29 December 2011

Rounding Up Underwear Styles for 2011 – Part 2

In our last blog entry, we decided to round up some key styles in men’s underwear that were seen throughout the year. We looked at pink being the new black in April, a move towards nude shades in May and packaging of men’s underwear being the key in June. In this instalment, we look at what else 2011 had to offer when it came to underwear for men.

July 2011
In July 2011, we saw a modern take on a Scottish theme in the men’s underwear arena. The key trend was tartan. Designer men’s underwear brands launched a range of tartans which followed traditionally famous red toned tartans such as Royal Stewart Tartan Boxer Shorts and more modern styles such as Pump’s Navy Tartan Boxer Shorts which were a more simplistic blue and white tartan print.

In fact Gregg Homme even launched a strange thong come kilt design but the least said about that the better as far we're concerned.

Unfortunately this tartan trend appeared to be one of the fads of the year and although various tartan styles can still be found in a variety of online shops, it isn’t really a trend we suggest you rush out and buy as a gift for a loved one.

August 2011
August was the month where men’s designer underwear met military styling with camouflage being the style of choice. Our personal favourites were Diesel’s Darius Camo Boxer Trunks which used traditional jungle camo featuring green and brown toned prints.

However, famous brand Emporio Armani launched a more modern take on an arctic styled camouflage with their Blue Camo Print Boxer Shorts. These featured a white background with grey, black and light blue swirling patterns.

Camo has remained a fashionable print throughout the year in both t-shirts, shirts, shorts and men’s underwear so we’d still recommend investing in this military style even after the New Year has arrived.

15 December 2011

Rounding Up Underwear Styles for 2011 – Part 1

With December well under way and the New Year just around the corner, we thought it was about time to round up the key underwear styles of 2011 to see which trends we embraced and which fads came and went.

April 2011
In April 2011, the designer underwear fashion arena embraced pink as the new black. Although the major designer mens underwear brands already had their sights on hot pinks and bright fuchsia designs it was the sight of international singing celeb Justin Beiber wearing the typically feminine colour that converted shoppers to the new trend.

Amongst the designer men’s underwear brands that held pink close to their hearts were fun brand Luis and Juke with their 1960s Pink Cadillac Boxer Shorts and Bjorn Borg with their Short Shorts For Him Raspberry design.

May 2011
May was the month that saw a move away from bright, bold colours with the introduction of natural or nude shades. Although men’s shapewear brands such as 2(x)ist had included nude shades for a number of years, other designer brands began to launch boxer shorts and men’s briefs in this colour. Amongst them were Gregg Homme with his Nude Scene Briefs. However this trend was one of those fads that came and went with very few other designer underwear brands following suit.

June 2011
It wasn’t a particular underwear style that came about in June but more the way the underwear was presented. June was the month that saw packaging as one of the key trends in men’s underwear, especially when it came to underwear gifts. Henri Lloyd offered boxer shorts such as the Newry range in minimalist boxes that were embellished with the designer brand name. Other designers offered similar selections such as Frank Dandy’s Positive Typo Boxer Gift Set while Calvin Klein even offered boxer shorts packaged in a tin.

Plenty of these trends of men’s boxer shorts are still available to buy online so if one of these trends takes your fancy, there’s still time to buy them.

01 December 2011

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25 November 2011

Christmas Inspired Men’s Underwear

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to get into the festive mood. Now you could invest in a Santa costume and wear it to the shops but you might get some strange looks without the accompanying reindeer. Or you could put on a festive print tie which plays a merry Christmas tune for the office but we doubt your co-workers will be very impressed. We therefore have the perfect solution in the form of Christmas inspired men’s underwear. Now we’re not talking about novelty pants with fur trim or music, we’re talking about classic festive underwear in red and green tones. Having scoured an array of boxer shorts and men’s briefs online, here are our top three designs to get you in the mood for Christmas:

Number 1 – In our first place position is the Polo Ralph Lauren Woven Boxer Gift Set which is available to buy online from Figleaves. This two pack set contains a pair of red boxer shorts featuring the iconic Polo logo and a pair of red, blue and white check boxer shorts. Maybe it’s just the red colour scheme that reminds us of Christmas or maybe it’s the check pattern that reminds us of our Grandad’s pyjamas from years gone by. Whatever it is, we think this gift set makes a great festive addition to your underwear drawer.

Number 2 – In second place are the Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Boxer Briefs which can be purchased online from Whites And Smalls. These simplistic men’s trunks are classic white and have a contrasting red waistband. These trunks remind us of Santa’s outfit, although maybe in reverse.

Number 3 – In our third place position we have the Diesel Fresh Bright Underwear in Green which can be bought online from Banglads. These funky boxer shorts remind us of lush, fresh green Christmas trees before all the needles fall off and they turn brown.

14 November 2011

Underpants for Christmas

With less than six weeks to go, we’re surprised that we’ve waited this long to talk to you about Christmas. Underwear as a Christmas gift is nothing new to women with partners buying them frilly pants and dainty nighties while grandmothers and long lost aunts buy them flannelette pyjamas and dressing gowns. But the concept of designer underwear for men at Christmas is a little more modern and people often think it’s simply too difficult a decision to make. In reality though, with so many brands and styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong with designer boxer shorts at Christmas, as long as you know your man’s style:

The Traditionalist
The traditional man likes things that are mainstream and conventional in their styling, plus of course practical. Briefs are usually the perfect style choice for this type of man and it’s better to stick to plain colours and more well-known designer brands. Might we suggest the Calvin Klein 365 2 Pack which is available to buy online from Whites and Smalls. These briefs are more traditional in their styling and as they come in a pack of two, they’re practical too so fit all the criteria. You can choose from either conventional white or classic black.

