29 September 2010

Bum Chums - Underwear For Men

A couple of weeks ago we introduced new kids on the block ‘Bum Chums’ and we thought it was only fair to have a closer look at what is on offer. We would have done this last week but Dead Good Undies informed us the brand was proving so popular they had virtually sold out! Thankfully they have just had a lorry load turn up so we thought now was a good time to have a snoop around, and when you go to order you can be sure to get what you want - for now at least, these bad boys are seriously popular.

Now these are not undies for the faint hearted lads, these are designer men’s underwear that really bite back. We are talking bright and in your face, and as one of our lovely ladies in the office described them very ‘Dream Boys’. The shiny effect pants are proving popular here too, we love the opulent colours, the silver, gold, purple or blue are all very seasonal and would look fantastic under the tree this Christmas. Whether you have a bloke that likes his boxers or one who prefers his briefs you can take full advantage of the whole Bum Chums range as most designs are available in these two popular underwear styles.

If shiny pants don’t hold any appeal fear not! There is also a delicious range of matt undies to take full advantage of too! We love the hot pink boxers but are also rather drawn to the acid green and pink ones too - a real undies dilemma guys! Of course if it gets too hard to choose you could just invest in more than one pair after all you have more than one outfit to complement - even if no one sees them tucked neatly under your trousers!

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