02 December 2010

Bag some Calvin Klein pyjamas in a bag...

At this time of year we all seem to have one thing on our mind - warmth! I have to confess to shopping this morning, online of course due to the snow, to bag myself some mens pyjamas. I always have to buy more than I actually need as there is every likelihood that they will be snaffled by the love of my life....and before I am tempted to moan ‘Get your own pyjamas’, I realise that they are looking good - so I shut up quickly!!!

One thing I stumbled across was so good I actually bought two pairs there and then, one for me (well that is the theory!) and one for santa to leave under the tree (and I can finally reclaim mine!). So just what was it I found that impressed me so much? Pyjamas in a bag from Calvin Klein. I found these over on Whites and Smalls, and really did fall head over heels in love with them. Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they come stashed neatly in their own little bag, which is great when the odd business trip takes me away from home, as it keeps my jammies neatly stored away from things like shoes.

The pyjamas themselves are pure Calvin Klein perfection, the long sleeved tee shirt style top is a gorgeous lilac colour with a red Calvin Klein branding across the chest, whilst the full length bottoms are striped with a range of colours based on the lilac and red theme, they really are simply divine. They look really warm too which means I may well be tempted to pop these on after a hard day in the office as I chill out and unwind on the sofa - that is if I can get my hands on them and someone else isn’t already wearing them.....

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