The Fun Lover
The fun loving man is often light-hearted and doesn’t take life too seriously. The ideal designer men’s underwear for him is therefore something colourful which features a bold pattern. Might we recommend the Guitar Hero – Singing the Blues Boxers Shorts by Luis and Juke. Available to buy from Jacksies Underwear Store, these boxer shorts are certainly bright and incorporate a mix of white, lime green, yellow and blue. The guitar imagery means that these boxer shorts are just as light-hearted as the fun loving male recipient.

The Pretty Guy
The pretty guy likes pretty things, including designer underwear. He will love delicate patterns and subtle colours. We are therefore going to suggest the MANstore M241 Mini Pant in Lace which are available from Dead good Undies. These boxer shorts feature a black and white print pattern that resembles lace – you can’t get much more delicate than that.

08 November 2011

10% off any HOM underwear, swimwear or T-shirts!

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02 November 2011

Urban Alpha launches new Mens Underwear Website

‘Urban Alpha’ has just launched their new designer men’s underwear website aiming to combine great brands and great prices.
Initially a University coursework project, the idea soon took on a life of its own when designer brands including Calvin Klein and Diesel wanted to find out more. Now the website is live, things are showing no signs of slowing down.
Trying to move away from the usual distractions of men’s underwear websites, Urban Alpha focuses on exactly what the customer wants: men’s underwear. With many new brand and style additions arriving over the next few months, you really will be spoilt for choice!
“The Urban Alpha brand is aimed at the fashion aware male, who knows that looking good starts with what you wear underneath your clothes” says Andrew Pallett, Director at Urban Alpha Ltd.
Through a commitment to customer service and great products, Urban Alpha offers an intuitive shopping experience which makes choosing the right underwear simple and easy. To celebrate the launch, Urban Alpha are offering a 10% Discount for signing up to their newsletter. Find out more by visiting their website at www.urbanalpha.co.uk.

26 October 2011

Diesel Behind The OTB Foundation

Diesel is probably one of the best known worldwide brands when it comes to designer men’s underwear, not to mention men’s fashion and jeans. They are always at the forefront of cutting edge style and Diesel underwear product offering ranges from men’s neon striped boxer shorts to more contemporary styled briefs. But behind the scenes Diesel founder Renzo Rosso pledges his support in the fight against world poverty by creating the Only The Brave Foundation.

Only The Brave Foundation (OTB for short) is a not-for-profit organisation that was created in Italy in 2008 by the leading fashion brands to help alleviate global poverty, in particular the most disadvantaged continent on the planet, Africa.

Africa is one of the only places in the world where poverty has actually increased and spread in the last 20 years. Despite its natural resources, this continent remains poor due to disease, unfair government systems, illiteracy, human rights violations and war. The aim of the OTB is to readdress the balance of power using big brands such as Diesel who hold more sway than governments in some people’s minds.

OTB doesn’t believe in dropping aid parcels to the poor as a short-term solution to poverty. Instead they believe in empowering the people to lift themselves out of poverty with initiatives like The Village. Staff are employed to implement low cost, sustainable, community-led action plans so villages have control over their lives and a long term way of supporting themselves and their families.

So how are Diesel helping exactly you may ask. The answer is simple; this well-established brand has a huge fashion following who will take notice and listen to what this brand is telling them. Diesel have the power to make a high proportion of people aware of the situation in Africa and tell them what is required to help them, not in the short term through food parcels but in the long run by providing sustainable ways of living.

We've always known there is true power behind pants :) Take a look at Diesel underwear here.

13 October 2011

Bring Back Manga to Mens Underwear

We were just chatting about when comic geeky-ness met designer underwear and several designer mens underwear brands incorporated Manga into their designs.

Manga simply means ‘comics’ in Japanese but the term is used in the UK to refer specifically to Japanese comics which have an action or adventure genre. Manga comics have a very distinctive style. The storyline tends to incorporate flashbacks, thought bubbles and lots and lots of action lines like speed lines. The background is generally just as important as the characters so many segments of the comic strip are dedicated to images of just the surroundings.

When it comes to the Manga characters themselves, the eyes are exaggerated in size and the shape alters depending on the mood of the character. For example when a character is in love or infatuated, their eyes turn heart shaped. The rest of the facial features are smaller and generally less important in style with simple lines used to depict them. Even if you are not a fan of comics, you are likely to appreciate the style of Manga if you have watched Anime (Japanese cartoons).

Amongst the designer mens underwear retailers who have used Manga styling in their designs are the Australian brand AussieBum. Their Manga designs made a real impact in your underwear drawer.

Frank Dandy’s latest underwear range for women includes Manga designs but they have opted for the more traditional black Manga line drawings on subtle single colour backgrounds. These drawings include the specific Manga faces with speech bubbles and sound effects.

We think that Manga is a more sophisticated approach to underwear than the boxer shorts you can find on the high street sporting mainstream comic characters such as Superman, Spiderman and The Hulk which can also be found on children’s underwear.

We want them back!

#justsaying :)

06 October 2011

a FRESH approach to PANTS!

Everyday guys, looking great. Every day.

‘Pants’, Manchester’s premier men’s designer underwear store, launches it’s new website with a very ‘fresh’ approach to men’s underwear retailing online.

Based in Manchester's vibrant Northern Quarter, known for its creative qualities, ‘Pants’ was born out of a love of men’s designer underwear brands and a desire to bring original designer labels to one place for customers on the high street.

‘Pants’ has set out to really break the mould with their new website, pantsHQ.com. Going against the grain of the underwear industry, ‘Pants’ is on a mission to prove that everyone can look great in the right underwear. ‘Pants’ believe you don’t need to be a model, have a six-pack, or spend your life in the gym to look and feel amazing!
PantsHQ.com shows everyday guys at their best, looking great in designer underwear! The website aims to put personality back into the online shopping experience, which is so lacking on many other retail websites.

Ashley Grumble, Pants’ Business Development Director explains;
“The men’s underwear industry is awash with images of the perfect male form. It’s a lot to live up to. We don’t all have media-perfect bodies, most people don’t. We wanted to be different by using everyday guys to inject some real-life personality into our website and really show that you don’t need to be a model to look great in men’s designer underwear.”

