03 August 2010

Jockey Mens Underwear build lasting reputation

If you thought that Jockey Underwear were responsible for the Jockstrap you would be amongst hundreds of others who also think that and are indeed wrong. The Jockstrap came about before Jockey; however the new supportive design that Jockey brought in was the first non sport underwear to work in this way. It was the intention of the company to reflect the similarity but to create a completely different product, and judging by the world wide success of the firm they did just that.

Jockey found a design that worked for them and for years now their men’s underwear hasn’t changed in terms of basic design. Clearly they rightly feel that if you have a winning formula then why change it, and we have to agree. Obviously, now most designers of men’s undies sell a form of brief that offers support and all day comfort and for many men this is the style they prefer most. It has to be said that mens briefs also offer the cleanest lines under trousers that are prone to showing off that visible pant line, the lack of length along the thigh means nothing on show.

The Jockstrap was, and still is, a sports based device to ensure that your tackle isn’t damaged whilst out on the playing field, but it doesn’t really offer the sort of comfort that means you would want to wear it for long. Generally just designed to support for the duration of your match this really is just a piece of sports equipment rather than underwear. It has to be said that all day comfort really is important when choosing underwear there is nothing worse than being mid meeting and coping with discomfort in the trouser department, it isn’t really socially acceptable to rearrange whilst in public!

For many men that is why they prefer the cut of the trunk or boxer shorts as they find that for a whole day briefs are too restrictive and prone to being uncomfortable, but certainly with trunks the same issue can occur with tight elastic on the thighs cutting in and causing problems. Basically it comes down to personal choice but one thing is for sure, getting Jockey briefs is a whole different experience to getting cheap supermarket pants, the cut and craftsmanship are far superior which means that the level of comfort afforded to the wearer is so much better. Cheap undies will always be just that, however - the care and attention to detail that have helped build Jockey into the multi-national top rating company that they are today mean their loyal customers will have a quality product that will last for years to come. From humble beginnings nearly a century ago, the company fought back from the clutches of financial ruin to launch themselves into a company that shows no sign of losing popularity; in fact, each year a new generation of men shopping for their own underwear (for maybe the first time in their lives) opts to buy Jockey underwear thanks to their excellent reputation.

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