04 June 2010

Fathers Day inspiration required...Try men's underwear.

Ok so perhaps when you were a child getting your dear old dad underwear would just have been too excruciatingly embarrassing but all that changes when you too are all grown up. Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are stuck for a gift idea don’t be too quick to rule out men’s underwear. There is a wealth of choice on offer, from the comical to the designer, and to be honest the latter are likely to go down better.

Underwear for men is also an excellent idea for the new dad, this is the gift that the wife purchases of course, but what better way to acknowledge his first ever father’s day than men’s underwear. A great way to say hey you are still the main man in my life darling, as a new baby can leave a man feeling slightly insecure, suddenly his wife has something new to lavish all her attention on, and whilst he loves your new baby with his heart and soul it can be hard to adjust to this new role of daddy. Make him feel special with some designer undies whether he is a boxers and trunks man or whether he prefers briefs this season is showcasing some of the best designs we have seen in a long time.

Whether this is a present for your dad, or you are a wife getting a Father’s Day gift for you husband, be adventurous, consider the styles on offer, and have a look at designers like Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabana or Armani, it is likely that the recipient wouldn’t have considered these for himself and will love being able add designer underwear to his collection. There are some fantastic single colour choices which could be the ideal solution for the older man, I know that would be the best choice for my dad for example, however if you know that they are more open to the new why not go for one of the stunning patterns being offered this season. Brights and bolds are most definitely in and the range on offer means you are easily going to find something that suits your intended recipient. The halfway house is the two tone style with bright banding on a plain body, again Calvin Klein underwear has some stunning choices on offer this season.

If this is the present of choice for you husband then there really is no harm in getting what you like - hey he loves you! If his undies choice has always left a little to be desired then here is your chance to gently nudge him in the direction of something a little better! Choose what you like and what you can really see him wearing, the gamble is bound to pay off, he will love them, the only danger here is that you will unleash the monster and he will spend the next six months revamping his underwear drawer - just make sure it’s his credit card!

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