“It’s all about being yourself, having fun, living life, loving everything about yourself and showing off your best bits. Our Pants' brand is about being fun and cheeky but professional. It’s about being positive and feeling good.”

During summer 2011, PantsHQ.com recruited a team of everyday guys from the streets of Manchester. Applicants were selected at a recruitment event and put through a series of professional photo-shoots to prove that real people look great in underwear too. The models’ own words and phrases are used throughout the site to bring their personality into the Pant’s online shopping experience.

Ashley says; “We launched the site just a few weeks ago and have already received some amazing feedback, such as guys saying how they find body-perfect images intimidating or off-putting. The ‘I couldn’t possibly look like that, so I won’t buy those’ effect is missed by so many retailers. Buying underwear shouldn’t be an intimidating experience. Our team of everyday guys all jumped at the chance and they certainly all ‘rose’ to the challenge in their underwear! We’ve even had everyday guys get in touch through the website asking if they can model for us!”

28 September 2011

The Newest Designer Underwear Brand - MIROSLAV

There’s a new kid on the Aussie block when it comes to designer men’s underwear. That new kid is Miro Kubicek, who has recently launched the Australian underwear label MIROSLAV.

Miro Kubicek was born and raised in Czechoslovakia but moved to Australia in 2000 where he started his own hospitality company, specialising in fashion. Miro has been seen at fashion events around the globe this year, including Berlin Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion week and most recently at New Zealand Fashion Week where he was responsible for seating at the shows.

As a fashionista and ex-underwear model, it puts Miro Kubicek in the perfect position for designing his own underwear brand.

There are three pillars to the MIROSLAV brand philosophy when it comes to designer men’s underwear – Quality, Sexiness and Humour. Miro strives for high quality products with all boxer shorts and men’s briefs being made from high quality imported Japanese cotton, manufactured in Australia. The idea behind the underwear designs are to make the wearer feel as sexy as possible while being comfortable and reliable. The humour element comes from the unique way in which MIROSLAV is being marketed; for example, take a look at just one of their video ads using the strap line ‘quality best appreciated up close’– not a conventional way to market underwear by any means.

The boxer shorts and brief designs themselves are very simple with this season’s colours being traditional black, grey and white with contrasting waistbands conveying the MIROSLAV brand and logo.

Following the initial success of the brand, there are plans to continue to expand the men’s underwear range over the coming seasons while also moving into sleepwear. We hope to see MIROSLAV on sale in the UK very soon.

15 September 2011

AsdruMark Supports The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign

Every year in the United Kingdom 39,000 men are affected by testicular or prostate cancer. Over 10,000 of these people die from these forms of cancer every year. The charity Everyman aims to promote awareness of male cancer by helping men recognise the tell-tale signs of these cancers and by raising money for cancer research in the hope of one day finding a cure.

Specialist men’s underwear retail AsdruMark have released a custom-designed limited edition pair of boxer shorts specifically to raise funds for and awareness of Everyman. Poignantly names Unico Everyman Charity Boxer Short Limited Edition, these boxer shorts are classic in their design. Made from 93% cotton, these white boxer shorts are comfortable to wear whilst 7% added Lycra gives these designer boxer shorts much needed stretch and flexibility to move with the body.

They also feature the slogan ‘Everyman – Stamp Out Male Cancer’ on the waistband which is the strapline for the charity. As well as raising awareness for the charity, AsdruMark are also raising much needed funding for the charity by donating £5 to Everyman every time a pair of the boxer shorts are sold on their website – so help the cause by buying online now.

So how will Everyman use the money raised by these limited edition boxer shorts? It’s simple. The money will be used to fund awareness campaigns to encourage men to check for cancer – currently only 28% of men regularly check their testicles and testicular cancer can only be treated and cured if found early enough. Everyman want this figure to continue to rise to eventually be 100%, saving more men. The money raised will also be used to fund essential research into testicular and prostate cancer. As you can imagine, the costs involved in running a lab are enormous – a microscope costs anywhere from £450 to £1,000 and an incubator used to grow cell cultures costs in excess of £4,000. You can also help the cause by making a one off or regular monthly donation to Everyman.

02 September 2011

The Military Look Lives On

The military inspired look has been seen within the fashion industry for the last couple of seasons with both men’s and ladies’ wear being awash with military inspired jackets and boots. But now for autumn/winter 2011, the military theme has made it to men’s designer underwear brands too with camouflage being the main new look.

Amongst the big designer brands who have incorporated camo into their collections is Diesel. The Darius Camo Boxer Trunk features traditional jungle print camo in various shades of green and brown. However the reverse of these boxer shorts are totally different with a prominent orange background and the slogan ‘the rhythm system’. As with all Diesel men’s underwear, the usual branded waistband and fly are included in this design.

Within Diesel’s autumn collection, there is also a more modern approach to the military theme thanks to the Camo Shawn Breddox Boxer Shorts. These come in a quirky red, white and blue camo print for an edgy style. Only available in a two pack selection, these boxer shorts are complemented by a pair of plain blue boxer shorts.

But Diesel aren’t the only designer underwear brand to offer military inspired prints. Emporio Armani have also included camo in their new autumn/winter 2011 collection. The Army Camo Print Briefs from Armani feature a night ops colour scheme in various shades of grey and black and would make a great addition to your underwear drawer. Theses modern briefs are completed with a wide waistband for comfort.

Amongst Emporio Armani’s latest collection are the Blue Camo Print Boxers. These boxer shorts feature a pale blue, white and grey camo which is similar to the arctic camo print used by the UK military. These boxer shorts feature an all over print and also convey the all-important Armani branding.

As more designer brands release their autumn collections, we’re expecting to see further camo designs too.

