29 September 2010

Bum Chums - Underwear For Men

A couple of weeks ago we introduced new kids on the block ‘Bum Chums’ and we thought it was only fair to have a closer look at what is on offer. We would have done this last week but Dead Good Undies informed us the brand was proving so popular they had virtually sold out! Thankfully they have just had a lorry load turn up so we thought now was a good time to have a snoop around, and when you go to order you can be sure to get what you want - for now at least, these bad boys are seriously popular.

Now these are not undies for the faint hearted lads, these are designer men’s underwear that really bite back. We are talking bright and in your face, and as one of our lovely ladies in the office described them very ‘Dream Boys’. The shiny effect pants are proving popular here too, we love the opulent colours, the silver, gold, purple or blue are all very seasonal and would look fantastic under the tree this Christmas. Whether you have a bloke that likes his boxers or one who prefers his briefs you can take full advantage of the whole Bum Chums range as most designs are available in these two popular underwear styles.

If shiny pants don’t hold any appeal fear not! There is also a delicious range of matt undies to take full advantage of too! We love the hot pink boxers but are also rather drawn to the acid green and pink ones too - a real undies dilemma guys! Of course if it gets too hard to choose you could just invest in more than one pair after all you have more than one outfit to complement - even if no one sees them tucked neatly under your trousers!

28 September 2010

Easy tiger

We didn’t actually realise it but a recent poll of men’s underwear fashions suggests that you men just love the look of animal print undies - Who would have thought it! Now for us ladies to appreciate the tiger or zebra look it has to be classy. Tacky posing pouches are out, and as for those that come with ears and a tail, forget it! If we are going to purr with pleasure at top tush totty tucked into animal prints then please take our advice and head for the best designer men’s underwear shops on the net (and this is your lucky day as we have them all right here for you!)

To save you time and effort, because we know how much you men love the easy life we have even done the research for you. The lovely ladies in the office have surfed and clicked their way to the best animal undies on the web and here they are. Ok they did complete their task with coffee and biscuits, and there was rather a lot of screeching and giggle going on but hey, for you lads they sacrificed their time, so you can look scrummy in your pants!

Our first top pick comes from web retailers Whites and Smalls who stock the cutest pair of Calvin Klein briefs complete with zebra striping, we love this designer and seldom see a bad pair of undies from them, so bring out the animal in you with classic black and white zebra styling or a funky black and blue version for that modern twist. They get the thumbs up from the ladies in the office so we are sure your lady will love them too (single lads take note these are a great choice for early dating!)

Now why not pop over to Giggleberries where you will find gorgeous trunks, again by underwear god Calvin Klein, this time featuring a rocking snake skin print. Sexy serpents are set to impress, need we say more! The shorts definitely impressed the ladies in the office, who all felt that they would be more than happy to see their man lounging in these. In fact some of them even put their money where their mouth is and ordered a pair to take home with them! Just as we were about to move onto another site there came a shout from the other side of the office. Another cracking discovery on Giggleberries, this time from the lovely people at Pikante, who have a cheeky little zebra print thong for those steamy nights of fun! We know thongs aren’t everyones cup of tea but this is certainly a stylish little number and worth breaking the habit of a life time for we think!

Clearly whatever style of undies you prefer, getting the animal print is a walk in the park, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own armchair! Click and surf your way to an exotic zoo in your bottom drawer, stock up now for a bit of animal magic.

21 September 2010

L'Homme Invisible

Always with the male physique in mind - L’Homme Invisible is innovative, elegant, avant garde, original. Designed to improve comfort as well as looks. Originally created by French designer Patrice Chevreux in the Eighties, the L’Homme Invisible collection continues to follow his philosophy that how a man feels about his look depends on what he puts on first. The range continues to develop and surprise, featuring signature elements such as Sexmachine branding and no inside labels (care instructions are printed inside each piece). Always using the best technology for fabrics such as eco-friendly Sensitive microfibre and for each and every design, L’Homme Invisible underwear is an indulgence to be enjoyed every day.

15 September 2010

A true 'news flash' about mens underwear

Reading the news is all part of the job when you're trying to keep up to date with the changing mens underwear trends of the nation, today however it was not the UK that caught our eye but the antics of someone else reading the news on Slovenian television. The young male newsreader had for some reason decided to present his news bulletin wearing just a shirt, his tie and his blazer and his boxer shorts. He did not choose to wear trousers, and being such an obvious oversight we can only assume he did it on purpose.

We cannot tell whether it was an attempt at humour, a bet from the lads, or maybe simply because he likes underwear. If it was because he likes his underwear that much then we are one group of people who can forgive him because with such a fantastic and massive range of designer men's underwear on the market it is hard not to get really into your pants...if you’ll pardon the pun!

To give him some dignity back, the newsreader was sat behind a desk as he read the news, so for the most part the nation was unaware of his faux pas. However when the credits rolled at the end of the show the cameras swung round to reveal the man sat, behind the desk in just in his pants.

Although we really love the underwear and know lots about it, we could not tell you what brand he was wearing. Perhaps it was Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts, who can blame him they have a stunning range of boxer shorts, trunks and briefs on offer to suit every figure and their tailoring is second to none. Maybe he had been shopping earlier in the week at one of the fantastic online web retailers of designer men's underwear and simply could not wait to show off his bargains!Perhaps he had stumbled across some Bjorn Borg boxers in the sale or maybe he prefers the look of Hom, we can speculate all day and not be right.

