07 July 2010

Oh No Not Commando!

We are not sure whether it is something we would really want to share with the world at large, but apparently UK daytime television host Jeremy Kyle has no such concerns. He is quite happy to reveal that he doesn’t wear underwear, and hasn’t done for over 20 years. The revelations were made during an interview for the Guardian newspaper where he was asked to reveal a secret. It is obviously not known whether he just felt like being a bit of a cheeky chappie and made up the little white lie or whether he really does prefer to go commando, however if the latter is true we consider it is largely possible that he just hasn’t seen the fantastic range of designer men’s underwear on offer and has sensibly got tired of cheap pants that just can’t cut it.

What he needs to do is have a look at the best offerings on sale across the designer men’s underwear marketplace. It is completely understandable to be put off wearing underwear if you have been plagued by badly fitting uncomfortable pants, and it is stating the obvious to say that in order to mass produce quite so many cheap boxers, corners must be cut. We wonder if the Calvin Klein X range could tempt him back into bottoms, this range is hot and looks pretty good too. All styles are on offer, from trunks, briefs and boxer shorts it doesn’t matter what your personal favourites are this range has them all.

Defined by the large Calvin Klein lettering around the waist band, bold red or blue lettering on the black elasticated waist band, with a block colour body in many colours, classic white, sexy black or watermelon the choice is endless and hot off the manufacturing line. Klein’s are known for their style combined with all day comfort and fantastic quality so we know you won’t be disappointed if you test drive some of these Mr Kyle. Does anyone have his email address, mobile number or home address we really feel that we should share the secrets of great underwear with him, save him having to go without!

The shorts and pants in the range are made from either cotton (defined by blue logo) or best microfiber (defined by the red logo) which is a blend of Nylon and Elastane, which gives these classy boxers simply the best feel when worn. Plus - the hidden secret body defining cut that adds to your natural shape and enhances it in all the right places, hides the bits you are not proud off and flaunt the bits you love. Ladies will just love to look to gaze in wonder, of that you can be sure, so what are you waiting for lads! Grab yourself a range of Calvin Klein X underwear today and pick up not only style and comfort but just a little bit of X-tra special class , you will never want to go commando again (if ever you did!!) Now who is going to make sure Jeremy gets this insider scoop?

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