25 February 2010

Men’s underwear sales: an economic indicator?

Some analysts have stated that the sales of men’s underwear and behaviour of consumers of men’s underwear can strongly indicate the state of the economy and whether things are improving or not.

Many argue that underwear is an essential item and so will be replaced when necessary if the money is available. Therefore with a recent increase in sales of men’s underwear, it can be argued that consumers have a little bit more money than before and so can afford to do this. The type of underwear that is being purchased is also a significant factor. Research has shown that during tough economic times, the sales of the most practical and cheap underwear increases with the designer and stylish items of men’s underwear not purchased as often. However, it now seems that British men are once again returning to the most popular brands of men’s underwear and are prepared to spend that little bit extra for designer men’s underwear.

Designer men’s underwear is preferred by many men because of the great style and comfort it offers. Designers such as Calvin Klein are renowned for their stylish and fashionable pieces of men’s underwear that are made from the best quality materials.

At Whites and Smalls, they offer a wide selection of top designer men’s underwear and are able to offer these items at competitive prices. This means that not only do their customers get stylish and comfortable designer men’s underwear, but that they also do not have to spend a great amount of money to do so.

12 February 2010

Mens Underwear that provides a Boost...

Shhh, it’s your secret. Underwear is underwear, right? What is the difference between this brand and that one, this style and that one? As long as it fits and does its job it should be ok, not so? If that is how you are thinking about your underwear, you are making a huge mistake.
Just as women have different styles and cuts of underwear to enhance all those delicious curves and assets, so too do us men have the same. Not only can you indulge in different styles and cuts of underwear, you can indulge in enhancer underwear as well.

HOM black addict DEEP low waist enhancement hipster UP

Change your look. Hey, they say that a change is as good as a holiday and they are right. This change in men’s underwear will have you excited to get your gear off. Enhancing underwear for men not only looks good and flatters your body. It flatters your natural manliness as well.

Enhancing underwear for men is meant to enhance your profile, your shape and your desirability. If there is one thing that men like to brag about, it’s size; extra volume is exactly what you get from this underwear. Women wear push-up bras and now men can enhance their own assets with our enhancing underwear for men; equality at last. The best part is that nobody will know that you are wearing enhancing underwear.

It will be your own secret. Guys, don’t walk around feeling less than confident about what you are packing and stop arguing about size not counting and that it is the motion of the ocean that counts. Come to us for a comfortable and effective solution to your doubts without popping pills, using pumps or any other type of nonsense.

Pictured above is the new Black Addict short from HOM men’s underwear. With the waistband, a masterpiece in itself in black with shimmering violet BLACK ADDICT lettering on the front, the HOM outline logo on the back and a fab violet interior - these look great. This stunning shade of purple is also echoed on the leg trim. The violet features border the main body fabric - matt black, totally soft, and a single layer pouch with a special secret… The ‘Up’ in the name is the clue because this Hipster offers maximum front enhancement.

Check out the new HOM Up range available at DeadGoodUndies...

08 February 2010

Suggestions for Valentine's Gifts for Him...

They call it Ultimate Temptation - which is right on the mark for the HOM Snake Hipster Promo Pack with the added bonus of men’s underwear AND a pair of matching socks.

These Snake Hipster Shorts in Black Combination - a brilliant mix of translucent black background overlaid with snakeskin in a shimmery slate grey. The fabric feels like silk, it is ultra fine and double layered on the slender pouch. The deep folded edge waistband has a great oblong metallic silver and black HOM UNDERWEAR branded logo. The FREE chic socks are one size, black and echo the matt-shimmer pattern on the pants.

Or - staying on the temptation theme, how about these:

HOM Fruits of Temptation in Dark Red - the ultra light HOM Fruits of Temptation hipster is a sexy, expressive and seductive style of mens underwear from HOM that catches the trendy appeal for colourful, shiny and shimmering fabrics in a range of sexy irresistible and iridescent colours. These sexy hipsters are made from a flamboyant microfibre using a unique fabric technique that produces a changing colour effect, guaranteeing to project HOM's core masculine trend and offering a varied personality side to designer undies that pushes men's underwear to the limits.

Or for those who prefer their underwear a little skimpier, why not try these:

The HOM Love Pepper String in red from HOM brings some added spice to mens underwear. This stunningly spicy mens thong is contrasted in a red and dark combination with a flat floral pattern to it.
If none of these 'float your boat', then just try browsing through the many online retailers of designer mens underwear listed above - you are bound to find the ideal gift for your valentine!

04 February 2010


Actors Kellan Lutz, Mehcad Brooks and Athletes Fernando Verdasco, Hidetoshi Nakata to be Featured in Upcoming “Mark Your Spot” Global Advertising Campaign

Kellan Lutz

NEW YORK, NY, FEBRUARY 3, 2010 – Calvin Klein underwear, a division of The Warnaco Group Inc. [NSYE: WRC] and Calvin Klein, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation [NYSE: PVH], today unveiled the brands’ graphic Spring 2010 global advertising campaign, which will be seen in an impactful and complementary mix of print, outdoor, and digital media around the world beginning next month, including a fully dedicated microsite that will debut February 15, 2010.

