to his imaginative designs to become a renowned independent designer. He then acted as assistant to Dan Millstein for two years, before opening his own business, in 1968, Calvin Klein Inc., with a friend Barry Schwartz. Barry dealt with the business side of the venture, while Calvin designed. Initially, the company was started to design and sell women’s coats, but a substantial order from a Bonwit Teiler soon led to recognition for Klein in the fashion world.
He added a sportswear collection, and by the 1970s his clothes were increasingly popular, including a full women’s ready-to-wear collection. During the 1970s, Calvin Klein is said to have instigated a revolution in advertising when he launched his jeans range - the original designer jeans. This new range was advertised as wholesome, sexy and practical, using the model Brooke Shields. 1982 saw the introduction of Calvin Klein’s men’s underwear range, which was also revolutionary, in that this was the first time that men’s underwear had been marketed as being desirable, rather than just a functional undergarment.
Klein won the Council of Fashion Designer of the Year Award, for outstanding design in both women’s and men’s wear; he was the first designer to win both categories in the same year. Today, Calvin Klein Inc. is an international business, with separate divisions for Europe, Asia, and Japan. There are also three lines within the Calvin Klein empire: The Calvin Klein Collection (men, women, and home); cK for men and for women; and cK jeans, providing for men, women, and kids. Klein’s simple, elegant designs are worn by many celebrities.
The latest Calvin Klein Underwear steel product line consists of nine new additions to the iconic range. Each colour-way represents the flag of one of the nine countries participating in the male model competition: England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and Sweden. You could always support your country by wearing a red pair of boxers, to join in the world cup celebrations.
Calvin Klein Underwear is recognized all around the world for its innovative product style, as well as its groundbreaking and iconic advertising campaigns. Campaigns have featured globally recognized individuals including footballer Freddie Ljungberg, actor Mark Wahlberg, model/actor Travis Fimmel, and currently, model/actor Jamie Dornan. So, who wouldn’t want to wear a pair of Calvin Klein underwear?

18 June 2010

AC/DC bares all...

The festival season is once more in full swing, and last weekend thousands of music lovers flocked to Download for a cracking line up of stars, not least among them was aging rock gods AC/DC. This is one of their favourite festivals and the 4th year that these legends of rock have playing this event, so why are we telling you this on an underwear blog? Well if you had tickets to this monster event you may have an idea, or if you have see the band live in concert perhaps you can guess.

Leader singer Angus Young has a party piece that involves getting his kit off and mooning the crowd. Something he has done for years, but at the festival this year modest Angus decided to keep his boxer shorts on, and rather than mooned, simply shook his booty at the Thunderstruck crowd. Ah now that is rock and roll! It does kind of lose some of the translation, and we can understand as a young buff rocker you are quite happy to show some flesh, whereas as an aging crooner, you may want to preserve some modesty, however we personally think he needs to find a new party trick as leaving your kit on whilst doing a strip tease is rather akin to socks in bed, a real passion killer more likely to leave ladies giggling rather than swooning. Maybe he needs to learn the lyrics of the immortal Tom Jones song, ‘You can leave your hat on’....that’s hat Mr Young - not pants, Shoot to Thrill, not kill please!

However could we be doing the rock god a disservice here, maybe there is an explanation for leaving ones togs on. It could be entirely possible that he has been shopping for men’s underwear and has come across the seriously impressive boxer shorts on offer from the summer collections of so many of the best designers this season. Perhaps rather than back in black, he had his buns neatly encapsulated in a pair of Bjorn Borg Stripes, some of the brightest on offer, in which case we have to applaud him for daring to bare and show off the simply gorgeous undies, rather than sniggering into our coffee as we read about his escapades online.

Calvin Klein also have some bold and sassy summer designs and are perfect for these years festival circuit, just in case you forget to shut the tent when you change you can rest assured you are flashing the best shorts on the campsite if you rock up with a bag full of Calvin Klein underwear. Perhaps we need to pay attention to Angus’s choice of pants next time and see which brand he favours. Whatever, we have to acknowledge that the AC/DC set was as ever storming, and given the age of the band we think they deserve our praise, so forgive us Mr Young for our little rib at your booty wiggle, for those about to rock, we salute you.