18 August 2011

Introducing The New HOM Range at Figleaves

Last week we told you that the summer sales not only signalled great bargains but that new autumn collections were on their way. Well now it’s time to take a look at the new HOM range of designer men’s underwear available to buy online from Figleaves.

The HOM range is innovative in their styling and this season they’ve introduced a series of different underwear cuts from maxi trucks to micro briefs so you can find the underwear that suits you. The collection not only contains traditional, contemporary colours but also adds a shock of bright colour – the key trend for autumn 2011.

Amongst our favourite HOM pieces is the Soft Sensation Micro Brief. These briefs have been specially cut to be comfortable to wear, whatever you are doing. Featuring a flattering shape, these briefs are made from bacteriostatic microfiber for all day comfort. They come in conventional black or royal blue and both colour options feature a diagonal self-colour stripe to add designer detailing.

For trunk lovers, we’re sure you’ll love the Technicolour Snow Trunk. These trunks come in brilliant orange, fuschia pink and bright blue amongst others. The colours appear even more vivid thanks to the striking black piping. These men’s trunks are made from supportive, sensitive fabric for the ultimate comfort while the hipster waistband carries HOM insignia.

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated in style and colour, take a look at the Elegant Stripes Maxi Trunk from HOM. These trunks are cut more generously than standard trunks and the no fly front offers more support. Featuring a classic pinstripe, they are ideal for under your business suit while the wide waistband makes them comfortable to wear.

But HOM aren’t the only designer underwear brand to release new autumn styles – we’ll keep you updated with the latest looks so keep checking back.

01 August 2011

The Mens Underwear Summer Sales Have Arrived

It’s that time of year again folks. As we’re sunning ourselves on the beaches and in the back gardens of Britain, our retailing friends are slashing the prices of our favourite men’s underwear in a bid to get us to buy, buy, buy. As usual they’ve timed it just right and are luring us back to our laptops with straplines and subject lines like ‘25% off’, ‘40% off’ and wait for it even ‘50% off’.

We’ve done some research on your behalf and found come great deals for you to check out, giving you more time in the sun.

Dedicated underwear retailer Figleaves have two great offers on this week. The first is 15% off their bestselling styles. This is a great offer as typically in the sales, it’s the slow selling lines that are discounted first. The offer includes many FGL styles, Figleaves own brand, as well as some Calvin Klein and Jockey reductions. The second offer currently on their website is Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price across the Diesel range. Included within the promotion are loads of boxer shorts from Diesel’s Fresh and Bright Collection – a sure fire way or jazzing up your underwear drawer.

Men’s underwear website Banglads also have a Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price offer too but theirs is on the 2xist brand which includes both discrete lines, as well as shapewear. They also have the same offer on the designer men’s underwear brand N2N with a lot of men’s briefs included in the offer.

The men’s underwear online shop Under U has launched a massive sale and are offering 25% off Ralph Lauren underwear lines, 35% off Emporio Armani and Bjorn Borg lines, 40% off Hom and Alexander McQueen lines and a huge 50% off Calvin Klein.

The summer sales also signal something else in the underwear world too – the Autumn/Winter 2011 collections are on their way. We’ll keep you posted on new lines in the coming weeks.

26 July 2011

A brief history of… briefs

We’re always looking at the latest trends when it comes to men’s underwear but have you ever stopped to consider how brief’s came about in the first place? Here’s our brief history into….well men’s briefs.

Men’s underwear dates back to the Egyptians. Historians have found the remnants of leather loincloths in tombs - pharaohs were even buried with extras for their time in the afterlife. Loincloths were very simple squares of leather or fabric that were attached to a form of waistband to conceal the private parts (as long as there was no wind to move the fabric).

The Ancient Greeks were slightly more concealed as they used chitons which were large pieces of fabric wrapped around the body and fastened with a brooch as underwear – in fact this was also outerwear due to the warm climate.

During the middle ages, men’s underwear progressed to resemble the underwear we know today, large baggy drawers were worn under clothing. By Victorian times, men in upper, middle and working classes were wearing longer undergarments that resemble long johns, often reaching down to the ankles.

By the 1950’s underwear had become more like the briefs we are accustomed to today. With the advent of Nylon, more tightly fitting underwear was born but it was still typically functional in design instead of fashionable.

The dawn of the 1980s brought style to men’s underwear and a whole host of designer underwear brands were born including brands we know and love today like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

Now in 2011, men have a whole host of brands and designs at their fingertips thanks to online underwear retailers. The choice includes briefs, boxer shorts and trunks, not to mention the option of patterned or plain, or even specialist underwear such as shape wear and sports underwear. The possibilities are endless.

14 July 2011

Tartan underwear

Tartan is one of the most iconic symbols of Scotland. Traditionally tartan came about as a way of weaving various coloured fabrics together in a series of different width stripes which create the famous checked pattern we know as tartan. The colours and width of stripes were used to identify clans and become like a ‘coat of arms’ to the Scottish. Worn as long flowing pieces which were wrapped around both men and women, it eventually became worn as a skirt, known as a kilt. Although tartan has been around for centuries, it is often re-born in designer fashion and around five years ago it became popular in the mini skirt area. But much more recently it’s had a very unexpected new lease of life from the men’s underwear market.

Montreal based brand Pump Underwear is renowned for their bright, flashy urban coloured underwear with their own special cuts that help to accentuate the body. Always at the cutting edge of designer underwear, they have now released tartan boxer shorts into their collection. Their aptly named Navy Tartan Boxer Shorts feature, well navy tartan! They have a shaped front pouch for comfort and a low rise waist whilst the contrasting waistband features the Pump logo. As well as navy tartan, Pump also offers charcoal and light grey tartans too.

If you’re looking for something slightly more in keeping with the most commonly seen red tartan, check out the Royal Stewart Tartan Boxers Shorts. These are looser in style and made from 100% cotton.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not take a look at Gregg Homme’s version of tartan underwear. He’s taken the Highland theme and teamed it with a thong to create a mini-kilt. Available in red tartan or green tartan, this thong might not practical but it’s certainly in keeping with the tartan theme.

