26 August 2010

It’s raining men’s underwear!

It’s raining men..’s underwear!

According to the calendar it is just approaching the end of August however looking outside the window this week in most parts of the UK you'd be forgiven for thinking it was October. The rain is coming down in buckets, everywhere is wet, trees are already shedding their leaves, and people are stuck in their houses bored. Now before you despair remember this is perfect shopping weather. Now we don't mean going out and getting wet traipsing the streets of a busy city weather, we mean sat in front of your computer surfing the Internet for your shopping type weather!

So next time you're stuck for something to do, why not log on and have a look at the excellent range of designer men's underwear on offer. Try not to focus on the fact that summer seems to be long gone for another year but have a look at what excellent undies you can get as we change from summer, to autumn and finally winter to keep you warmer. Personally when the weather is like this a splash of colour really cheers us up and luckily there are excellent designers on offer that have some fantastic colours that are sure to brighten even the dullest of days.

One brand that springs to mind when we think of colour is Bjorn Borg underwear, they have some brilliantly vibrant colours that will leave you wanting to wear your sunglasses - so you will get to use them this year after all! These boxers we have to confess are "love them or hate them" type pants, they really are bright, and they certainly don't pull any punches. One thing is the sure you will certainly be making a statement when you don a pair of Bjorn Borg bright pants!

Come on lads this is a real test of personality and individuality! So to help you get started we will share some of our favourites in the range. Firstly we have to say we love the Bjorn Borg boxer shorts with a rose print, these shorts are mostly white with red and blue/grey abstract rose patterns. This is further complimented well with the black waistband and red Bjorn Borg lettering and being trunks they are also designed for all day comfort. If you love trunks but that print isn’t quite for you, then why not try the slightly plainer Bjorn Borg skydiver boxer shorts, these come in an excellent bright blue with a black waistband and the Bjorn Borg lettering contrasts in yellow. These are slightly more understated but still nice and bright to keep you smiling when the rain pours!

Of course the other alternative is to head for sunny climates, and should you choose to do that then your new bright and bold Bjorn Borg underwear will be quite at home on a sun lounger as you work on that tan and try and forget the rainy country you live in for a few days! Whatever you plans - enjoy shopping for your new pants.

20 August 2010

Online Store Review - Dead Good Undies

Today, as they have a sale on, we thought we'd post a review of the men's underwear website - Dead Good Undies. Personally I think Dead Good Undies is a great name for a site that sells men’s underwear, it does exactly what it says on the tin; and, if you happen to forget the website address it is simple to type into google and find once more! The site itself is really easy to use, when you reach the home page you will find four category boxes that will take you straight to the underwear you want to look at: Sports underwear, Natural Underwear, Multipacks or Enhanced Underwear.

Once you have selected the category you need you are faced with a whole page of pants, where you can search further or refine the selection with a number of options. The top of each image tells you who the designer is, but this is also one of the options you can use to refine. What I like most about this site is the sheer amount of choice. Dead Good Undies has made sure that it offers a massive choice from firm favourites like Sloggi and HOM as well as bringing some lesser known names to the table. This means you have an excellent amount of choice and their prices are competitive.

Getting the boxers you have chosen into your basket is simple, and once there the checkout process is wonderfully easy. If you want this site will allow you to make your payment with your paypal account, which does mean not having to go through the hassle of entering your card number all over again. It makes it rather tempting to go and grab another few pairs though, as we all remember our paypal login but how many of us know our card numbers without looking! The delivery charges are all reasonable and the items I ordered were shipped really quickly meaning I didn’t have to wait long for my goodies.

After you have had a chance to road test your purchases, the lovely people at Dead Good Undies would like it a lot if you took the time to log back on and rate what you have bought. Remember they are not tied to any one supplier, they simply offer what they consider to be the best in designer men’s underwear, so getting honest customer feedback will help them a lot when making decisions about which brands to stock and which to drop. They certainly don’t want to tarnish their reputation on a brand which falls apart after a month of washing or something like that.

I have to say if you are looking to expand your undies collection and aren’t too sure what to choose this is an excellent starting point. The site has been kept simple, the purchase process is neat and the delivery times were really good. The choice of underwear brands is huge meaning that you get to see a really good selection of the best out there. Basically I really couldn’t fault this site, I found exactly what I wanted in just a few clicks and would recommend this site to anyone - Cheers lads!

18 August 2010

Say it isn’t so!

A worrying survey last week suggested a third of men in the UK are wearing underwear at least three days in a row to avoid the extra washing.
Could this really be the case chaps? Please say it isn’t so - as that really isn’t pleasant.

Figures from this very unusual survey into men’s underwear also claim that only 35% of you have clean pants every day which really is not a figure we particularly want to read. A mere 30% more of you manage a change every other day, leaving 35% of you to hang your heads in shame. Worryingly some of the younger guys questioned confessed that they would even turn the undies inside out after three days to get a little bit more time before washing (we thought that was an unrban myth!).

Now we can’t help wondering whether this is sheer laziness, which to be honest we do suspect, or whether you poor lads just don’t have enough undies to see you through the week. It really is a bit of a shame when you consider the massive wealth of designer men’s underwear available, whether you choose to shop in store or whether you want to harness the magical powers of the World Wide Web and shop from the lazy comfort of your own home, when you see the reasonable prices on offer you really will have no excuse but to change those undies daily.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a briefs, boxer shorts or trunk boxers man, all that matters is you have enough of the style you like to make the daily change! We bet none of you are having to wash by hand so let the machine take the strain, and add a pair of undies a day to the laundry pile - really, it isn’t so hard to do.