16 June 2010

Welcome to the World Cup

With World Cup fever starting to mount, the flags are flying, the banners are waving and the excitement can be felt in the air, but one question remains unanswered. What will the players be wearing under their shorts? Just what is the best underwear for men when they are about to take to the pitch and play for 90 minutes.

It is doubtful that we will ever actually know what these lads have under their shorts, and perhaps we can argue we don’t really want to find out that badly. However we can hazard a guess and provide you with some inspiration if a kick about is right up your street, and if any of the players are unsure we can point them in the right direction so settle back and see what is best for your tackle before match fever takes over and the whistle has blown. Comfort and ease of movement have to be one of the main considerations here, so if you are planning to get out and grab a match then think about how comfortable you will be.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to have no support where you need it, modesty is paramount here lads and believe us you will not live it down if you have a little more on show than you really want, a sure fire way to get a red flag! Consider men’s underwear that provides support with a bit of a lift, and do have a quick test run before match day arrives. With that in mind we suggest you have a look at the range of trunks and briefs on offer, and for football at least avoid the loose cut shorts, leave them for a rest day! Calvin Klein underwear has an excellent Summer 2010 collection, with splashes of colour featuring heavily you could even bag yourself the perfect patriotic pant.

Shorts are probably the best choice, but consider the comfort aspect at the point the shorts finish on your thighs. Muscular bulky legs may find that anything too far down the leg cuts in a little bit and really isn’t going to be comfortable for running, kicking and falling over lots! Seriously though, if you tend towards bulk on the upper thigh you may actually be better off opting for some designer briefs. Though it is worth bearing in mind that many designers offer an excellent mini short, these finish nearer the tops of the thighs but are also cut substantially across your backside area. Pouches and strings are almost as bad as going commando here guys so we suggest for the purposes of the game you leave these out of the team selection process. Leave them on the bench for post match celebrations, or leave them at home as they really don’t make the grade and offer the support and comfort combination that is so crucial to a winning team.

04 June 2010

Fathers Day inspiration required...Try men's underwear.

Ok so perhaps when you were a child getting your dear old dad underwear would just have been too excruciatingly embarrassing but all that changes when you too are all grown up. Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are stuck for a gift idea don’t be too quick to rule out men’s underwear. There is a wealth of choice on offer, from the comical to the designer, and to be honest the latter are likely to go down better.

Underwear for men is also an excellent idea for the new dad, this is the gift that the wife purchases of course, but what better way to acknowledge his first ever father’s day than men’s underwear. A great way to say hey you are still the main man in my life darling, as a new baby can leave a man feeling slightly insecure, suddenly his wife has something new to lavish all her attention on, and whilst he loves your new baby with his heart and soul it can be hard to adjust to this new role of daddy. Make him feel special with some designer undies whether he is a boxers and trunks man or whether he prefers briefs this season is showcasing some of the best designs we have seen in a long time.

Whether this is a present for your dad, or you are a wife getting a Father’s Day gift for you husband, be adventurous, consider the styles on offer, and have a look at designers like Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabana or Armani, it is likely that the recipient wouldn’t have considered these for himself and will love being able add designer underwear to his collection. There are some fantastic single colour choices which could be the ideal solution for the older man, I know that would be the best choice for my dad for example, however if you know that they are more open to the new why not go for one of the stunning patterns being offered this season. Brights and bolds are most definitely in and the range on offer means you are easily going to find something that suits your intended recipient. The halfway house is the two tone style with bright banding on a plain body, again Calvin Klein underwear has some stunning choices on offer this season.

If this is the present of choice for you husband then there really is no harm in getting what you like - hey he loves you! If his undies choice has always left a little to be desired then here is your chance to gently nudge him in the direction of something a little better! Choose what you like and what you can really see him wearing, the gamble is bound to pay off, he will love them, the only danger here is that you will unleash the monster and he will spend the next six months revamping his underwear drawer - just make sure it’s his credit card!