30 June 2011

25% off at SkinnyJonz.co.uk

With summer here - now is the time to refresh your underwear drawer.
Men's underwear from Calvin Klein is always attractive. Their latest range is called CK One and it features cotton and micro-fiber briefs and trunks. In smart white and elegant black there are a few options to choose from. As always there is also a cotton stretch multi-pack in both briefs and trunks.
If you fancy something a little different try something from Hom underwear. Their range features a lot of microfiber in lots of colours and in various styles from a string to a trunk. Always a great fit from Hom and they ensure you look sexy as well as stylish.

If you are looking for something sporty then there is Puma Underwear.
Featuring lots of multi-packs and some great products to make sure you look the part; and with tennis fever gripping the UK, there is still some Bjorn Borg underwear left.

Lastly, why not take a look at the Diesel underwear range for that cutting edge that say everything with your waistband showing over the top of your jeans.
Whether it's to refresh your men's underwear for holiday or just for relaxing over the summer there is a lot to choose from at SkinnyJonz. And there is a 25% off everything sale happening at the moment too!

Celebrity Men’s Underwear

Celebrities launching their own clothing line is nothing new in the world of fashion. Just think glamour model, turned popstar Jordon, aka Katie Price who has both a line of high-end clothing plus an equestrian range to keep her busy. Ex-Hear Say singer Mylene Klass has a designer baby clothing collection bringing glamour to little ones, whilst film star legend Sylvester Stalone also has a clothing range known as Sly clothing which is due to launch in 2012.

Now it has been announced that former England footballer and husband of ex-Spice Girl Victoria, David Beckham has announced that he will be launching his own line of clothing which will heavily feature men’s underwear.

David Beckham is renowned for being an incredible footballer, having played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and of course being the England captain. But off the field, David has become popular for a range of other activities too – including a series of topless advertising campaigns throughout 2007 and 2008. During this time, David Beckham was the face of designer underwear brand Armani where he advertised both striking boxer short designs along with his tight abs – leaving fans swooning and envious in equal measures. Armani’s turnover grew from £14.1m in 2007 to a whopping £38.7m by 2008 whilst David’s popularity and fame also increased considerably.

Since 2007, David Beckham has launched a number of fragrances including Homme and Signature for Him which was a duo fragrance with Victoria. It seems that following his wife’s success in clothing design, David has now decided to follow suit. Although David is keeping his ideas close to his chest when it comes to his new clothing range, we’re expecting some amazing designs from his men’s underwear collection in the coming year – and we have our fingers crossed that it doesn’t contain novelty football print boxers.

23 June 2011

Announcing the relaunch of Boxers-and-Briefs.net

Boxers-and-Briefs have just finalised the process of redesigning their website including rebranding of their logo.

For the launch of their new site, boxers-and-briefs are offering 20% off all Brands.

The new site has many new functions including a quick finder, to allow customers to find what they are looking for very easily, a zoom function for product images and an account option so that customers can keep track of there current and previous orders.

Boxers-and-Briefs stock all of the following brands: Calvin Klein, D&G, Diesel, Emporio Armani,
Jockey, Hom, Sloggi and Tommy Hilfiger as well as Calvin Klein Boys.

Take advantage of the big discount and visit them now at:

08 June 2011

The UK welcomes Private Structure underwear

Private Structure, is a young, super trendy men’s underwear brand from Malaysia that has now landed here in the UK.
Private Structure is a full-service brand offering an extensive underwear collection of classic cuts such as briefs and trunks, but also trendy sportswear, swimwear and high quality casual wear.
There is an impressive variety within the Private Structure collection, with lots of solid color designs with contrasting trims and many funky print options.
Private Structure have stores throughout Asia and their fashion shows have apparently become famous for their extravagance.
The good news is that UK consumers can now get their hands on the Private Structure underwear brand at UndiesRepublic.com.
We thoroughly recommend you view the Spectrum collection with a selection of everyday briefs and trunks ranging from just £9.90 a pair.

27 May 2011

In the Nude

Being avid followers of fashion, we have identified a new trend in the fashion arena this week and it’s all about colour, or rather the lack of it. Within a number of recent catwalk shows, neutral colours have been seen - these range from soft tans to barely there nudes, pale peaches to biscuit shades. These neutral shades flow through from outwear to underwear, especially men’s underwear.

It appears there is a distinct shift away from the bolder colours for the time being and instead of wearing striking underwear, more discreet barely there colours are in trend. Although many brands of shapewear underwear including 2(x)ist have had nude as a colour choice for a long time, it is rare to see such a colour in other lines of men’s underwear such as boxer shorts, trunks or briefs. But when one designer underwear brand hits on a new colour on the catwalks, the other brands are usually not far behind.

Underwear designers who incorporate nude into their market offering include Gregg Homme with his Nude Scene Briefs which have been specially designed to be worn under tighter dress pants this season. Gary Majdell also incorporates nude briefs within his collection, along with designer underwear brand N2N.

So if you’re in need of discreet, understated designer underwear, invest in a neutral colour – knowing they are ideal for wearing under any outfit, plus they’re in trend too.

14 May 2011

In the Spotlight – James Middleton

During the last couple of weeks the newspapers were full of stories about the Royal Wedding but as the weeks have gone on, the spot light has moved onto Princess Kate’s brother – James Middleton. We’d love to say he’s in the limelight for something he’s done that benefits the greater community but he’s actually in the news, well online news anyway, for his taste in boxer shorts.

It seems that now James Middleton’s achieved celebrity status (obviously not as an A-lister but maybe on the C list?). A number of photos of him sporting just his underwear have been released to the media – for no purpose other than due to both his sisters' current news-worthy status it would appear. So what boxer shorts has he been wearing that has got everyone in the industry talking?

