16 June 2010

Welcome to the World Cup

With World Cup fever starting to mount, the flags are flying, the banners are waving and the excitement can be felt in the air, but one question remains unanswered. What will the players be wearing under their shorts? Just what is the best underwear for men when they are about to take to the pitch and play for 90 minutes.

It is doubtful that we will ever actually know what these lads have under their shorts, and perhaps we can argue we don’t really want to find out that badly. However we can hazard a guess and provide you with some inspiration if a kick about is right up your street, and if any of the players are unsure we can point them in the right direction so settle back and see what is best for your tackle before match fever takes over and the whistle has blown. Comfort and ease of movement have to be one of the main considerations here, so if you are planning to get out and grab a match then think about how comfortable you will be.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to have no support where you need it, modesty is paramount here lads and believe us you will not live it down if you have a little more on show than you really want, a sure fire way to get a red flag! Consider men’s underwear that provides support with a bit of a lift, and do have a quick test run before match day arrives. With that in mind we suggest you have a look at the range of trunks and briefs on offer, and for football at least avoid the loose cut shorts, leave them for a rest day! Calvin Klein underwear has an excellent Summer 2010 collection, with splashes of colour featuring heavily you could even bag yourself the perfect patriotic pant.

Shorts are probably the best choice, but consider the comfort aspect at the point the shorts finish on your thighs. Muscular bulky legs may find that anything too far down the leg cuts in a little bit and really isn’t going to be comfortable for running, kicking and falling over lots! Seriously though, if you tend towards bulk on the upper thigh you may actually be better off opting for some designer briefs. Though it is worth bearing in mind that many designers offer an excellent mini short, these finish nearer the tops of the thighs but are also cut substantially across your backside area. Pouches and strings are almost as bad as going commando here guys so we suggest for the purposes of the game you leave these out of the team selection process. Leave them on the bench for post match celebrations, or leave them at home as they really don’t make the grade and offer the support and comfort combination that is so crucial to a winning team.

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