25 February 2010

Men’s underwear sales: an economic indicator?

Some analysts have stated that the sales of men’s underwear and behaviour of consumers of men’s underwear can strongly indicate the state of the economy and whether things are improving or not.

Many argue that underwear is an essential item and so will be replaced when necessary if the money is available. Therefore with a recent increase in sales of men’s underwear, it can be argued that consumers have a little bit more money than before and so can afford to do this. The type of underwear that is being purchased is also a significant factor. Research has shown that during tough economic times, the sales of the most practical and cheap underwear increases with the designer and stylish items of men’s underwear not purchased as often. However, it now seems that British men are once again returning to the most popular brands of men’s underwear and are prepared to spend that little bit extra for designer men’s underwear.

Designer men’s underwear is preferred by many men because of the great style and comfort it offers. Designers such as Calvin Klein are renowned for their stylish and fashionable pieces of men’s underwear that are made from the best quality materials.

At Whites and Smalls, they offer a wide selection of top designer men’s underwear and are able to offer these items at competitive prices. This means that not only do their customers get stylish and comfortable designer men’s underwear, but that they also do not have to spend a great amount of money to do so.

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