18 June 2010

AC/DC bares all...

The festival season is once more in full swing, and last weekend thousands of music lovers flocked to Download for a cracking line up of stars, not least among them was aging rock gods AC/DC. This is one of their favourite festivals and the 4th year that these legends of rock have playing this event, so why are we telling you this on an underwear blog? Well if you had tickets to this monster event you may have an idea, or if you have see the band live in concert perhaps you can guess.

Leader singer Angus Young has a party piece that involves getting his kit off and mooning the crowd. Something he has done for years, but at the festival this year modest Angus decided to keep his boxer shorts on, and rather than mooned, simply shook his booty at the Thunderstruck crowd. Ah now that is rock and roll! It does kind of lose some of the translation, and we can understand as a young buff rocker you are quite happy to show some flesh, whereas as an aging crooner, you may want to preserve some modesty, however we personally think he needs to find a new party trick as leaving your kit on whilst doing a strip tease is rather akin to socks in bed, a real passion killer more likely to leave ladies giggling rather than swooning. Maybe he needs to learn the lyrics of the immortal Tom Jones song, ‘You can leave your hat on’....that’s hat Mr Young - not pants, Shoot to Thrill, not kill please!

However could we be doing the rock god a disservice here, maybe there is an explanation for leaving ones togs on. It could be entirely possible that he has been shopping for men’s underwear and has come across the seriously impressive boxer shorts on offer from the summer collections of so many of the best designers this season. Perhaps rather than back in black, he had his buns neatly encapsulated in a pair of Bjorn Borg Stripes, some of the brightest on offer, in which case we have to applaud him for daring to bare and show off the simply gorgeous undies, rather than sniggering into our coffee as we read about his escapades online.

Calvin Klein also have some bold and sassy summer designs and are perfect for these years festival circuit, just in case you forget to shut the tent when you change you can rest assured you are flashing the best shorts on the campsite if you rock up with a bag full of Calvin Klein underwear. Perhaps we need to pay attention to Angus’s choice of pants next time and see which brand he favours. Whatever, we have to acknowledge that the AC/DC set was as ever storming, and given the age of the band we think they deserve our praise, so forgive us Mr Young for our little rib at your booty wiggle, for those about to rock, we salute you.

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