30 June 2010

England players bare defeat.

No, we don’t mean bear, that is not a typing error and we shall explain why. Sadly as you will know, unless you live in a box cut off from communications by the outside world, the England football team has crashed out of the World Cup following a 4-1 spanking from arch rivals Germany. They flew home to an empty airport with no fans to offer a consoling shoulder, most feeling that they were rather let down by their national team. So in that respect they did in fact bear defeat, however bare fits more with this story.

Whilst staying at the team hotel, the Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus, a salubrious five star resort, the players fell foul to theft. It is not known which players were victim to the thieves however five hotel staff have since been arrested and convicted for the burglary that totaled £7000, and included items of designer men’s underwear. Finally you see the deliberate spelling mistake, and yes you are allowed to groan. It is unusual for such relatively low cost items to be stolen and police suspect the motive was more about the amount of money the items could be sold for, as genuine personal effects of the English squad.

You have to feel sorry for the lads, not only did they fail to lift high the World Cup, crashing out at such an early stage adding to the humiliation, but they had items stolen from a place that should have been safe for them. We are guessing they won’t be too concerned about the cost of their boxer shorts, but it isn’t nice for anyone to know that staff have been rifling through your personal belongings and makes us glad we choose camping holidays with no room service!

We have of course emailed the team to offer our services in replacing the team underwear, as the range of designer underwear for men on offer currently really is stunning, and we’re sure we could find trunks to tickle Rooney’s taste, boxer shorts to impress Cole and perhaps a cheeky pair of briefs for Defoe. Maybe we should be ringing Coleen and the other WAG’s to see what they prefer their fellas in; we do wonder whether they are in charge of the smalls drawer like so many ladies out there. Whatever these premiership and national stars choose to pop on under their team shorts we are sure we can offer a suitable replacement, it’s just a shame we can’t help them with their defending. We are considering avoiding all the black and silver undies on offer as this might be a little bit too close to the colours worn by Germany, and wonder if they are going to be patriotic in red and white. We suspect they have probably seen enough of the England flag to last them another 4 years and that they just want to slope back to normal life feeling rather subdued and fed up, so perhaps we shall offer them something in blue, yellow or green, one of Calvin Klein’s summer set may help lift their mood.

24 June 2010

Calvin Klein get a spot of free advertising...

A fashion faux pas is always going to get you into the media for all the wrong reasons, we just love to see the wardrobe malfunctions of the rich and famous, especially when the pictures are in our morning paper so we can snigger into our cereal bowl. This week it is the turn of latino Lothario Ricky Martin, not having been in the public eye for quite some time, it is almost a shame that this was how he made his media comeback. Poor Mr Martin made the fatal error of tucking his smart business shirt not just into his trousers but into his pants too, leaving the crisp white branded waistband of his Calvin Klein underwear for all to see. From the angle it is hard to say whether he is sporting trunks or briefs but we have to say, whichever he has under there, we approve of his choice.

Unfortunately for him the mistake went unnoticed by all but the sharp eyes of the paparazzi, and he managed to attend his business meeting in Milan with his rather novel choice of superman type styling. It also seems that none of those who went along with him noticed, or if they did felt the need to point out the problem, we can’t help but wonder if that is because they were to polite, or if they were enjoying him being the butt of the joke....but since he has such good taste in underwear then he really is forgiven we think!

One other thing we can observe from this little fashion disaster is that Calvin Klein underwear must make really comfortable pants. His shirt was clearly half tucked in to his undies and half not, and yet he just didn’t notice, he seemed completely at ease and unaware of his toilet tragedy. This confirms what we already knew, as well as being utterly stylish Calvin Kleins are cut to feel good. No hard elastic to dig in to your midriff or thighs, just complete day long comfort and ease of movement, and lets face it who can ask more of their pants. This is more proof, if proof be needed why CK is such a popular choice, and with such a massive range of colours and styles on offer, it looks rather like they are set to hold their pole position for a long time to come.

Mr Martin clearly thinks like so many of us, simple styling is the best way to go, and we were incredibly relieved to see that he was observing the rule, keep the whites bright, faded grey is a frightful sight. One of the classic looks, the white trunks, and we too simply love them, so if they are your choice of pants then you are in excellent company, just remember to refresh your undies drawer regularly, there is nothing worse than varying shades of grey and yellow, we promise it sends the ladies running as fast as they can in the opposite direction.

