23 December 2010

How old are your pants?

We do love the amount of time wasted on the strangest of surveys and yet another bonkers rather strange poll has been released this week. Following intensive questioning of the great British public at large, it has been revealed that the majority of us have underwear that is at least 10 years old. Now whilst we guess this isn’t the worst crime in the world it isn’t the nicest thought either! (Don’t you just hate it when one of those surveys proves useful!)

If you are one of those out there that does own rather old pants, then maybe, just maybe it is time to consider refreshing your collection and getting shot of some of the oldest pairs and updating the bottom drawer with some newer items of designer mens underwear! We have lots of good friends over at the various online retailers featured on this site and we know they make it their mission to hunt out the best in boxers, trunks and briefs just for you.

So, start with the oldest pair and count up how many you have that are getting rather old and tired (like me!) and replace them with some sparkly shiny new ones. A couple of sites have some excellent offers at the moment, including buy one get one free on Hom and some great discounts across a wide range at one of the others. No, we are not going to tell you which, not because we are mean but because we think you will have more fun if you have a browse through them all and discover for yourself what stunning items of mens underwear await you! If you are going to make one new years resolution make it this. Never to have pants over about 2 years old lurking in your underwear drawer!

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