08 September 2010

Dress to impress...

Now lads, today we are going to let you into a little secret, one that the lady in your life is going to simple love us for sharing with you, and hopefully love you all the more for going with it! What we are talking about today is dressing to impress, and we don’t mean your choice of jeans and t-shirt. Believe it or not, you are not the only ones who like to see the love of your life adorning the bed in some sexy underwear. Yep, dressing to impress in the bedroom is not just for us ladies, we actually love it when our men make the effort to look super good for us.

Now just like you we all have our personal likes and dislikes, that includes the style of undies we like, and also the colours we prefer - not so different from you men after all are we? Bet you never realised that now! So, if you haven’t every surprised your gorgeous gal by strutting your stuff in your undies, now could be the time to start. To keep your bedroom antics under wraps for now, try and find a subtle way into the world of designer men’s underwear with her. After all even if you have to bite the bullet and ask her if she is a boxer shorts gal or a briefs babe then it is unlikely she will get suspicious. Once you have found out her favourite style and hue it is time to go shopping - yes we mean it. Just because she says she likes black boxer shorts doesn’t mean you can just dig out that old pair from the back of the drawer, complete with extra holes and baggy elastic - frankly that doesn’t quite cut the mustard!

Armed with her choices in mind settle down and give this one some care and attention, there are simply hundreds of choices out there, have a rummage through the shops to your right and see what you can come up with. As you have to wear these pants to impress it does kinda help if you can like them too - however you are not important as your overall mission in this case. Do you have any idea how many times women have worn uncomfortable undies in an effort to impress , you too can suffer a little if needs be and simply no liking the style is nothing compared to being uncomfortable.

The best thing about all the items of designer men’s underwear that these fabulous online shops can offer you is the quality of workmanship being banded about. Due to the excellent standards of these designers we have chosen to showcase, you can be assured that actually all the undies on offer have maximum comfort so you really don’t have to worry about that. Now get on and pick something, get the kids to grandma’s for the night and tog that tush to impress. Promise she will love you for it, and probably make it all worth while..

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