31 December 2010

Ready, Steady. Shop!

I don’t know whether you are one of the lucky folk that get to have the time between Christmas and New Year off, or if like me you are back to the office, shop or other workplace slaving away again?

Whether you are at home in the day or just back in the evenings - online sale shopping is excellent therapy for this strange limbo period between the two major events of this time of year.

It probably wont surprise you to hear that most of our favourite online designer mens underwear retailers have gone into sale mode, and for us the undies addicts, this is a perfect opportunity to spend some time thinking more about ourselves and less about what to get all those hard to buy for relatives for Christmas, think of it as a post Christmas reward for your dedication and hard work in making sure your nearest and dearest got what they really wanted.

Now its time to pamper yourself and bag some really gorgeous undies, just because you can. If you are like me you have to be honest and say even the traditional red and white sale notices get your heart rate going, the thought of finding all those mens underwear bargains really is just too exciting for words. Our favourite shops seem to have some first rate Christmas cheer this year as some of the bargains on offer really are to die for.

Whether your fetish is for tight taught trunks, or barely there briefs you are simply going to love the selection on offer. We know Whites and Smalls, Jacksies Underwear, and Giggleberries have some cracking offers, Dead Good Undies have opted to give a generous 20% discount across the whole site rather than marking down specific items, but hey that works just as well! Treat yourself, settle back with some Christmas chocolate (didn’t we all get a ton again?!) and get surfing for must have sale items.

23 December 2010

How old are your pants?

We do love the amount of time wasted on the strangest of surveys and yet another bonkers rather strange poll has been released this week. Following intensive questioning of the great British public at large, it has been revealed that the majority of us have underwear that is at least 10 years old. Now whilst we guess this isn’t the worst crime in the world it isn’t the nicest thought either! (Don’t you just hate it when one of those surveys proves useful!)

If you are one of those out there that does own rather old pants, then maybe, just maybe it is time to consider refreshing your collection and getting shot of some of the oldest pairs and updating the bottom drawer with some newer items of designer mens underwear! We have lots of good friends over at the various online retailers featured on this site and we know they make it their mission to hunt out the best in boxers, trunks and briefs just for you.

So, start with the oldest pair and count up how many you have that are getting rather old and tired (like me!) and replace them with some sparkly shiny new ones. A couple of sites have some excellent offers at the moment, including buy one get one free on Hom and some great discounts across a wide range at one of the others. No, we are not going to tell you which, not because we are mean but because we think you will have more fun if you have a browse through them all and discover for yourself what stunning items of mens underwear await you! If you are going to make one new years resolution make it this. Never to have pants over about 2 years old lurking in your underwear drawer!

17 December 2010

Last minute Christmas bargains!

Shopping for Christmas is either something you will have nearly finished or if you are a last minute panic buyer something you may actually have yet to start. Remember that if you are shopping online, as good as our favourite designer mens underwear shops are, they still need time to post things. If you are purchasing pressies for other people please remember to check the last posting dates to make sure your goodies get there on time.

Now, one other thing that really makes Christmas shopping fun is getting more for your money, so we have been sniffing out the best and greatest offers to help you out. One excellent deal we clocked was over at the Dead Good Undies store, they have an simply terrific offer on their Hom Black Addict Low Waist Maxi briefs. For a limited time only if you purchase one pair they will simply pop in a second pair for free - how good is that?

These low rise trunk style undies feature a block colour and wide black waistband which says ‘Black Addict’ on it. Choose from blue, dark pink, light pink or black, in fact with prices this good why not buy all four - and only pay for two!

Meanwhile over on Giggleberries they have decided to put a whole host of lovely tush ticklers in a pre christmas sale, with up to 60% off some of the choices. There are lots of designers featuring in this magical offer, far too many to mention, but definitely worth a look, so why not pop over and have a browse.

There is an excellent range of ever popular Calvin Klein Underwear at Whites And Smalls - and we know how much you all love those.

If we don’t see you again before - good luck with your last minute shopping and have a very merry Christmas!

14 December 2010

Discount code for Jacksies Underwear

We have just been alerted to a great discount code that's valid for only 2 days!
Grab 15% off some designer mens underwear at www.JacksiesUnderwear.co.uk (valid until midnight 16th December 2010) - just quote the promo code: XMAS15

10 December 2010

Christmas Pants

Everybody needs a pair of Christmas pants - don't they?

No - we don’t care if you hate the season, a pair of Christmas pants will be just the thing to cheer you up and inject some seasonal spirit in you (and hey if that fails there’s always the spirit that comes in a bottle!) Seriously though, we have tacky Christmas ties, cheesy Christmas music, so we feel it is imperative that your bottom gets a look in too.

Thankfully we are not talking tacky or cheesy, but with designer men’s underwear from Mundo Unico we are talking tasteful and gorgeous but with just a twist of fun to make sure these become your seasonal favourites for years to come! Just like Santa himself these boxers or briefs come in a fantastically fabulous red that is jolly and bright, a simply perfect sight!

Both pairs come in stunning semi-transparent red mesh, with just a little more coverage in all the right places, and the really festive waistband has that perfect green touch that simply says ‘Merry Christmas’ right around with some funky holly too. As we mentioned these come in trunks for those of you that like a bit of length and briefs for those who prefer a closer fit.

We found these stunning winter warmers over on our friends Dead Good Undies website, so pop over and bag yourself a few pairs now. One for you, one for a friend and one to go under the tree for that present that always appears from the person you clean forgot to buy for. No need to shift uncomfortably in your chair or look sheepish, simply grab the spare pair and look like you meant it all along - how much more perfect does it get. In the words of the fat man himself, ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas!

02 December 2010

Bag some Calvin Klein pyjamas in a bag...

At this time of year we all seem to have one thing on our mind - warmth! I have to confess to shopping this morning, online of course due to the snow, to bag myself some mens pyjamas. I always have to buy more than I actually need as there is every likelihood that they will be snaffled by the love of my life....and before I am tempted to moan ‘Get your own pyjamas’, I realise that they are looking good - so I shut up quickly!!!

One thing I stumbled across was so good I actually bought two pairs there and then, one for me (well that is the theory!) and one for santa to leave under the tree (and I can finally reclaim mine!). So just what was it I found that impressed me so much? Pyjamas in a bag from Calvin Klein. I found these over on Whites and Smalls, and really did fall head over heels in love with them. Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they come stashed neatly in their own little bag, which is great when the odd business trip takes me away from home, as it keeps my jammies neatly stored away from things like shoes.

The pyjamas themselves are pure Calvin Klein perfection, the long sleeved tee shirt style top is a gorgeous lilac colour with a red Calvin Klein branding across the chest, whilst the full length bottoms are striped with a range of colours based on the lilac and red theme, they really are simply divine. They look really warm too which means I may well be tempted to pop these on after a hard day in the office as I chill out and unwind on the sofa - that is if I can get my hands on them and someone else isn’t already wearing them.....