22 July 2010

Does the man who has everything, really have it all?

Some men seem to have it all, designer phone, designer jacket, designer watch, the wheels, and some even get the stunning 'former model' that they met in the bar on Friday night! Now for the rest of us, maybe we can at least get a foot in the door by investing in some designer men's underwear that can make or break the look. Now we all know the wrong pair of pants won't ruin your date entirely, but the right pair can certainly help make your night, and, if you play your cards right, the morning after as well!

As Callum Best recently proved on 'Come Dine with Me', the 'man about town' really does need the complete package to be able to perfect his look. But despite this, most men rarely think twice about what they need to cover that peachy tush that took weeks at the gym to perfect. Instead they still rely on the set their mum gets them at Christmas.

Whilst having a clean pair on is good if you are planning on getting into an accident, they are hardly likely to win over the hearts and minds of anyone fortunate enough to see them outside of an accident situation.

Likewise - the carefully well-worn pair of off-white 'pulling pants' that we know you guys have hidden away are not really going to cut the mustard when the lights are low and the pressure is on. So what to choose? Callum accidentally revealed his choice with his low slung jeans on the show, and we agree Calvin Klein Underwear is always a firm favourite and an easy choice to make. But there are also many other good brands that will be equally as good for men wanting to complete their ensemble. Sloggi and HOM also offer an excellent ranges of stylish well made, good fitting and comfortable boxers all guaranteed to be a hit.

Now much like the celebrity who doesn't want to get pap'd whilst shopping for smalls, many of you don't want to be seen out shopping for designer underwear, so go shopping for them online not only does it make better financial sense, but you can sit in comfort and check out all the different brands and styles with a hot coffee and chocolate biscuit. A good selection of designer men’s underwear should be a firm fixture within every mans wardrobe. It is definitely something that men should consider spending more time on and endeavour to replace any old, tatty well worn underwear. Try complimenting them with some quality loungewear at the same time, then when you are relaxing the day after the night before you will again be at your designer best. If you are going to spend all that money on trips to the gym to firm up the body and tone up the muscles, and then cover them in the best clothes and designer togs - then you have to have the boxers or briefsto match - sorry lads that’s just the way it is!

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