18 August 2010

Say it isn’t so!

A worrying survey last week suggested a third of men in the UK are wearing underwear at least three days in a row to avoid the extra washing.
Could this really be the case chaps? Please say it isn’t so - as that really isn’t pleasant.

Figures from this very unusual survey into men’s underwear also claim that only 35% of you have clean pants every day which really is not a figure we particularly want to read. A mere 30% more of you manage a change every other day, leaving 35% of you to hang your heads in shame. Worryingly some of the younger guys questioned confessed that they would even turn the undies inside out after three days to get a little bit more time before washing (we thought that was an unrban myth!).

Now we can’t help wondering whether this is sheer laziness, which to be honest we do suspect, or whether you poor lads just don’t have enough undies to see you through the week. It really is a bit of a shame when you consider the massive wealth of designer men’s underwear available, whether you choose to shop in store or whether you want to harness the magical powers of the World Wide Web and shop from the lazy comfort of your own home, when you see the reasonable prices on offer you really will have no excuse but to change those undies daily.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a briefs, boxer shorts or trunk boxers man, all that matters is you have enough of the style you like to make the daily change! We bet none of you are having to wash by hand so let the machine take the strain, and add a pair of undies a day to the laundry pile - really, it isn’t so hard to do.

Whether you like the look of the latest Calvin Klein underwear, pants from Sloggi or briefs from HOM - the choices available are simply magnificent, so whilst we may sound like your mother, it is time to change! Changing undies daily is simply a must, so stock pile your favourite choices and ensure you have at least 10 pairs of pants, that way you will never need to wear the same pair for more than a day in a row. Younger lads, we have to say you are the worst offenders, according to the survey, and this trend of turning them inside out really has to stop, if that isn’t a step to far we don’t know what is.

In the mean time we are going to write to the survey producers and let them know we have been sorting out the problems, and we'll suggest they carry out their survey again once you have all had time to get your underwear delivered. This time we hope they will be reporting that all men in the UK are changing their pants every day, and in fact because they have discovered some really fantastic choices some men are even changing twice a day because they have so many pairs to choose from!

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