For the first time, the men’s Calvin Klein underwear campaign will feature four men in one campaign to promote the new Calvin Klein X underwear line. The talent in the campaign spans different backgrounds and nationalities and includes American actors Kellan Lutz and Mehcad Brooks and two international sports stars, Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco, and Japanese soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata.

“The launch of Calvin Klein X underwear is a truly global initiative, so we believe it is imperative to feature talent from our most important regions - Asia, Europe, and the USA in the launch advertising, said Tom Murry, President & CEO, Calvin Klein, Inc. “The creative is in the spirit and tradition of the most innovative of Calvin Klein underwear campaigns.”

“Our newest campaign is a wonderful representation of today's Calvin Klein underwear consumer, reflecting the breadth and diversity of our global reach in a way that speaks to their lifestyle with a resonant message through media that is relevant to them, said Helen McCluskey, President, Warnaco Intimate Apparel and Swim. “We expect that this will give us an opportunity to communicate to even a broader audience worldwide.”

The campaign will debut Calvin Klein underwear’s new Calvin Klein X line, which comes in two modern fabrications for ultimate comfort and fit: cotton modal and microfiber. Modal provides softness and luster whilst the cotton allows for comfort and breathability; the microfiber is an ultra-luxe premium fabrication. Both have stretch for ease of movement, and styles are distinguished with colored, microfiber logo waistbands – cotton features a blue logo, microfiber in red. Each is overlaid with a distinctive center front gray patch with an embossed “X” over the signature Calvin Klein logo in bold proportions for maximum impact.

The imagery for all four campaigns includes both still photography by fashion photographer Mikael Jansson and digital films produced by Darius Khondji, shot in New York City. The campaign was directed by Trey Laird of Laird & Partners. Ads will break globally in April 2010 magazines. Impactful imagery will also be featured in a global outdoor advertising program spanning key sites in markets across the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Asia.

To complement the brand’s e-commerce site, cku.com, and add further dimension to the campaign, a branded microsite created exclusively for the Calvin Klein X launch – at xmarkyourspot.com – will become the designated destination for all materials and videos featuring all four of the men, allowing consumers to hear from each of them, and get a peek behind the scenes at the campaign photo shoots, and sign up to receive more information on the campaign and the product. It is planned that the digital campaign will begin to be revealed online the last week in February, leading up to the full reveal of the campaign which will take place at xmarkyourspot.com, beginning on Monday, March 1st, to coincide with the campaigns’ outdoor and print creative which will include other unique online and offline components, including an Augmented Reality (AR) initiative with GQ and QR codes at point of sale.
In support of the digital component of the program, Calvin Klein underwear has executed its largest digital media buy to date, including a 20+ market buy on Facebook.com as well as other key regional portals and search engines, which will feature short videos or banner ads to engage and encourage click-through to the branded microsite.
Said Robert Mazzoli, Chief Creative Officer, Calvin Klein underwear, "We're excited to be presenting the latest chapter of evolution in communicating Calvin Klein underwear's iconic brand image by using four distinct personalities and leveraging them across a range of media in a bold, engaging, and fun way."

The four men featured in the Spring 2010 Calvin Klein X underwear campaign, include:

Former model and actor Kellan Lutz, 24, is best known for playing the vampire ‘Emmett Cullen’ in the popular Twilight films, and will be featured in the latest release in the series, Eclipse, which will be in theaters beginning June 30th.

Mehcad Brooks, 29, is a native Texan, who first worked as a model before transitioning to acting. For the last two seasons Brooks has starred in the HBO hit vampire series, True Blood, and will next be seen in a new ABC television drama, The Deep End.

Mehcad Brooks

Hidetoshi Nakata, 32, is a former Japanese National footballer who has played most of his career in Europe. Nakata has played for Japan in two Olympic Games (1996, 2000) and three World Cups (1998, 2002, 2006). He was one of the first Japanese players to play outside of Japan, in Italy and the UK. During his career in Italy he has won the Italian Championships and Italian Cup. He has received Asia Player of the Year twice. In 2006, after a strong performance in the World Cup Germany, Nakata announced his retirement from professional football. Nakata is known in Asia as a social entrepreneur and fashion icon, regularly attending runway shows and sporting designer fashions.

Hidetoshi Nakata

Madrid native Fernando Verdasco, 26, is a top ten ranked professional tennis player in the world and second in his home country of Spain. This year marked his best performance to date, climbing to number seven in the ATP world rankings and capturing his third ATP world tour title in New Haven.

Fernando Verdasco

EDITORIAL CREDIT: Calvin Klein underwear introduces Calvin Klein X underwear
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