13 August 2010

Pay homage to HOM Mens Underwear

The popularity of HOM in the UK has been growing for some years now, but where does this designer men’s underwear creation have its roots and how long have they been around? We take a brief look (don’t you just love the puns!) at this top designer and tell you everything you need to know.

HOM has been a hit since the seventies following the birth of the soft pouch design in 1969. Up to this point men were looking at the squeeze of support undies or the free and easy feel of no support at all. HOM landed nicely in the middle, and provided that crucial element of support without the restrictiveness and tight feeling created by other brands. The pouch was later adopted by most men’s underwear designers so really was a landmark creation for this new company.

The timeline tour stops next in 1970 where the company decided to try the shock factor when it came to designing their next product. See through undies rocked the world but were extremely popular, flesh coloured and still incorporating the famed pouch these mini briefs certainly got folk talking which gave HOM a massive amount of popularity and free advertising, not to be sneezed at.

In 1976 the brains of HOM, those white coated designer types sat in the dark pouring over new ideas, created another revolution in underwear, it seemed there was just no stopping this team. HOM proudly released Homix, their never before seen waistband free briefs, these were sold to be perfect summer tush togs as they also came in the flesh coloured material and the seam free top band meant they became undetectable under thinner lighter coloured summer trousers.

The next timeline pin is a potential boon for the boxer short fans out there, and first came about in 1984 when the company began work on the inner pouch. The idea being that boxer short styling could have an inner hidden support pouch with the trunks styling on the outer. Not so much of an instant hit but none the less HOM again take credit for innovation and product flexibility and their popularity continues to swell.

Not wanting to miss a trick the company released a range of sports designed underwear in 1995, simple but effective in the form of briefs with a good level of support, which opened them up to even more followers who came to see the quality and comfort offered by the HOM collection.

Their latest landmark idea came in 1997 when the boffins that be decided to tackle the issue of the traditional fly style opening, and opted to try something completely different. HO1 was born. A horizontal opening designed to offer total comfort and still allow the wearer a hygienic lavatory experience. Patented and popular there seems to be no end to the talents on offer from HOM - where they take undies design next is anyones guess!

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