25 March 2010

A 'Brief Underneath' Lounge Pant is tested and reviewed...

According to Brief Underneath, the age old debate is over... no more boxers versus briefs – why not both? They recently sent us a sample of “a unique 2-in-1 product that combines a supportive and comfortable brief with a stylish, casual, and, functional lounge pant”.

Brief Underneath is introducing what they describe as a true revolution in the underwear and loungewear market. Finally, there is a garment that has married the form and function of two classic forms into one.

The Brief Underneath® concept is the first true innovation to be released into this mature market for quite some time, and the design could potentially spawn an entirely new sub-segment, and generate additional revenues in this $13 billion market segment.
This new silhouette will be positioned in the mid-tier markets and will be available in the US imminently. The collection consists of boxers, lounge pants, & thermals. A total of 48 styles will be available in 600 department stores across the United States, retailing for between $18-34.

Eddie Betesh President & CEO who’s been a veteran in underwear market for the past 14 years realized the need to expand the underwear market to cater to the fashion conscious consumer offering them the support and styling that the ladies want to see. “Clearly in a stagnant market this innovative product will make it’s place on the forefront in the underwear industry.”

So – what do we think? Honestly? – we’re undecided. How do we explain this?...
The design is great; we have seen the same principle used in our sportswear and swimwear over the years, with a stitched-in supportive brief. The lounge pant is certainly a practical and largely comfortable garment – ideal for lounging on the sofa. You certainly get a feeling of support and security – there’s no accidental gaping of the fly etc. In fact – every man should own a pair. If they were to come on sale in the UK at a similar price point ($34 is circa £23) then they could well prove to be popular. But, are they special enough, and of a high enough specification to be placed alongside designer labels? This is where we struggle.

The boxers are made of similar fabric to the loungepants; maybe there is a difference between the UK and US consumer – but we doubt that the boxers would enjoy the same potential success as the loungepant. We feel the fabric (that’s perfect for loungepants) would be too thick to be comfortable beneath your jeans – but then we Brits favour skinnier-fit jeans than our American friends . We'll let you know if a UK retailer picks up this brand in the coming months - but you can find more details at http://www.briefunderneath.com/.

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