07 October 2010

Never mind the Grinch, this Christmas demand the Ginch Gonch

Now come on guys much as you might like to deny it we all remember the Grinch. A Jim Carey creation brought to life on the big screen. A green curious looking creature who wasn’t renowned for his good humour, in fact such was his grump with the world that the Grinch stole Christmas. Well the good news is Ginch Gonch, the not so green looking men’s designer underwear moguls have brought the spirit of Christmas back. The Ginch Gonch saved Christmas!

Now one of the reasons this brand sits so well with a delightful tale aimed at children is because Ginch Gonch have used our childhood memories to create bang up to date adult classics that we believe are going to be around for years to come. Billed as men’s underwear with attitude Ginch Gonch boxer shorts are inspired and fun, something that you are sure to enjoy.

Currently we have found 4 designs that bring out the kid in us, but at the same time have a masculine twist that gives them appeal to guys over the age of 18! If we reveal the names of these designs as "I Love London", "I Love Bacon", and "Fruit Juice" you may be able to imagine them. Pop over to the Ginch Gonch page and have a look - you wont be far wrong!

These pants clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, and as a consequence this is one brand that we love...

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