26 August 2010

It’s raining men’s underwear!

It’s raining men..’s underwear!

According to the calendar it is just approaching the end of August however looking outside the window this week in most parts of the UK you'd be forgiven for thinking it was October. The rain is coming down in buckets, everywhere is wet, trees are already shedding their leaves, and people are stuck in their houses bored. Now before you despair remember this is perfect shopping weather. Now we don't mean going out and getting wet traipsing the streets of a busy city weather, we mean sat in front of your computer surfing the Internet for your shopping type weather!

So next time you're stuck for something to do, why not log on and have a look at the excellent range of designer men's underwear on offer. Try not to focus on the fact that summer seems to be long gone for another year but have a look at what excellent undies you can get as we change from summer, to autumn and finally winter to keep you warmer. Personally when the weather is like this a splash of colour really cheers us up and luckily there are excellent designers on offer that have some fantastic colours that are sure to brighten even the dullest of days.

One brand that springs to mind when we think of colour is Bjorn Borg underwear, they have some brilliantly vibrant colours that will leave you wanting to wear your sunglasses - so you will get to use them this year after all! These boxers we have to confess are "love them or hate them" type pants, they really are bright, and they certainly don't pull any punches. One thing is the sure you will certainly be making a statement when you don a pair of Bjorn Borg bright pants!

Come on lads this is a real test of personality and individuality! So to help you get started we will share some of our favourites in the range. Firstly we have to say we love the Bjorn Borg boxer shorts with a rose print, these shorts are mostly white with red and blue/grey abstract rose patterns. This is further complimented well with the black waistband and red Bjorn Borg lettering and being trunks they are also designed for all day comfort. If you love trunks but that print isn’t quite for you, then why not try the slightly plainer Bjorn Borg skydiver boxer shorts, these come in an excellent bright blue with a black waistband and the Bjorn Borg lettering contrasts in yellow. These are slightly more understated but still nice and bright to keep you smiling when the rain pours!

Of course the other alternative is to head for sunny climates, and should you choose to do that then your new bright and bold Bjorn Borg underwear will be quite at home on a sun lounger as you work on that tan and try and forget the rainy country you live in for a few days! Whatever you plans - enjoy shopping for your new pants.

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