28 May 2010

Mens Underwear Designers

Every man wants stylish, well-fitting underwear. The question is where to find the best? The answer is guys, right here. We are devoted to guiding discerning men on the right men’s underwear and swimwear all year round. Catering to every guys needs and wishes and always keeping up-to date with the latest fashion trends, to give you the very best in men’s underwear.

Whether you prefer high fashion men’s underwear or understated chic, dedicated designs for sport or something totally different, we can help. With leading designers such as Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg, Hom and many more, you can be sure to get men’s underwear that will not only make you look your best, but it will also make you feel good about yourself. We’ll always give you advice on what the best brands are out there. Our motto is: giving you the very best of fashion.

Calvin Klein underwear offers a chic, clean and stylish choice for the fashion conscious male, whilst Sloggi is a popular well known brand for its selection of quality everyday basics, offering something sexy and risqué for the adventurous male, featuring stylish, fashionable, funky men's underwear. Dolce & Gabana is a men’s brand that really knows how to create a buzz with their advertising campaigns. Like fellow high-end Italian underwear maker, Armani, D&G has a preference for using super fit European soccer stars as full on male underwear models.

Simple, slick and stylish designs is what makes Calvin Klein underwear one of the most attractive men’s underwear brands out there; even after years and years with fierce competition with niche brands.

Now, we have to talk about the latest invention. Cocksox is probably the most daring, revealing, profile-enhancing men’s underwear and swimwear brand out there. Put on a pair of cocksox and you’ll have a hard time zipping your jeans up (if you get my drift). I think it’s safe to say that Cocksox underwear/swimwear isn’t for every man. But if you’re looking to cause a stir then this will be a job well done. They are very skimpy and low rise and these beauties are so brightly coloured that all attention and eyes will be on your neither region. The Cocksox pouch design lifts your boys up and out in no other manner like it. If you enjoy being the exhibitionist then go for it, walk the beach a proud man. They aren’t called ‘Man Candy’ for nothing you know.

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