15 September 2010

A true 'news flash' about mens underwear

Reading the news is all part of the job when you're trying to keep up to date with the changing mens underwear trends of the nation, today however it was not the UK that caught our eye but the antics of someone else reading the news on Slovenian television. The young male newsreader had for some reason decided to present his news bulletin wearing just a shirt, his tie and his blazer and his boxer shorts. He did not choose to wear trousers, and being such an obvious oversight we can only assume he did it on purpose.

We cannot tell whether it was an attempt at humour, a bet from the lads, or maybe simply because he likes underwear. If it was because he likes his underwear that much then we are one group of people who can forgive him because with such a fantastic and massive range of designer men's underwear on the market it is hard not to get really into your pants...if you’ll pardon the pun!

To give him some dignity back, the newsreader was sat behind a desk as he read the news, so for the most part the nation was unaware of his faux pas. However when the credits rolled at the end of the show the cameras swung round to reveal the man sat, behind the desk in just in his pants.

Although we really love the underwear and know lots about it, we could not tell you what brand he was wearing. Perhaps it was Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts, who can blame him they have a stunning range of boxer shorts, trunks and briefs on offer to suit every figure and their tailoring is second to none. Maybe he had been shopping earlier in the week at one of the fantastic online web retailers of designer men's underwear and simply could not wait to show off his bargains!Perhaps he had stumbled across some Bjorn Borg boxers in the sale or maybe he prefers the look of Hom, we can speculate all day and not be right.

He isn't the first newsreader to be caught without his trousers on and probably won't be the last but we can't see it catching on as the norm, no matter how much these men love their underwear! We are sure most of the time newsreaders, just like the rest of us prefer to put their trousers on top especially if the cameras rolling, and we are in the public eye. The obvious answer of course is very simple - the time ran short, it was a live broadcast and he simply wasn't ready in time. Getting him on the air was more important to the floor crew than getting him into his trousers, and maybe the only fault was the cheeky camera man at the end. Whatever his reasons he certainly gave everybody a bit of a laugh that day and as the seasons change and the weather turns, a bit of a laugh every day is good medicine, so for that we have to thank him!

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