28 January 2011

Luis and Juke mens underwear get it right...

This time of year can seem very dark and oppressive, the slow crawl to spring seems to take forever. We are always trying to brighten the mood and our latest discovery certainly does just that...

Luis and Juke happen to be one of the seriously bright young things in the world of designer mens underwear, and their designs are dazzling, shinning and completely gorgeous.

One of our long term pals, online underwear retailers Jacksies have just had a massive shipment of the newest spring designs and we are seriously impressed! The first words that sprung into our heads were: bold, brash and brilliant! Two in particular that caught our eye, although we have to say we are bowled over by the whole collection, have a definite yellow vibe that we just adore.

On show today we have Tinkling the Ivories - Lazy Lime...
These stunning trunks based in yellow feature rather abstract (but hey that’s a Luis and Juke trademark!) piano keyboard patterns, you have to stare at if for a while to see it, but we figure that’s part of the appeal! The pianos are purple and pink making these some seriously shocking undies that we know will brighten any day. If you are not a piano man (wasn’t that a song?) perhaps you are a vinyl man, and would therefore prefer the Breaking Records - Lazy Lime trunks, which this time feature a myriad of acidic colours forming the abstract pattern, this time of the classic record, or vinyl for those in the know. Yellow is again one of the main features but we also see pink, blue and white. Choose these boxer shorts or any of the others in the range and be confident that you can banish those winter blues and replace them with acidic rainbows of colour and style!

22 January 2011

Love is in the air

In less than a months time the most romantic day of the year will be upon us once more. Ah the love that flows on St Valentine’s Day! Now, if you are going to do things properly lads you need to shop for two items, (and no, not because we are advocating having two Valentines!).

Firstly, of course you need to get that all important pressie that perfectly passes on your message. Whether this is a new relationship and you want to say ‘I really want to see more of you’ or whether this is your long term lover that you still can’t get enough off and want to say ‘I love you so much’ (awwww) designer mens underwear could be the perfect answer.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you go to your Valentines date looking seriously hot to trot, in which case due care and consideration must be given to your whole outfit - again right down to your boxers! Now this also happens to be perfect as you can shop for both, in one place, without ever having to leave your sofa - does man shopping get any better? We think not! Have a nose around some of the fantastic sites listed on our page as these are the gods of good pants.

Gregg Homme outrageous underwear

Dead Good Undies have some simply gorgeous enhancing offerings that have a real romantic side too. Coming from designers Joe Snyder the Lacey Bulge really is a treat. Coming in black or white, boxer or string cut, these intricate lace patterned undies definitely have the wow factor. You could have one of each, one in black and one in white, with the same cut or perhaps differing cuts, and your significant other will be impressed by your thought and planning, scoring you major points on the perfect partner scale!

14 January 2011

Could tour pants be the next big thing?

Ok, so this is starting small in the extreme, but today we look at whether the traditional band tour t-shirt is in line to be replaced with the band tour trunks! A relatively unheard of Scottish band had the novel idea to add branded hot pants to their merchandise list, and unwittingly it seems hit on a best seller. Their ‘Torridon’ branded pant has sold out at every venue, and amazingly as many lads are purchasing these natty shorts as women, which was the aim of the undies - yes lads they are girls pants!

However, could this strange concept be the next big thing? After all we know that the younger generation love nothing more than wearing their designer mens underwear showing above the waistband of the low slung jeans, so perhaps one of our hot designers should take the hint and hit the tour circuit before the competition get up and running. Take Calvin Klein for example, perhaps they could approach a mega band, like Take That and ask them to do a spot of CK modelling, after all Robbie, Mark, Gary, Howard and Jason clad only in their boxers would definitely spark interest. Once they have them in the classic white Calvin Klein Underwear or perhaps in a pair from the new CK One range, they could then design some CK meets TT tour inspired trunks to go on sale at venues and of course the wonderful world wide web.

You never know this could be the future of band merchandising with people collecting years worth of tour trunks and selling them in the future to make a massive profit! We also can't help but wonder if it will inspire a ‘Superman’ trend of pants on the outside at gig venues up and down the country...hummmm would you?

06 January 2011

Most definitely tennis!

Now it has to be said we all love it when a new hunk comes to model for one of the top designer men’s underwear houses. It truly does brighten the day to browse not only gorgeous boxers and fabulous trunks but to ogle a bit of eye candy at the same time! The breaking news this week revealed that the one, the only, the scrumptiously divine Rafael Nadal has signed a contract with the lovely people at Armani and will soon be spread full length over billboards and magazine pages a plenty - yummy!

Now you can’t say Armani don’t do their best to keep you the viewing public titillated and captivated, after the likes of Beckham and Ronaldo. Of course it also has to be said that Armani have some fantastic underwear choices and really combine the principles of perfect design and total quality seamlessly to provide timeless classics that we all simply adore.

If you are wondering where you can bag some of these sexy undies, then fear not, we wouldn’t be much of a designer mens underwear expert if we couldn’t guide you to the right place! So, just to prove that we are the best (of the best, of the best Sir!) we can tell you that one of the places is Banglads, and helpfully if you look to the right we have provided a direct hot link straight over to them! Their selection is comprehensive and features undies and vests, and we know they are a great bunch of lads (and lasses) and you will be more than happy with your purchases. Whilst you are shopping though, do remember to start picturing the gorgeous Raf in nothing more than his undies, it wont be long before you can see it for yourself, we have to say Game, Set and Match to Armani.