We will refrain from posting the images, but one image showed James Middleton wearing a pair of simple grey boxer shorts with a black and white striped waistband, and another image of James Middleton which has been released shows him sporting a pair of elaborate spotted burgundy boxer shorts. A complete contrast to the first pair, this second pair are much more quirky in style and add a little fun to Middleton’s underwear drawer.

We cannot ascertain the chosen brand of men’s underwear that James has opted for, but we're sure he could find better styles and designs from the website retailers that can be found on our blog.

09 May 2011

Avoiding Troublesome Mens Underwear

In a recent interview with movie hunk Robert Pattinson, he admitted that whilst filming the fight scenes in Breaking Dawn, part of the Twilight Saga, his bottom kept ‘hanging out’ of his boxer shorts. Although Pattinson blames his long back as the cause, as underwear guru’s we think it’s more likely to be ill-fitting men’s underwear.

Whether you’re filming a Hollywood fight scene or just going to the pub, there’s nothing more annoying than constantly having to rearrange your underwear. With that in mind, here are some handy hints when looking for men’s underwear that fits:

Firstly, check the size. Now this might sound very simple but as with many other fashion items, different designer underwear brands have slightly different sizing. Always check the label of the boxers or briefs to check that the size is correct for your body. Most underwear brands focus on small, medium and large sizing but some also offer extra small or extra large sizes whilst others opt to use waist sizes to ensure the correct fit.

Secondly, ensure the underwear you are wearing has a tight-fitting waist band. Designer underwear brand Calvin Klein styles feature tight, yet comfortable waist bands. But don’t rely on the waistband of a pair of boxer shorts or briefs remaining tight forever, whatever brand you buy, over time the elastic will wear and loosen so your trusty well-fitting boxers may become bottom saggers. Make sure you update your underwear regularly to avoid this annoyance.

Finally, ensure that you are prepared for underwear mishaps. If you are going to a formal function wearing black tailored trousers for example, try to wear a pair of dark coloured boxer shorts or briefs to ensure your underwear doesn’t stand out. A flash of funky pattern or colour might be amusing when relaxing with friends but at a wedding or important meeting, more contemporary underwear might be the better option.

28 April 2011

In the Style of Alexander McQueen...

April was the month that hosted one of the world’s major designer clothing shows - Singapore Fashion Week 2011. Lots of top menswear designers flaunted their latest collections but one designer stood out in particular when it came to men’s underwear.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Alexander McQueen stole the show when it came to designer underwear. Opting to move away from the traditional male models sauntering down the catwalk in designer boxer shorts and men’s briefs, McQueen instead opted to make a real show out of this latest underwear collection. Obviously male models clad in designer boxer shorts were still a vital part of the show but the top hats they wore and the walking canes they twirled really bought an unexpected dimension to the show, not to mention the pulled up ankle socks and smart shoes! The boxer shorts themselves were a lot less striking as the main colour seemed to be grey. However a pair of red boxer shorts featuring stark white polka dots were spotted along with a pair of pale pink briefs.

Alexander McQueen wasn’t the only designer to cause raised eyebrows at the show though. Renowned for their funky and retro designs, 2xist combined vibrant colours with wacky superhero antics, complete with 80s style sweat bands! In keeping with their theatrics, the boxer shorts and men’s briefs were equally as extravagant with vivid blues being teamed with striking yellows, whilst burnt oranges were combined with deep purples.

Finally Spanish underwear brand Punto Blanco also had people commenting under their breaths as they combined sleek, clean, crisp underwear designs with leather jackets, military boots and fairy lights of all things. It really does show that anything goes in the underwear arena this season.

22 April 2011

Pink Pants

Canadian pop star Justin Beiber was recently spotted flashing his pink underwear at the cameras. Now it takes a very secure seventeen year old to firstly wear such a non-masculine colour, and secondly to let them be seen in public – even if it was purely accidental. But we believe that this simple flash of colour by Bieber will lead to a whole generation of youngsters wearing pink pants. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at which designer men’s underwear brands have included pink within their collections.

We didn’t have to look far. Firstly, Bjorn Borg is well known for their funky boxer shorts and men’s briefs. Within their collection, pink is featured heavily. Their black boxer shorts feature a bright pink waistband with purple branding to give an otherwise non-descript pair of shorts a modern edgy feel. The Raspberry Rose Bjorn Borg boxer shorts are predominantly pink and feature black animal print for a wild look.

Oiler and Boiler are a designer boxer short brand who are also not shy of using vibrant pink. They have a completely fuschia pair of shorts for those looking for full on colour. Otherwise one of their ‘deckchair’ inspired designs feature bold fuschia strips.

Retro themed brand Luis and Juke have a funky pair of boxer shorts which features a bright pink background in the Pink Baubles pair. They too have a completely pink pair of boxer shorts, as well as a black pair featuring a neon pink waistband for those looking for just a flash of colour.

Finally well known designer mens underwear brand Calvin Klein, have a great deal of pink throughout their collections. Whether you’re looking for just a splash of pink on a waistband and trim or a full-colour look, they’re collection really embraces pink.

15 April 2011

Kenneth Cole - New York Underwear

The collection in brief… Fashion forward designer Kenneth Cole launches men’s underwear exclusively in the UK, adding to his already extensive fashion range.

The contemporary and stylish underwear collection features bold stripes and block colours as well as geometric cube and psychedelic polka dot prints. Drawing inspiration from the theme of the ready to wear main collection Global Landscape, the range draws on earthy tones that offer a unique aesthetic.

The selection of sophisticated colours from fatigue greens to cobalt blues and spicy saffrons provide a distinctive collection of tailored and sporty boxer designs. Kenneth Cole’s statement underwear is made from super-soft cotton with elastic detailing designed for comfort.

The edgy black waistbands embossed with the Kenneth Cole logo create a modern and stylish look. Every man wants to look and feel their best, Kenneth Cole underwear is for the modern man who demands unique design, trend-led styles and exceptional comfort.

