21 October 2010

Making the news - in his underwear

What started out as a relatively small awareness raising idea has caught the imagination of millions of people around the globe. The Guy at Home is a virtual blog, following the antics on webcam of one man as he spends 25 days wearing nothing more than his boxer shorts and a smile (and doesn’t leave the four walls of his home either).

The aim of his antics is to raise awareness and money for testicular cancer, ‘the guy’ is himself a survivor of the disease so knows better than most the importance of regular checking to ensure quick detection. However we assume he wasn’t prepared for the worldwide interest and the vast amount of support he has received - this guy and his cause has gone viral - he is everywhere. Our only complaint is that his choices in underwear are certainly not designer men’s underwear in fact some of them have been rather sad and tired (and that is putting it mildly!). We certainly cannot fault his cause and wish him vast amounts of luck. He is now well over halfway through and his tush togs are not getting much better, in fact sometimes they really seem worse.

Maybe with so much time on his hands (although he has had several visitors to his Canadian home so maybe he is busier than he thought he might be), he could take the time to browse the many online shops we are proud to feature and get himself some decent pants! In less than 10 days his mission will have ended but we really do think he needs to spring clean that bottom drawer and get some better specimens before he starts going out into the world once more! Come on Guy, it is time to go shopping -you don’t need to leave the house and the friendly postie will bring them right to your door!

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