28 September 2010

Easy tiger

We didn’t actually realise it but a recent poll of men’s underwear fashions suggests that you men just love the look of animal print undies - Who would have thought it! Now for us ladies to appreciate the tiger or zebra look it has to be classy. Tacky posing pouches are out, and as for those that come with ears and a tail, forget it! If we are going to purr with pleasure at top tush totty tucked into animal prints then please take our advice and head for the best designer men’s underwear shops on the net (and this is your lucky day as we have them all right here for you!)

To save you time and effort, because we know how much you men love the easy life we have even done the research for you. The lovely ladies in the office have surfed and clicked their way to the best animal undies on the web and here they are. Ok they did complete their task with coffee and biscuits, and there was rather a lot of screeching and giggle going on but hey, for you lads they sacrificed their time, so you can look scrummy in your pants!

Our first top pick comes from web retailers Whites and Smalls who stock the cutest pair of Calvin Klein briefs complete with zebra striping, we love this designer and seldom see a bad pair of undies from them, so bring out the animal in you with classic black and white zebra styling or a funky black and blue version for that modern twist. They get the thumbs up from the ladies in the office so we are sure your lady will love them too (single lads take note these are a great choice for early dating!)

Now why not pop over to Giggleberries where you will find gorgeous trunks, again by underwear god Calvin Klein, this time featuring a rocking snake skin print. Sexy serpents are set to impress, need we say more! The shorts definitely impressed the ladies in the office, who all felt that they would be more than happy to see their man lounging in these. In fact some of them even put their money where their mouth is and ordered a pair to take home with them! Just as we were about to move onto another site there came a shout from the other side of the office. Another cracking discovery on Giggleberries, this time from the lovely people at Pikante, who have a cheeky little zebra print thong for those steamy nights of fun! We know thongs aren’t everyones cup of tea but this is certainly a stylish little number and worth breaking the habit of a life time for we think!

Clearly whatever style of undies you prefer, getting the animal print is a walk in the park, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own armchair! Click and surf your way to an exotic zoo in your bottom drawer, stock up now for a bit of animal magic.

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