12 February 2010

Mens Underwear that provides a Boost...

Shhh, it’s your secret. Underwear is underwear, right? What is the difference between this brand and that one, this style and that one? As long as it fits and does its job it should be ok, not so? If that is how you are thinking about your underwear, you are making a huge mistake.
Just as women have different styles and cuts of underwear to enhance all those delicious curves and assets, so too do us men have the same. Not only can you indulge in different styles and cuts of underwear, you can indulge in enhancer underwear as well.

HOM black addict DEEP low waist enhancement hipster UP

Change your look. Hey, they say that a change is as good as a holiday and they are right. This change in men’s underwear will have you excited to get your gear off. Enhancing underwear for men not only looks good and flatters your body. It flatters your natural manliness as well.

Enhancing underwear for men is meant to enhance your profile, your shape and your desirability. If there is one thing that men like to brag about, it’s size; extra volume is exactly what you get from this underwear. Women wear push-up bras and now men can enhance their own assets with our enhancing underwear for men; equality at last. The best part is that nobody will know that you are wearing enhancing underwear.

It will be your own secret. Guys, don’t walk around feeling less than confident about what you are packing and stop arguing about size not counting and that it is the motion of the ocean that counts. Come to us for a comfortable and effective solution to your doubts without popping pills, using pumps or any other type of nonsense.

Pictured above is the new Black Addict short from HOM men’s underwear. With the waistband, a masterpiece in itself in black with shimmering violet BLACK ADDICT lettering on the front, the HOM outline logo on the back and a fab violet interior - these look great. This stunning shade of purple is also echoed on the leg trim. The violet features border the main body fabric - matt black, totally soft, and a single layer pouch with a special secret… The ‘Up’ in the name is the clue because this Hipster offers maximum front enhancement.

Check out the new HOM Up range available at DeadGoodUndies...

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