Retailing for between £15 - £18 the collection is completely exclusive to House of Fraser and will be available to buy across the UK in selected stores only.

12 April 2011

Jockey Underwear celebrates 135 years!

Jockey Underwear celebrated 135 years in the industry with its first stunning International Catwalk show at the Hospital Club in London on Thursday 24th March 2011.
Members of Europe's fashion elite and media were in attendance to watch the brand head back to its roots, showcasing heritage pieces from when the company began in 1876, right through to a preview of some of Jockey's most stylish collections for the Autumn/Winter 2011 season.

08 April 2011

When it comes to men’s underwear, Trim is In

Many designer underwear brands have just launched their spring/summer collections and it appears that trim is in for the men’s underwear market. For those not in the know, trim is simply underwear detailing and can incorporate waistbands and piping detail. The colours range from contemporary black and white trims to more vibrant shades with in-trend colours including pinks, greens and bright blues.

Calvin Klein underwear is a pioneer brand in the trim stakes this season. Their more contemporary styled boxer shorts are featuring lime green waistbands whilst vibrant pink underwear features azure blue piping for added intensity – just take a look at the CK One underwear collection. D&G also have trim as a main theme within their spring collection. Waist bands feature strips in bold blues whilst trim detailing ranges from contemporary black trim on white boxer shorts to more colourful shades picking up the vivid spring colours.

Designer underwear brand Diesel incorporate trim into their latest designs; however they have opted for a more subtle white trim on vibrant background shades such as neon pink and feisty green.

Emporio Armani add their weight behind the trim trend with thick waistbands complementing trim colourings in shades such as bright pink whilst their infamous black boxer shorts still feature stark white waistbands and matching piping detail for a classical look.

Designer men’s underwear brand, 2(x)ist underwear, have added a contrast black trim to their classic white boxers creating a very sophisticated look.

And, it’s not just the big designer labels going with the trim trend. The young, organic underwear brand Babygod has also used flashes of coloured trim in their designs to add a bold statement to their briefs. They have opted to use 2 vivid colours, orange and aquamarine, which are spring-fresh colours but offer an alternative to the brighter shades being used by the other designer underwear brands.

24 March 2011

Urbanunderwear online store relaunches website with up to 70% off sale

Urbanunderwear.com has re-launched its website and to celebrate they are giving away up to 70% off on nearly all their designer mens underwear ranges.

Urbanunderwear has re-vamped its website with a fresh new and appealing design that will get all underwear fanatics coming back for sought after designer mens underwear.
The functions of the website have been re-designed so that it’s tailored to the needs of the customer and includes special features that enable you to have an all-round online shopping experience. There is a login feature so that you can view their history of items looked at and now even includes a wishlist facility that can be activated for those who would like to “look now and buy later”. They also offer gift vouchers to treat loved ones on those special occasions.

To top it off, the guys at Urbanunderwear are giving away their designer mens underwear ranges offering amazing discounts on their stock range including Calvin Klein, Olaf Benz and FOTL as well as limited edition fashion ranges on Bruno Banani Cake, 2nd skin, and Wild Roses AND up to 70% off on exclusive designer Bruno Banani and HOM swimwear.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Urban Underwear and indulge in some of their finest designer mens underwear ranges.

22 March 2011

Online menswear shopping has never been so easy...

As you guys know, our focus within this blog is predominantly on designer men’s underwear; but as we all know the right underwear can provide the perfect foundation for your overall look, we do occasionally point you in the right direction to get the rest of your wardrobe sorted out.

This week, we have found a couple of great websites that offer a wide selection of brands and choice – especially if you’re seeking some Diesel jeans, a Paul Smith t-shirt, or some ‘must-have’ Cruyff Classics trainers to complement your designer underwear.

MDC Online can get you kitted out with everything, including your Calvin Klein underwear! Their CK collection includes the 365, X, and CK One ranges in addition to some great value basic multi-packs. With guaranteed next day delivery by courier – it really is a great place to shop.

We have also spotted Mainline Menswear... wow – what a collection they have! Bang on trend, they have designer boxers in bold colours and striped designs from many labels, including Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Armani, D&G, G Star Raw and many more. With more than 170 designs to choose from, they also have some great twin packs and gift ideas for men.

So you have no excuses now – do you? Spring is finally arriving, and we are all gradually coming out of hibernation. Getting online to get a fresh look for the new season has never been easier. Both sites come thoroughly recommended!

25 February 2011

The new CK One launch video

Calvin Klein is launching its biggest ever global digital campaign to reposition its CK One unisex fragrance as a lifestyle brand.
The CK One campaign aims to bring Calvin Klein’s jeans, underwear and fragrance categories together into a unified concept and will feature an all-star cast of models, artists and performers including Dutch supermodel Lara Stone, Pixie Geldof and Alice Dellal.

This includes Calvin Klein Underwear that will replace it's popular CK365 range with a new CK One underwear range. We'll bring you more about this range, with special offers in later blog posts...

The campaign will integrate video, social media, outdoor, smartphone apps and a dedicated website which will act as a “hub” for all the activity.
Calvin Klein says interactive user-based experiences will be a key focus for the campaign and consumers will be encouraged to upload their own videos on the microsite, which will be positioned alongside videos of the cast.

07 February 2011

Lucky pants?

Ok - now we cannot promise it will work for you, but it is so simple it has to be worth a try. Every week millions of people play the lottery, all with the hope that life changing money will come their way. Some clutch printed tickets and stare intently at the screen as the numbers pop out, some have a more laid back approach and use the website hours after the event just to confirm what they already knew - today was not their day.

The real question for today is where do you keep your ticket until the time you choose to check it?

For one woman in New Zealand this week, the answer was simple. She tucked her lucky ticket into her husbands pants drawer. At this stage she didn’t know the fate of her numbers, but figured that should they hold the winning numbers this was the safest place to store the slip of paper. She had strange logic, apparently it was her belief that should a burglar break in, the last place he might go is a mans undies drawer! She didn’t pop the ticket in her own underwear drawer as this, she believed was somewhere a thief might go!