21 June 2010

Calvin Klein’s road to Fashion and the rise to fame.

Calvin Klein was educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York from 1959-62, where he adapted the skills to his imaginative designs to become a renowned independent designer. He then acted as assistant to Dan Millstein for two years, before opening his own business, in 1968, Calvin Klein Inc., with a friend Barry Schwartz. Barry dealt with the business side of the venture, while Calvin designed. Initially, the company was started to design and sell women’s coats, but a substantial order from a Bonwit Teiler soon led to recognition for Klein in the fashion world.
He added a sportswear collection, and by the 1970s his clothes were increasingly popular, including a full women’s ready-to-wear collection. During the 1970s, Calvin Klein is said to have instigated a revolution in advertising when he launched his jeans range - the original designer jeans. This new range was advertised as wholesome, sexy and practical, using the model Brooke Shields. 1982 saw the introduction of Calvin Klein’s men’s underwear range, which was also revolutionary, in that this was the first time that men’s underwear had been marketed as being desirable, rather than just a functional undergarment.
Klein won the Council of Fashion Designer of the Year Award, for outstanding design in both women’s and men’s wear; he was the first designer to win both categories in the same year. Today, Calvin Klein Inc. is an international business, with separate divisions for Europe, Asia, and Japan. There are also three lines within the Calvin Klein empire: The Calvin Klein Collection (men, women, and home); cK for men and for women; and cK jeans, providing for men, women, and kids. Klein’s simple, elegant designs are worn by many celebrities.
The latest Calvin Klein Underwear steel product line consists of nine new additions to the iconic range. Each colour-way represents the flag of one of the nine countries participating in the male model competition: England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and Sweden. You could always support your country by wearing a red pair of boxers, to join in the world cup celebrations.
Calvin Klein Underwear is recognized all around the world for its innovative product style, as well as its groundbreaking and iconic advertising campaigns. Campaigns have featured globally recognized individuals including footballer Freddie Ljungberg, actor Mark Wahlberg, model/actor Travis Fimmel, and currently, model/actor Jamie Dornan. So, who wouldn’t want to wear a pair of Calvin Klein underwear?

18 June 2010

AC/DC bares all...

The festival season is once more in full swing, and last weekend thousands of music lovers flocked to Download for a cracking line up of stars, not least among them was aging rock gods AC/DC. This is one of their favourite festivals and the 4th year that these legends of rock have playing this event, so why are we telling you this on an underwear blog? Well if you had tickets to this monster event you may have an idea, or if you have see the band live in concert perhaps you can guess.

Leader singer Angus Young has a party piece that involves getting his kit off and mooning the crowd. Something he has done for years, but at the festival this year modest Angus decided to keep his boxer shorts on, and rather than mooned, simply shook his booty at the Thunderstruck crowd. Ah now that is rock and roll! It does kind of lose some of the translation, and we can understand as a young buff rocker you are quite happy to show some flesh, whereas as an aging crooner, you may want to preserve some modesty, however we personally think he needs to find a new party trick as leaving your kit on whilst doing a strip tease is rather akin to socks in bed, a real passion killer more likely to leave ladies giggling rather than swooning. Maybe he needs to learn the lyrics of the immortal Tom Jones song, ‘You can leave your hat on’....that’s hat Mr Young - not pants, Shoot to Thrill, not kill please!

However could we be doing the rock god a disservice here, maybe there is an explanation for leaving ones togs on. It could be entirely possible that he has been shopping for men’s underwear and has come across the seriously impressive boxer shorts on offer from the summer collections of so many of the best designers this season. Perhaps rather than back in black, he had his buns neatly encapsulated in a pair of Bjorn Borg Stripes, some of the brightest on offer, in which case we have to applaud him for daring to bare and show off the simply gorgeous undies, rather than sniggering into our coffee as we read about his escapades online.