28 May 2010

Mens Underwear Designers

Every man wants stylish, well-fitting underwear. The question is where to find the best? The answer is guys, right here. We are devoted to guiding discerning men on the right men’s underwear and swimwear all year round. Catering to every guys needs and wishes and always keeping up-to date with the latest fashion trends, to give you the very best in men’s underwear.

Whether you prefer high fashion men’s underwear or understated chic, dedicated designs for sport or something totally different, we can help. With leading designers such as Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg, Hom and many more, you can be sure to get men’s underwear that will not only make you look your best, but it will also make you feel good about yourself. We’ll always give you advice on what the best brands are out there. Our motto is: giving you the very best of fashion.

Calvin Klein underwear offers a chic, clean and stylish choice for the fashion conscious male, whilst Sloggi is a popular well known brand for its selection of quality everyday basics, offering something sexy and risqué for the adventurous male, featuring stylish, fashionable, funky men's underwear. Dolce & Gabana is a men’s brand that really knows how to create a buzz with their advertising campaigns. Like fellow high-end Italian underwear maker, Armani, D&G has a preference for using super fit European soccer stars as full on male underwear models.

Simple, slick and stylish designs is what makes Calvin Klein underwear one of the most attractive men’s underwear brands out there; even after years and years with fierce competition with niche brands.

Now, we have to talk about the latest invention. Cocksox is probably the most daring, revealing, profile-enhancing men’s underwear and swimwear brand out there. Put on a pair of cocksox and you’ll have a hard time zipping your jeans up (if you get my drift). I think it’s safe to say that Cocksox underwear/swimwear isn’t for every man. But if you’re looking to cause a stir then this will be a job well done. They are very skimpy and low rise and these beauties are so brightly coloured that all attention and eyes will be on your neither region. The Cocksox pouch design lifts your boys up and out in no other manner like it. If you enjoy being the exhibitionist then go for it, walk the beach a proud man. They aren’t called ‘Man Candy’ for nothing you know.

29 April 2010

Mens Designer Swimwear

Men who are style conscious away from the beach also care about what they wear to the beach. Whether you want to sunbathe or swim, play or pose, there is a great selection for the beach or pool. There’s much more exciting swimwear designs out there now, that allow more freedom of expression. There are choices today in men’s swimwear that are designed specifically to show off your body. Many guys prefer surf shorts, they fit well, don’t reveal too much and enhance the beauty of the body.

If you are looking for a pair of Surf Shorts then look no further than the following brands of Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, and Hom. Boss Black Anemonefish floral swim short, this swim short by BOSS Black is styled in light fabric with a tropical floral print. It features an elasticated waist with a drawstring for a secure fit and has side pockets. Then there’s the Calvin Klein woven colour block, long surf short. This short by Calvin Klein is decorated with bold stripes, styled on a waistband that is elasticated at the back and ties at the front. It features a supportive mesh inner brief and has a zip fly, with Velcro fastening pockets that sit at the sides and the rear. Hom’s range of swim short, trunks, and board shorts for men are high fashion, flamboyant and sexy, so it’s hard to choose one style. Clearly a lot of men have been looking for something with that little bit of extra design flair and with this cool beach range they’ve most definitely got it.

You’ll never guess what you guys can buy now? Male enhancement swimwear. Just as women choose to use swimwear designs that create the image of a larger fuller bust, men are choosing swimwear designs that specifically enhance and accentuate how full the front pouch looks. Guys, this is cheating but if you must beat us at our own game, then fair play.
This enhancement is accomplished using inside hidden sleeves, rings, straps and other clever engineering feats to make the man’s equipment look as large as possible. This area of men’s swimwear design is one of the fasted growing trends. Sheer men’s swimwear designs are an interesting new trend. There are many types of sheer swimwear designs including suits with micro holes that blend the colour of your skin with the fabric and from just a few feet away the swimwear appears to be made of a solid colour or two toned fabric, other sheer suits offer patterns to confuse the eye but upon close inspection everything underneath the fabric can be seen.