Now logical or not, it has to be worth a try as, yes you guessed, she had the winning ticket and scooped the lotto jackpot! So next time you buy a ticket pop it in with your designer mens underwear for safe keeping until the numbers are drawn. Just remember to hide it well, or make the owner of the drawer (if it isn’t you) aware of your hidden booty, or they may end up wearing more than they bargained for to work the next day...

28 January 2011

Luis and Juke mens underwear get it right...

This time of year can seem very dark and oppressive, the slow crawl to spring seems to take forever. We are always trying to brighten the mood and our latest discovery certainly does just that...

Luis and Juke happen to be one of the seriously bright young things in the world of designer mens underwear, and their designs are dazzling, shinning and completely gorgeous.

One of our long term pals, online underwear retailers Jacksies have just had a massive shipment of the newest spring designs and we are seriously impressed! The first words that sprung into our heads were: bold, brash and brilliant! Two in particular that caught our eye, although we have to say we are bowled over by the whole collection, have a definite yellow vibe that we just adore.

On show today we have Tinkling the Ivories - Lazy Lime...
These stunning trunks based in yellow feature rather abstract (but hey that’s a Luis and Juke trademark!) piano keyboard patterns, you have to stare at if for a while to see it, but we figure that’s part of the appeal! The pianos are purple and pink making these some seriously shocking undies that we know will brighten any day. If you are not a piano man (wasn’t that a song?) perhaps you are a vinyl man, and would therefore prefer the Breaking Records - Lazy Lime trunks, which this time feature a myriad of acidic colours forming the abstract pattern, this time of the classic record, or vinyl for those in the know. Yellow is again one of the main features but we also see pink, blue and white. Choose these boxer shorts or any of the others in the range and be confident that you can banish those winter blues and replace them with acidic rainbows of colour and style!

22 January 2011

Love is in the air

In less than a months time the most romantic day of the year will be upon us once more. Ah the love that flows on St Valentine’s Day! Now, if you are going to do things properly lads you need to shop for two items, (and no, not because we are advocating having two Valentines!).

Firstly, of course you need to get that all important pressie that perfectly passes on your message. Whether this is a new relationship and you want to say ‘I really want to see more of you’ or whether this is your long term lover that you still can’t get enough off and want to say ‘I love you so much’ (awwww) designer mens underwear could be the perfect answer.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you go to your Valentines date looking seriously hot to trot, in which case due care and consideration must be given to your whole outfit - again right down to your boxers! Now this also happens to be perfect as you can shop for both, in one place, without ever having to leave your sofa - does man shopping get any better? We think not! Have a nose around some of the fantastic sites listed on our page as these are the gods of good pants.

Gregg Homme outrageous underwear

Dead Good Undies have some simply gorgeous enhancing offerings that have a real romantic side too. Coming from designers Joe Snyder the Lacey Bulge really is a treat. Coming in black or white, boxer or string cut, these intricate lace patterned undies definitely have the wow factor. You could have one of each, one in black and one in white, with the same cut or perhaps differing cuts, and your significant other will be impressed by your thought and planning, scoring you major points on the perfect partner scale!

14 January 2011

Could tour pants be the next big thing?

Ok, so this is starting small in the extreme, but today we look at whether the traditional band tour t-shirt is in line to be replaced with the band tour trunks! A relatively unheard of Scottish band had the novel idea to add branded hot pants to their merchandise list, and unwittingly it seems hit on a best seller. Their ‘Torridon’ branded pant has sold out at every venue, and amazingly as many lads are purchasing these natty shorts as women, which was the aim of the undies - yes lads they are girls pants!

However, could this strange concept be the next big thing? After all we know that the younger generation love nothing more than wearing their designer mens underwear showing above the waistband of the low slung jeans, so perhaps one of our hot designers should take the hint and hit the tour circuit before the competition get up and running. Take Calvin Klein for example, perhaps they could approach a mega band, like Take That and ask them to do a spot of CK modelling, after all Robbie, Mark, Gary, Howard and Jason clad only in their boxers would definitely spark interest. Once they have them in the classic white Calvin Klein Underwear or perhaps in a pair from the new CK One range, they could then design some CK meets TT tour inspired trunks to go on sale at venues and of course the wonderful world wide web.

You never know this could be the future of band merchandising with people collecting years worth of tour trunks and selling them in the future to make a massive profit! We also can't help but wonder if it will inspire a ‘Superman’ trend of pants on the outside at gig venues up and down the country...hummmm would you?

06 January 2011

Most definitely tennis!

Now it has to be said we all love it when a new hunk comes to model for one of the top designer men’s underwear houses. It truly does brighten the day to browse not only gorgeous boxers and fabulous trunks but to ogle a bit of eye candy at the same time! The breaking news this week revealed that the one, the only, the scrumptiously divine Rafael Nadal has signed a contract with the lovely people at Armani and will soon be spread full length over billboards and magazine pages a plenty - yummy!

Now you can’t say Armani don’t do their best to keep you the viewing public titillated and captivated, after the likes of Beckham and Ronaldo. Of course it also has to be said that Armani have some fantastic underwear choices and really combine the principles of perfect design and total quality seamlessly to provide timeless classics that we all simply adore.

If you are wondering where you can bag some of these sexy undies, then fear not, we wouldn’t be much of a designer mens underwear expert if we couldn’t guide you to the right place! So, just to prove that we are the best (of the best, of the best Sir!) we can tell you that one of the places is Banglads, and helpfully if you look to the right we have provided a direct hot link straight over to them! Their selection is comprehensive and features undies and vests, and we know they are a great bunch of lads (and lasses) and you will be more than happy with your purchases. Whilst you are shopping though, do remember to start picturing the gorgeous Raf in nothing more than his undies, it wont be long before you can see it for yourself, we have to say Game, Set and Match to Armani.