He isn't the first newsreader to be caught without his trousers on and probably won't be the last but we can't see it catching on as the norm, no matter how much these men love their underwear! We are sure most of the time newsreaders, just like the rest of us prefer to put their trousers on top especially if the cameras rolling, and we are in the public eye. The obvious answer of course is very simple - the time ran short, it was a live broadcast and he simply wasn't ready in time. Getting him on the air was more important to the floor crew than getting him into his trousers, and maybe the only fault was the cheeky camera man at the end. Whatever his reasons he certainly gave everybody a bit of a laugh that day and as the seasons change and the weather turns, a bit of a laugh every day is good medicine, so for that we have to thank him!

08 September 2010

New UK Brand arrives at DGU

To view the entire Bum Chums mens underwear range, click here

Bum Chums is an exciting young brand that offers some seriously funky designs and retails for between £15 and £16, which we believe offers great value. Our favourite is the 'acid anaconda' design... what's yours?

Dress to impress...

Now lads, today we are going to let you into a little secret, one that the lady in your life is going to simple love us for sharing with you, and hopefully love you all the more for going with it! What we are talking about today is dressing to impress, and we don’t mean your choice of jeans and t-shirt. Believe it or not, you are not the only ones who like to see the love of your life adorning the bed in some sexy underwear. Yep, dressing to impress in the bedroom is not just for us ladies, we actually love it when our men make the effort to look super good for us.

Now just like you we all have our personal likes and dislikes, that includes the style of undies we like, and also the colours we prefer - not so different from you men after all are we? Bet you never realised that now! So, if you haven’t every surprised your gorgeous gal by strutting your stuff in your undies, now could be the time to start. To keep your bedroom antics under wraps for now, try and find a subtle way into the world of designer men’s underwear with her. After all even if you have to bite the bullet and ask her if she is a boxer shorts gal or a briefs babe then it is unlikely she will get suspicious. Once you have found out her favourite style and hue it is time to go shopping - yes we mean it. Just because she says she likes black boxer shorts doesn’t mean you can just dig out that old pair from the back of the drawer, complete with extra holes and baggy elastic - frankly that doesn’t quite cut the mustard!

Armed with her choices in mind settle down and give this one some care and attention, there are simply hundreds of choices out there, have a rummage through the shops to your right and see what you can come up with. As you have to wear these pants to impress it does kinda help if you can like them too - however you are not important as your overall mission in this case. Do you have any idea how many times women have worn uncomfortable undies in an effort to impress , you too can suffer a little if needs be and simply no liking the style is nothing compared to being uncomfortable.

The best thing about all the items of designer men’s underwear that these fabulous online shops can offer you is the quality of workmanship being banded about. Due to the excellent standards of these designers we have chosen to showcase, you can be assured that actually all the undies on offer have maximum comfort so you really don’t have to worry about that. Now get on and pick something, get the kids to grandma’s for the night and tog that tush to impress. Promise she will love you for it, and probably make it all worth while..

02 September 2010

Anything but square pants!

I have to confess to a guilty pleasure of watching cartoons with my kids on a Sunday morning, I pretend to be reading the papers or something equally adult but certain cartoons really are quite entertaining! One in particular that I really love is the infamous trouble prone yellow and porous creature, Sponge Bob Square Pants. There is something about him that really appeals to me, the humour is slapstick, the story lines thin, yet somehow I am entranced for the full twenty minutes or so. One thing that occurred to me the other day as I giggled like a five year old as Bob and his best friend Patrick Star caused chaos and confusion, is that my hero Bob better hope the fashion police don’t have an underwater squad, because if they see those pants they are going to have to arrest him for a crime against good taste.

Ok - it’s tenuous but honestly it did make me think about designer men’s underwear, yes it’s a cartoon and no real pants aren’t actually square but that’s not to say I haven’t seen some equally hideous crimes against fashion being committed when it comes to boxer shorts, trunks and brief - some of them definitely the wrong shape. Over washed trunks and baggy saggy boxers could actually be classed as square if not rectangular. Now every self respecting lady out there will confirm that we just don’t tolerate tatty undies, but you men really seem to have a different stance entirely. You can’t see them so you don’t worry about them. For months you pop on your out of shape, holes where they shouldn’t be, generally seen better days collection of undies, and once covered by your jeans or trousers cease to worry about what they look like. Functionality over physicality I suspect. It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as they serve their purpose. Ok, it is the easy no effort approach and we all know how much that means to you lads, but honestly it really isn’t good.

Go to you undies drawer now and have a look for any square pants. Make that little yellow sponge proud as you ditch any trunks and briefs that have seen better days. Bin them. Go on, you know you want to really. Now, hands up who has an empty drawer? Yup that’s what we suspected, and thankfully the solution is just a click away. It is time to smarten up that tush, and get shopping for pukka designer men’s underwear, and we can take you to literally hundreds of pairs, in a massive range of colours, sizes and even shapes, but we promise you, none of them square! All of them have style, all of them are quality pieces of cheek decoration and many of them are just fantastic value. Get that piece of plastic out and get clicking, and after all that hard work lets end with a song, sing it loud sing it strong - ‘He lives in a pineapple under the sea - Sponge Bob Square Pants!'