28 January 2010

How much should high quality men’s underwear cost?

Consumers don’t want to pay more than they have to but are aware that in many cases, the higher the cost, the superior the quality. Consumers must evaluate the quality of an item, compare it appropriately to the price it has attached to it and then decide whether the quality of the product is worth the amount of money required.

With so many different styles and variations of men’s underwear available, it can be difficult for men to identify which underwear is right for them and how much they should be paying for items like these. However, it is impossible to say how much high quality men’s underwear should cost because different men will assess quality in different ways. Style preferences, material preferences and body differences can all make a difference to whether a man finds an item of men’s underwear to be high quality or not. It is therefore down to the individual and their personal taste and preferences in order to decide if an item of men’s underwear is priced appropriately.

In general, men’s underwear from top underwear designers such as Calvin Klein are regarded as top quality items and other men’s underwear from designers priced in a similar price range will also be of a similar quality.

Our partner retail websites that appear in the Online Stores list above all have a wide selection of designer men’s underwear at prices that are largely very competitve when compared to High Street department stores. This means that you have a large choice of many top quality items such as boxer shorts and that you will receive these items at a great price...

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21 January 2010


As thoughts of today’s Brits focus on the state of the economic climate, uncertainty is something to be avoided – today more than ever people are turning to heritage, timeless pieces to ensure they get the most out of their clothing.

And, with its Modern Classic Collection of underwear for men, Jockey has its finger directly on the pulse of the times – producing a modern twist on a classic men’s underwear favourite.

A 2-pack of these classic Jockey Men's Briefs are retailing at just £12 (also available in white)

Says Jens Noll, Head of Design at Jockey: “Right now people want good quality but don’t want to spend too much… in uncertain times people don’t want to take risks and with Jockey’s Modern Classic collection the wearer is guaranteed fantastic value for money”.

The collection combines timeless forms and state-of-the-art styling with the very best in quality, fit and workmanship, resulting in a range that includes briefs, boxers, trunks, and T-Shirts that can be worn now and for many years to come.

A mixture of pure, timeless elegance and masculinity, the collection is perfect underwear for everyday - made from 100% Cotton and label free, it combines comfort and style that you would find hard to get anywhere else.

Products from the Modern Classic collection are available online from Whites And Smalls.

Some Jockey Facts:

- The history of Jockey began with Samuel T. Cooper who began manufacturing socks in the US in 1876
- The Jockey brand was born in 1934 with the birth of the first Y-front Jockey briefs
- Jockey is one of the top selling underwear ranges in the US and is sold in over 120 countries

14 January 2010

How to look good in your underwear

How you look in your underwear can be affected by how you feel. Confidence is important and the best way to ensure that you feel confident and therefore look great is to buy high quality underwear that suits your body type.

Men’s underwear is available in many different styles. It is important to find which style you feel most comfortable and confident in and the best way to do this is by trying different options available. Briefs, boxer shorts and trunk boxers are some of the most popular styles of men’s underwear and so it can be useful to start your quest for the perfect underwear with items like this.

Once you have found a style that flatters your body and provides you with comfort and confidence, the quality of the underwear should then be considered. High quality men’s underwear made from top quality materials can not only provide you with a better fit and more comfort, but can also appear better. Designer men’s underwear is available from some of the most respected designers and this means that these items have been created with a great deal of thought and passion and have been made to make men feel and look good too.

Our blog has chosen a great selection of designer men’s underwear online retailers, who sell undies from some of the top designers. These collections feature men’s underwear in many styles so our blog followers can choose the right style for them. Selecting items of higher quality will often mean they look and feel great too... and January is the month to bag those bargains!

08 January 2010

Don’t be embarrassed when purchasing men’s underwear

Underwear is such a private item of clothing that many consumers still feel a little uncomfortable and embarrassed when purchasing underwear from shops. Men can often have an issue when purchasing men’s underwear and women can feel uncomfortable when buying men’s underwear as a present for someone else.

Even though underwear is now regarded as more of a fashionable item rather than a practical one, these feelings still exist and can be an issue for people when new underwear is needed. However, shoppers do not have to feel anxiety and embarrassment when purchasing men’s underwear because of the development of online men’s underwear stores.

Online stores stocking men’s underwear provide men and women with the opportunity to explore the different items on sale in the comfort of their own homes, see what they look like, learn about the important details of the items such as the materials and different sizes available and then have their items delivered directly to their door. There is nothing to be embarrassed about when purchasing underwear but online stores provide the perfect solution for those that may feel more comfortable shopping online.

Websites like Whites and Smalls have a wide selection of high quality men’s underwear for you to explore. Stocking briefs, trunk boxers and boxer shorts from some of the most respected underwear designers, they can deliver these items directly to your home. They offer you a quick and easy way of purchasing top quality men’s underwear online. Embarrassment can be banished at the click of a mouse.

06 January 2010

Why not use the Sales to try a new brand of underwear?

Visit the Dead Good Undies website and get some great savings!
Prices for Bruno Banani are even as low as £3.40...
The Bruno Banani slogan 'Not For Everybody' is the perfect description. Since launching in 1993, Bruno Banani has tested its underwear in some of the harshest environments in the world (and even in space - in 1998 an astronaut apparently 'tested' their pants on the MIR space station). Bruno Banani underwear has seemingly triumphed. They're up for it... but are you guys?