12 November 2010

Pants fit for a prince

Ahh it seems even some royal blood cant stop you showing a bit of pant waistband when you are out and about. Potential heir to the throne Prince Harry was snapped by the ever present barrage of paparazzi showing some rather dubious pink pants as he lifted his hands high above his head at a charity event, causing his top to ride up and his jeans to sink down. (The debate rumbles on about whether this is cool or not cool but we have debated that long enough we wont bore you again!)

Now clearly pink pants is not something we would baulk at if they were designer men’s underwear, but we really do have our doubts. The rather bunched elastic caught on film was more reminiscent of cheap and cheerful than style and desire. As we have undies on our minds most of the time it didn’t take log for the old cogs to start turning as we scanned the virtual shelves hunting down trunks, boxers and briefs that would be more befitting a king in waiting - and believe us we can think of lots!

Bon Bon Bodywear with Free UK Shipping at Banglads

Our friends over at Banglads have many excellent brands, James Tudor striking us as one such brand that definitely has royal sounding appeal! We simply love the styling and detail on the pouch of these stunning trunks (which come in three lengths) and we think they would go well with the royal colouring. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, Andrew Christian, Hom and Emporio Armani all feature on this site giving Prince Harry or any other royal for that matter, a vast choice of undies, meaning there is sure to be something to appeal - and even something in pink - just a better pink more sophisticated pink we think!

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