Calvin Klein also have some bold and sassy summer designs and are perfect for these years festival circuit, just in case you forget to shut the tent when you change you can rest assured you are flashing the best shorts on the campsite if you rock up with a bag full of Calvin Klein underwear. Perhaps we need to pay attention to Angus’s choice of pants next time and see which brand he favours. Whatever, we have to acknowledge that the AC/DC set was as ever storming, and given the age of the band we think they deserve our praise, so forgive us Mr Young for our little rib at your booty wiggle, for those about to rock, we salute you.

16 June 2010

Welcome to the World Cup

With World Cup fever starting to mount, the flags are flying, the banners are waving and the excitement can be felt in the air, but one question remains unanswered. What will the players be wearing under their shorts? Just what is the best underwear for men when they are about to take to the pitch and play for 90 minutes.

It is doubtful that we will ever actually know what these lads have under their shorts, and perhaps we can argue we don’t really want to find out that badly. However we can hazard a guess and provide you with some inspiration if a kick about is right up your street, and if any of the players are unsure we can point them in the right direction so settle back and see what is best for your tackle before match fever takes over and the whistle has blown. Comfort and ease of movement have to be one of the main considerations here, so if you are planning to get out and grab a match then think about how comfortable you will be.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to have no support where you need it, modesty is paramount here lads and believe us you will not live it down if you have a little more on show than you really want, a sure fire way to get a red flag! Consider men’s underwear that provides support with a bit of a lift, and do have a quick test run before match day arrives. With that in mind we suggest you have a look at the range of trunks and briefs on offer, and for football at least avoid the loose cut shorts, leave them for a rest day! Calvin Klein underwear has an excellent Summer 2010 collection, with splashes of colour featuring heavily you could even bag yourself the perfect patriotic pant.

Shorts are probably the best choice, but consider the comfort aspect at the point the shorts finish on your thighs. Muscular bulky legs may find that anything too far down the leg cuts in a little bit and really isn’t going to be comfortable for running, kicking and falling over lots! Seriously though, if you tend towards bulk on the upper thigh you may actually be better off opting for some designer briefs. Though it is worth bearing in mind that many designers offer an excellent mini short, these finish nearer the tops of the thighs but are also cut substantially across your backside area. Pouches and strings are almost as bad as going commando here guys so we suggest for the purposes of the game you leave these out of the team selection process. Leave them on the bench for post match celebrations, or leave them at home as they really don’t make the grade and offer the support and comfort combination that is so crucial to a winning team.

04 June 2010

Fathers Day inspiration required...Try men's underwear.

Ok so perhaps when you were a child getting your dear old dad underwear would just have been too excruciatingly embarrassing but all that changes when you too are all grown up. Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are stuck for a gift idea don’t be too quick to rule out men’s underwear. There is a wealth of choice on offer, from the comical to the designer, and to be honest the latter are likely to go down better.

Underwear for men is also an excellent idea for the new dad, this is the gift that the wife purchases of course, but what better way to acknowledge his first ever father’s day than men’s underwear. A great way to say hey you are still the main man in my life darling, as a new baby can leave a man feeling slightly insecure, suddenly his wife has something new to lavish all her attention on, and whilst he loves your new baby with his heart and soul it can be hard to adjust to this new role of daddy. Make him feel special with some designer undies whether he is a boxers and trunks man or whether he prefers briefs this season is showcasing some of the best designs we have seen in a long time.

Whether this is a present for your dad, or you are a wife getting a Father’s Day gift for you husband, be adventurous, consider the styles on offer, and have a look at designers like Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabana or Armani, it is likely that the recipient wouldn’t have considered these for himself and will love being able add designer underwear to his collection. There are some fantastic single colour choices which could be the ideal solution for the older man, I know that would be the best choice for my dad for example, however if you know that they are more open to the new why not go for one of the stunning patterns being offered this season. Brights and bolds are most definitely in and the range on offer means you are easily going to find something that suits your intended recipient. The halfway house is the two tone style with bright banding on a plain body, again Calvin Klein underwear has some stunning choices on offer this season.

If this is the present of choice for you husband then there really is no harm in getting what you like - hey he loves you! If his undies choice has always left a little to be desired then here is your chance to gently nudge him in the direction of something a little better! Choose what you like and what you can really see him wearing, the gamble is bound to pay off, he will love them, the only danger here is that you will unleash the monster and he will spend the next six months revamping his underwear drawer - just make sure it’s his credit card!