28 October 2010

Beckham bares all in public

Ok so it certainly isn’t the first time we have seen David Beckham in little more than his shorts, several of his sizzling adverts show him wearing nothing more than his boxer shorts and a smile, but how often has he stripped on the pitch in front of the crowd.

At his last game this week, that is exactly what happened after the mega star received a nasty cut to the finger during a LA Galaxy game, and the copious amounts of blood made rather a mess of his kit. Sadly despite the tabloids promising pictures of the star in his pants all we actually saw was a topless Becks - yummy none the less but sadly with his shorts firmly on. It turns out that much to their annoyance the massive run of paps largely missed this incident, and any that did capture the moment on film have yet to release it for public consumption, so for now all we can see is this leaked image, but press pack, please note - we do want to see them soon.

We cannot tell from this image what brand of designer men’s underwear was concealed beneath his kit shorts, but we do know they are white briefs and that over the past few years Armani was a definite favourite in the Beckham household. But we wonder if his loyalty has moved in recent months to another brand?

Whatever the brand was, it appears he had chosen white probably as he wouldn’t want them showing under his shorts. We hope he didn’t get any blood on them, it won’t be easy to get out! Obviously we send our best to David and hope his finger is not badly injured, perhaps we should send him some new mens briefs (in black this time) in case he is a pair down!

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