15 October 2010

Remember remember the 5th of November

Like kids in a candy store we get excited about fireworks night. The pretty colours are a sight to be seen and hey it’s another great excuse to throw a party and have a get together with friends. It also gets us thinking about designer men’s underwear - not that we think about much else and yes we need to get out more!
Seriously though, fireworks night is all about colour and impact - and that sits perfectly with some of the gorgeous undies out there from some of the best designers on the market. We showcased some of the glorious offerings from Bum Chums the other day and they are perfect examples of sparkling firework standard underwear! They even have the metallic look finish to really set your bottom a shimmer - whit whoo! Other designers may have opted for the matt look, but some of the colour combinations are simply explosive and we just love them.

Bjorn Borg underwear is a great favourite of ours, like an old friend we are always pleased to see them turning out new ranges. The latest range of pants contains riots of colour, clearly a Bjorn Borg designer's thing and there is at least one pair that really looks like a firework explosion in the sky - what better undies to wear for your firework party, work it baby work it!

Calvin Klein 365 underwear could actually have the whole market sewn up as they have everyday undies for every taste, so check them out too. The great thing is you still have three weeks to go, so plenty of time to visit some of our favourite online undies retailers and stock up.

Oh, and don’t forget the invites and the supplies of fireworks and drinks to get the party going, but do remember the fireworks code lads! We want no reports of "pants on fire"! Actually - we would like to hear any dramatic stories like that! - just send them in to us :)

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