Whether you like the look of the latest Calvin Klein underwear, pants from Sloggi or briefs from HOM - the choices available are simply magnificent, so whilst we may sound like your mother, it is time to change! Changing undies daily is simply a must, so stock pile your favourite choices and ensure you have at least 10 pairs of pants, that way you will never need to wear the same pair for more than a day in a row. Younger lads, we have to say you are the worst offenders, according to the survey, and this trend of turning them inside out really has to stop, if that isn’t a step to far we don’t know what is.

In the mean time we are going to write to the survey producers and let them know we have been sorting out the problems, and we'll suggest they carry out their survey again once you have all had time to get your underwear delivered. This time we hope they will be reporting that all men in the UK are changing their pants every day, and in fact because they have discovered some really fantastic choices some men are even changing twice a day because they have so many pairs to choose from!

13 August 2010

Pay homage to HOM Mens Underwear

The popularity of HOM in the UK has been growing for some years now, but where does this designer men’s underwear creation have its roots and how long have they been around? We take a brief look (don’t you just love the puns!) at this top designer and tell you everything you need to know.

HOM has been a hit since the seventies following the birth of the soft pouch design in 1969. Up to this point men were looking at the squeeze of support undies or the free and easy feel of no support at all. HOM landed nicely in the middle, and provided that crucial element of support without the restrictiveness and tight feeling created by other brands. The pouch was later adopted by most men’s underwear designers so really was a landmark creation for this new company.

The timeline tour stops next in 1970 where the company decided to try the shock factor when it came to designing their next product. See through undies rocked the world but were extremely popular, flesh coloured and still incorporating the famed pouch these mini briefs certainly got folk talking which gave HOM a massive amount of popularity and free advertising, not to be sneezed at.

In 1976 the brains of HOM, those white coated designer types sat in the dark pouring over new ideas, created another revolution in underwear, it seemed there was just no stopping this team. HOM proudly released Homix, their never before seen waistband free briefs, these were sold to be perfect summer tush togs as they also came in the flesh coloured material and the seam free top band meant they became undetectable under thinner lighter coloured summer trousers.

The next timeline pin is a potential boon for the boxer short fans out there, and first came about in 1984 when the company began work on the inner pouch. The idea being that boxer short styling could have an inner hidden support pouch with the trunks styling on the outer. Not so much of an instant hit but none the less HOM again take credit for innovation and product flexibility and their popularity continues to swell.

Not wanting to miss a trick the company released a range of sports designed underwear in 1995, simple but effective in the form of briefs with a good level of support, which opened them up to even more followers who came to see the quality and comfort offered by the HOM collection.

Their latest landmark idea came in 1997 when the boffins that be decided to tackle the issue of the traditional fly style opening, and opted to try something completely different. HO1 was born. A horizontal opening designed to offer total comfort and still allow the wearer a hygienic lavatory experience. Patented and popular there seems to be no end to the talents on offer from HOM - where they take undies design next is anyones guess!

03 August 2010

Jockey Mens Underwear build lasting reputation

If you thought that Jockey Underwear were responsible for the Jockstrap you would be amongst hundreds of others who also think that and are indeed wrong. The Jockstrap came about before Jockey; however the new supportive design that Jockey brought in was the first non sport underwear to work in this way. It was the intention of the company to reflect the similarity but to create a completely different product, and judging by the world wide success of the firm they did just that.

Jockey found a design that worked for them and for years now their men’s underwear hasn’t changed in terms of basic design. Clearly they rightly feel that if you have a winning formula then why change it, and we have to agree. Obviously, now most designers of men’s undies sell a form of brief that offers support and all day comfort and for many men this is the style they prefer most. It has to be said that mens briefs also offer the cleanest lines under trousers that are prone to showing off that visible pant line, the lack of length along the thigh means nothing on show.

The Jockstrap was, and still is, a sports based device to ensure that your tackle isn’t damaged whilst out on the playing field, but it doesn’t really offer the sort of comfort that means you would want to wear it for long. Generally just designed to support for the duration of your match this really is just a piece of sports equipment rather than underwear. It has to be said that all day comfort really is important when choosing underwear there is nothing worse than being mid meeting and coping with discomfort in the trouser department, it isn’t really socially acceptable to rearrange whilst in public!

For many men that is why they prefer the cut of the trunk or boxer shorts as they find that for a whole day briefs are too restrictive and prone to being uncomfortable, but certainly with trunks the same issue can occur with tight elastic on the thighs cutting in and causing problems. Basically it comes down to personal choice but one thing is for sure, getting Jockey briefs is a whole different experience to getting cheap supermarket pants, the cut and craftsmanship are far superior which means that the level of comfort afforded to the wearer is so much better. Cheap undies will always be just that, however - the care and attention to detail that have helped build Jockey into the multi-national top rating company that they are today mean their loyal customers will have a quality product that will last for years to come. From humble beginnings nearly a century ago, the company fought back from the clutches of financial ruin to launch themselves into a company that shows no sign of losing popularity; in fact, each year a new generation of men shopping for their own underwear (for maybe the first time in their lives) opts to buy Jockey underwear thanks to their excellent reputation.