24 June 2010

Calvin Klein get a spot of free advertising...

A fashion faux pas is always going to get you into the media for all the wrong reasons, we just love to see the wardrobe malfunctions of the rich and famous, especially when the pictures are in our morning paper so we can snigger into our cereal bowl. This week it is the turn of latino Lothario Ricky Martin, not having been in the public eye for quite some time, it is almost a shame that this was how he made his media comeback. Poor Mr Martin made the fatal error of tucking his smart business shirt not just into his trousers but into his pants too, leaving the crisp white branded waistband of his Calvin Klein underwear for all to see. From the angle it is hard to say whether he is sporting trunks or briefs but we have to say, whichever he has under there, we approve of his choice.

Unfortunately for him the mistake went unnoticed by all but the sharp eyes of the paparazzi, and he managed to attend his business meeting in Milan with his rather novel choice of superman type styling. It also seems that none of those who went along with him noticed, or if they did felt the need to point out the problem, we can’t help but wonder if that is because they were to polite, or if they were enjoying him being the butt of the joke....but since he has such good taste in underwear then he really is forgiven we think!

One other thing we can observe from this little fashion disaster is that Calvin Klein underwear must make really comfortable pants. His shirt was clearly half tucked in to his undies and half not, and yet he just didn’t notice, he seemed completely at ease and unaware of his toilet tragedy. This confirms what we already knew, as well as being utterly stylish Calvin Kleins are cut to feel good. No hard elastic to dig in to your midriff or thighs, just complete day long comfort and ease of movement, and lets face it who can ask more of their pants. This is more proof, if proof be needed why CK is such a popular choice, and with such a massive range of colours and styles on offer, it looks rather like they are set to hold their pole position for a long time to come.

Mr Martin clearly thinks like so many of us, simple styling is the best way to go, and we were incredibly relieved to see that he was observing the rule, keep the whites bright, faded grey is a frightful sight. One of the classic looks, the white trunks, and we too simply love them, so if they are your choice of pants then you are in excellent company, just remember to refresh your undies drawer regularly, there is nothing worse than varying shades of grey and yellow, we promise it sends the ladies running as fast as they can in the opposite direction.

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