In the fashion world mens swimwear styles change, therefore, it is important to stay ahead of what's current. The best way to keep up with what’s happening at the waterfront is by checking out the online retailers listed above or the men’s swimwear blogs for style, price and swimwear issues.

21 April 2010

Alexander MQueen- “The hooligan of English fashion and adored by many”

Every day is a fashion show and this world is your runway, we live in a fashion dream world we’re you can become anyone or anything you like.
Here, amongst the Fashion World we were devastated by the news of one of the most influential fashion designers of all time. He was the creator of original designs, along with a handful of other designers, including Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Vivienne Westwood. He expressed this thoughts and fantasies through his fashion shows.
He described himself as the “pink sheep of the family”. He was the son of an East End taxi driver, he rose from an apprenticeship on Savile Row to become one of the world’s most respected fashion designers. Aged just 20, McQueen spent time working for designer Koji Tatsuno before moving to Milan. On his return to London in the early 1990s his profile rose when his own line of low “bumster” trousers were launched. In 1994, he applied to London’s Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. After receiving a masters degree in fashion design, his entire collection was bought by the influential stylist Isabella Blow.
The fashion legend was named British Designer of the Year four times, counting endless A-listers and fashionistas amongst his fans. He has also been awarded the CBE. By the end of 2006, he had boutiques across the world, including in London, Paris, New York, Milan, Moscow and Beijing. But last week we heard that Lee Alexander McQueen was working on a men’s underwear collection before he died this February 2010. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan, he took inspiration from old black and white abstract photography. We love the tattooed male model on the look book cover with Alexander McQueen and the iconic skull logo on his naked body.
The launch Autumn/Winter 2010 collection comprises of four ranges – Basic, Fashion, Sleepwear and Loungewear. To mark the launch, a limited edition Charity Red Boxer will also be released, adorned with skull shaped ribbon embroider detail and a skull waistband. A percentage of the sales will go to various Aids charities around the world.
Alexander McQueen men’s underwear Autumn/Winter 2010 collection:
The Basic range offers boxers, briefs and vests which will be available in white, black, grey and navy. This includes an all over skull print or plain colour, and incorporates a variation of narrow or wide detailed waistband and feature embroidery.
The Fashion series draws inspiration from iconic McQueen prints and details. Updated seasonally to include fresh designs, the range will feature key signatures from past and present collections. The launch collection offers the feather print, x-ray, degradé, and the most recent bone prints.
The Sleepwear comprises of luxury pyjamas and boxers and is inspired by the traditional gentlemen of Savile Row. The range is available in a cotton plain colour, silk and cotton blue feather print and for a more luxurious feel, a silk skull jacquard, a design already seen in silk accessories such as cravats and ties.
The Loungewear draws on military wear, incorporating lightweight jersey fabrics into long johns and classic Henley tops, and fleece for the hooded asymmetrical cardigans and track pants.

01 April 2010

Buy your men’s underwear the easy way

Visiting store after store to find the right men’s underwear can be a tedious experience. Due to developments within the men’s underwear industry, there are many different styles of men’s underwear available. This is advantageous for men because they have a greater chance of finding underwear that suits their personal style, fits comfortably and looks great too. However, the wide selection of men’s underwear can also make deciding on underwear to purchase a difficult decision.

Online shopping is increasing in popularity. Homes have faster internet connections and this is encouraging users to carry out more activities on the web. Purchasing items online can be a quick, easy and enjoyable shopping experience. All kinds of products and items are available online, including designer men’s underwear.

Shopping for men’s underwear online is highly recommended as there are some impressive men’s underwear online stores currently trading. Just because you are shopping on the internet, you don’t have to sacrifice quality and selection. Men’s underwear websites can have a wide selection of different underwear from a range of designers and in different designs, styles and sizes too.

If you want to ensure you find the right underwear for you and find it the easiest way possible, explore the options available online.

The stores represented on this blog all stock high quality men’s underwear from some of the most respectable underwear designers in the industry. Their men’s underwear is available in different styles and sizes so there is something to suit everyone. Some offer designer men’s underwear at fantastic prices... take a peek ;)